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New Moderator in town!

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message 1: by Mark (last edited Aug 23, 2013 08:22AM) (new)

Mark Colenutt | 22 comments Mod
Hi everyone!

As of today I will be taking over the reins from Pilar who deserves a well-earned break.

My name is Mark Colenutt from Plymouth, Devon in England. I now live in Girona and arrived in Spain in 1993 when 'your dignity cost less in Spain' as the locals used to say when I lived in Sevilla. Please feel free to take a look at my author profile, alternatively my website is:


I am author of two books, which can be found on the group's bookshelf: 'Handbook to the Legacy & Odyssey of Don QuiXote - Everything the armchair academic needs to know about the greatest novel ever written' and the travel book 'Jousting with Windmills - A Journey into the Heart of Spain.'

I am working on a historic work at present before I will soon return to editing another completed work I have on Spain.

I hope to continue Pilar's good work here by promoting interesting articles and providing a source of material that will further our knowledge and enjoyment of Spanish culture, especially where this concerns books. I have made a start by changing the title of the group just to give it a clear stamp of intent.

By all means contact me and with any luck the group will continue to grow. I am still finding my feet, which are big admittedly, so some things might not be working as smoothly in the group as they have done until recently. But at least you will know why.

I have already added a few articles to the melting pot and begun to extend the bookshelf of our reference library that did require a dusting off. By the time it is finished it should be a veritable source of light and academic reading material on Spain.

Hasta pronto familia.


message 2: by Victoria (new)

Victoria Twead (victoriatwead) | 2 comments Welcome Mark, and what an interesting person you are! I think this group will become a wonderful showcase of Spain and books about Spain.
Victoria. :)

message 3: by Mark (new)

Mark Colenutt | 22 comments Mod
Let's see what we can do as a group. We certainly have a wealth of literature at our disposal.


message 4: by Pilar (new)

Pilar Orti | 11 comments Glad you took this on, made it your own and are running with it! Enjoy!

message 5: by Mark (new)

Mark Colenutt | 22 comments Mod
Thanks for the encouragement. Don't forget us and come back when you can. You could even start up a discussion from time to time.

What about a text on Madrid - the insider's guide, the sort of things that the usual visitor misses. As I lived in Madrid, I could also work off that.

Or you could even do a comparative of life in London as versus life in Madrid. We could all learn something from that. My experience here has been the opposite to yours and that will also generate debate and food for thought.

I would also love to know, and I think the group would as well, the books you love on Spain that have been written by Spanish writers. The books in ourm list are all books on Spain by foreigners.

They are just some ideas to get us back to our computers and furiously typing again.


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