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What about Cooper?

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❤️Melanie G.📖💛 Do you think Cooper and Keatyn will have a fling? Is there something there between them?

Jillian Dodd Who is Connor?

❤️Melanie G.📖💛 I'm sorry, I meant Cooper her new bodyguard.

Jillian Dodd I don't think they will have a fling. He's a bit old for her and she's got enough boy troubles. But I LOVE Cooper's character. And Cooper will have a spin off book in the future.

❤️Melanie G.📖💛 Thank you for the Cooper spin off. I love your writing and I am excited about the remaining Keatyn Chronicles, and looking forward to That Baby. I am now even move excited to hear of more books to come. Thank you.

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