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message 1: by Nicki (new)

Nicki Elson (nicki_elson) | 19 comments Mod
At the Twitter party, we talked a little bit about angelic forms. It seems the consensus is that they don't have to have wings and can be very man-like in appearance, which is quite convenient for casting them in romance novels. But how do you imagine them getting into those forms? Do they always look like that? Or do they only transform into man-form when on Earth (that's how I imagined it in DT). Can they take on different appearances or will their man-form always look the same?

Also, a concept introduced to me in Supernatural (yes Cherie, Carol & Dk, you've encouraged me to catch episodes here & there & I've been introduced to Cass (rhymes with...))) how do you feel about them inhabiting an existing human body, "possessing" it?

message 2: by DJ (new)

DJ (storywrtr) | 1 comments I think man-lIke angels are a definite hook for me. As for the transformation, I think it would all depend on your Angela's backstory. Was he thrown down from Heaven as punishment? Did he fall intentionally for love? Is he here for a mission? So many possibilities...

I think that's part of the attraction and romance behind angels.

message 3: by Midian (new)

Midian Sosa (mkarinasosa) | 12 comments I like to think of them as humans in form, with big wings and eyes that change color (like in the movie Gabriel), and of they can handle guns even better. I also like the idea of them dealing with human feelings.

message 4: by Nicki (new)

Nicki Elson (nicki_elson) | 19 comments Mod
Without the human form it would be difficult for me to see them as a romantic figure, so I also prefer them in man-like form, but I like hints that they take on completely inhuman forms - gives them that romantic mystery .

I also like them dealing with human feelings - creates a delicious conflict within them.

Guns? I...never really thought of them with guns, but I definitely dig an angel who can wield a sword. ;)

I have to admit that the idea of them inhabiting another person's body, like in Supernatural, sort of creeps me out. It just seems like stealing. (But Castiel is so adorable that I'm willing to overlook that aspect.)

message 5: by Midian (new)

Midian Sosa (mkarinasosa) | 12 comments Maybe is the fact that I kind of like weapons (blushie), I mean, I don't like hurting people, in fact, I can't even give my dad his insulin shots because I'm afraid he would hurt.
I have 3 Katanas, Merritt, Kai and Ronin. And you should see me with them, I look badass, so I would love to read of an angel who would fight with a Katana like that, so cool.

And Cass, who doesn't love Cass?

message 6: by Dk (new)

Dk Readblogger | 10 comments Nicki wrote: "Without the human form it would be difficult for me to see them as a romantic figure, so I also prefer them in man-like form, but I like hints that they take on completely inhuman forms - gives the..."

You redeemed yourself with the Castiel comment! LOL! I agree with the whole stealing bit...because in Supernatural, the demons steal bodies (and later it's actually made a big point about it). I didn't like Cass at first. Once I started liking him and remembered he had said the guy whose body he took had actually prayed for it, it made it better...but only for him. That could also be because I'm biased and love him no matter what....well...except when he was getting ready to get jiggy with that hooker..I didn't like that. My Cass needs to stay pure because he's just so much cuter when he is...and his innocence (and 'not understanding that reference') is what makes him the most freaking adorable angel in the universe.
I really didn't have a comment about this topic, just about Cass. hahahaha
*backs away slowly*

message 7: by Nicki (new)

Nicki Elson (nicki_elson) | 19 comments Mod
Well Cass is a worthy diversion, hehe. I think my favorite line of his so far was when Sam called his phone and the message said [computer voice]"You have reached the mailbox of" [Castiels' voice]"I don't understand - why do you want me to say my name?" I could not stop laughing.

And Midian - I think we need to see some angelic katana-weilding video of you linked at Twitter!

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