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I was diagnosed near the beginning of this year with ADHD. I always knew I couldn't be still for very long. I do enjoy quiet, relaxing moments, though. I use to be able to perform several tasks at once without effort. Now, it seems a chore.
I use to be able to enjoy listening to audiobooks while doing housework, etc.
It seems like I get easily distracted now. I am open to any suggestions you may have.

message 2: by Kathy (new)

Kathy Estime (kathyestimewrites) | 3 comments Hey I am beginning to think that I have ADHD as well. The inattentive kind, not the hyper one. I get distracted easily and I am now reaching a phase where I can't be bothered to read. Which is weird because once I do read I am fine, especially if it's good.
Anyways, for suggestions I would say perhaps move around while you're reading.
Also, this might take forever, take specific chunks of time where you have to focus on the audio material 25-35 minutes then go back to doing what you normally do. The trick is to not overwhelm your mind, you can build up your attention this way.

message 3: by Victor (new)

Victor Muthoka (hundredpercent) There are some books on ADHD that I'd been recommended to, that I want to pass onto you, once I get the list.

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