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message 1: by Jenny (last edited Sep 02, 2013 02:50AM) (new)

Jenny (jeoblivion) | 4869 comments If you would like to post one of your favourite poems during a week in December, please sign up below. Feel free to pick a specific week or just let us know that you would like to be part of The Monday Poem, in which case I'll select one for you.
The week schedule will be filled in as people sign up.

week 1 (Monday December 2nd) - Heather
week 2 (Monday December 9th) - Jenny
week 3 (Monday December 16th) - Alannah
week 4 (Monday December 23rd) - Helen
week 5 (Monday December 30th) - LauraT

message 2: by Alannah (new)

Alannah Clarke (alannahclarke) | 11965 comments Mod
Can I have Monday the 16th please?

message 3: by LauraT (new)

LauraT (laurata) | 13415 comments Mod
And if I can "double" my entries - I'm scheduled in september as well - I'd have the last of the year

message 4: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (jeoblivion) | 4869 comments @Alannah: done! (you also made me realize that I had gotten the dates wrong, thanks for that ;)

@LauraT: sure! There are 3 month in between your posts - no problem.

message 5: by Helen (new)

Helen | 47 comments Could I take the 23rd please?

message 6: by Jenny (new)

Jenny (jeoblivion) | 4869 comments done! :)

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