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Marissa (Rae Gun Ramblings) (raegun) | 180 comments Mod
Okay friends lets hear what you thought about the movie!

I posted some of my reactions on the blog here http://www.raegunramblings.com/?p=9411

But my quick thoughts are:
Way more changes than I was expecting
How can everything take place at the institute
Magnus and Izzy were so dull
Jace, Clary, and SImon were surprisingly good
What Simon wasn't turned into a rat?
Ummm hello book 2 and 3 spoilers
It was fun but really mostly action. I miss the richness of the humor from the books and the great characters

Kari (karireyn) | 19 comments I saw it this last week. Here are my thoughts

-Simon and Clary were great
-I had a hard time with Jace, not only was he missing his humor but I just wasn't totally sold on the actor-I think his hair might have been what turned me off-stupid I know
-Magnus was awful, I was so disappointed in him.
-My little sister that went with me was total lost most of the time, they didn't do a great job explaining things
-I was shocked that everything took place at the Institute as well, and shocked that they revealed so much
-I agree with the humor comment, not nearly as funny as the book was

Heidi Rogers (heidimrogers) | 98 comments I had a lot of fun at the movie and never expect much from books-turned-into-movies, so I was not upset by most of the changes. I can hardly remember the book, for one, and it's not my all-time favorite, so I don't feel personally offended by any misrepresentations.

I got used to the actors they cast so I wasn't bothered by Jace like I thought I would be when I first saw him.

Magnus was really terrible.

I loved Izzy. She was so badass and looked really strong, not like a wafer.

I was really glad that they showed Clary and Simon stepping up to fight demons, etc.

Lisa | 52 comments I had a lot of fun at the movie and tried my best to keep it separate from the book BUT...the storyline in the book is SO good and I felt like the movie just missed so much of that. It totally missed the humor and the movie just felt really, really choppy. I felt bad for people who hadn't read the book because a number of things just weren't really explained well: the silent brothers, steles, runes, how hard Shadowhunter training is...and there were more too but that's all I can think of at the moment. Yeah Magnus really bothered me in the movie too. The pants off thing was funny but other than that, he had no spark to him whatsoever! Totally dull actor. The fight scenes were pretty excessive too and I felt like more time could've been spent on character development and storyline instead of the action.

Christy  | 14 comments I seen it tonight. The books aren't my favorite, so I didn't hate the movie....I actually pretty much loved it until the end. I do agree that character development was horrible. Not enough back story. And my husband was lost (he hasn't read the series yet). He had a ton of questions about it all. But overall I am happy with it.

Mikiahla | 1 comments I saw at midnight the day it came to the movies. I was so excited. When it was over though I couldn't stop talking. It was all wrong. I frankly am curious how the rest of the movies will be since Valentine didn't get the real cup and the Institute is all messed up. I liked how they cast the characters Izzy,Simon and Alec. I however pictured Jace different. Along with I think they got clary wrong you could barely tell she had red hair when in the book its vibrant. I was really disappointed in it. Hopefully the next few will be more on the book.

Caila (cailamade) | 2 comments Ok, surprisingly, I really liked the movie! It might be because I always expect so little from book-movies. So this one surprised me a little, in a good way.
1. Thought I would hate Jace, but I loved him. Granted, his hair was awful. I liked his sass.
2. Clary was great and Simon awesome. He's way cuter than in the books and he had me in tears when he told clary he was in love with her.
3. The demons were creeptacular. Really freaky.
4. Magnus was SO bad. No pants?? WTH?! And I love him in the books.
5. Too many changes to the storyline and spoilers for future books, but the chemistry between Jace and Clary was right.
6. And WHAT, Simon wasn't turned into a rat? My biggest disappointment.

Overall though, I really enjoyed it!

Heidi Rogers (heidimrogers) | 98 comments Caila wrote: "2. Clary was great and Simon awesome. He's way cuter than in the books and he had me in tears when he told clary he was in love with her.
3. The demons were creeptacular. Really freaky. "

Yes and Yes. I almost cried when Simon professed his love too. And the demons were just as creepy as reading about them.

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