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I am so scared to post this but here it goes. I have finally gotten my 25,000 word horror novella to what I want for beta readers (aside from the really harsh polishing job) and I need honest opinions. I have only ever written young adult books and this is an adult horror novella so I have no idea if its good or not.
It is about a young artist who has been stalked by a demon for his entire life but no one ever believed him so as soon as he turned 18 he moved hundreds of miles away to avoid it. After he is in Maine for 6 years he discovers and rescues an unconscious girl on the beach who claims to be an angel.
If interested, let me know. Either comment, PM me, or email me at

message 2: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer | 38 comments I've read it. Loved it. Looking forward to the possibility of part 2. *hint hint *

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Well thank you miss, I read it and never told the author and never made suggestions >:(
And by part 2 do we mean more of Eve's escapades?

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