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Kristin (Blood,Sweat and Books) (goodreadscomhermyoni) | 17 comments Nick wrote: "Hello, all. I'd like opinions on my debut WIP. Below is the sales copy:

After a history of crime, war, and genocide, man has relinquished control ..."

Sounds neat although the line Beau is willing to risk medieval torture-style capital punishment to eradicate the program, and neither will relent really bugs me I think that could be worded differently.

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Sarah (aladysmanifesto) | 10 comments Nick wrote: "Hello, all. I'd like opinions on my debut WIP. Below is the sales copy:

After a history of crime, war, and genocide, man has relinquished control ..."

Hi Nick, not having read your WIP, who is Beau and what is his relationship with Victoria.

I really like the theme.

A few other questions:
1) is this in the future? Perhaps post-apocalyptic that requires such measures?
2) have they tried implementing equity laws? If so, what happened?
3) how do the general population of men (and women) feel about this?
4) I am assuming the hormone will be estrogen in some form. How will this be distributed? (I.e., mandatory injections or patches? Hormones in the water system?) If via a water supply, how will the extra hormones affect women? How does the hormone affect men physically as well?
5) Are all men required to take the hormone including children, teens and the elderly males?

I could go on and on. I'm psyched with what you are working on. If you want to banter ideas back and forth, feel free to email me: aladysmanifesto@gmail.com

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Sarah (aladysmanifesto) | 10 comments Is your story suggesting women are wrong for powerful positions or just this woman in particular?

These physical changes men go through, what socio-economic factors be affected besides being more docile?

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Sarah (aladysmanifesto) | 10 comments The book sounds really good.

I hope my questions are helpful and not distracting you as I can go on.

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Sarah (aladysmanifesto) | 10 comments Do women take hormones as well? Testosterone as an example?

Won't extended use of synthesized estrogen be detrimental to men? More cancers, and other health risks?

Do they procreate and have sex lives the usual way or is this controlled somehow?

Is the population monitored or controlled? Same with education of children?

Are males responsible for child rearing?

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Sarah (aladysmanifesto) | 10 comments The acronym (not the word) F U C K comes to mind. "Fornication Under the Consent of the King" ever hear of this?

How far along are you in your book? I'd love to beta read it for you if you'd like.

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Sarah (aladysmanifesto) | 10 comments Another thought. You can create a newer and modern version of Huxley's Brave New World - pregnant women are given injections that will influence the embryo's development to what is needed for the population. Geniuses, scientists, artists, farmer, etched. If Victoria can influence gender, why not influence in utero, not just male predisposition but how the fetus (male or female) will contribute best in the future? I loved your idea that Victoria thinks it takes a community to raise a child. Huxley's test tube born babies were grouped as alpha, betas, etc. will Cimmeria have a similar distribution in their community?

How are abnormal births treated? I'm assuming they are terminated prior to birth. Birth defects. How about multiple births? Hermaphroditism?

Is there a "wilds" group? May or may not be the resistance, but they don't live by Victoria's rules and survive as outcasts living far away. They could live rurally like the way we do today except pre-industrially. Yes there are murders and crimes but people are happy to have their freedom. Humans are humans and they feel that Victoria's new regime is just masking the inevitable to what makes us human. Men are men and women are women and collectively they are stronger that genetically modified women and men.

Food for thought - what do you think?

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Sarah (aladysmanifesto) | 10 comments I'm really excited. You've answered a lot of my questions and I'm impressed!

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Sarah (aladysmanifesto) | 10 comments Great, I look forward to it. I sounds like a book I'd love to read.

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