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I cant stop buying books
Lisa Aitchison Lisa Aug 23, 2013 02:49AM
I really am addicted to buying books, i simple do not have time to read them all. Is there anyone else with the same problem? or any solutions!

haha yup - count me in on this. Thankfully, I've managed to curb myself back to things like library book sales. Then I go nuts and come home with like 3 boxes of old sci-fi paper backs but only having spent $10-$20. hahaha

I had to force myself to stop going to Barnes and Nobles. I was buying upwards of a hundred dollars in a visit (and visits were weekly things). Now I have to take cash only and start with a coffee drink (this limits what I can walk out with) and I have to take a book with me (this limits me because I think about the story I'm in and not the story I could be in).
It's hard. PPL look at buying books as not being an addiction, but all compulsive habits that you are not able to control are dangerous and destructive.
Don't take credit cards to stores, don't allow your online accounts to remember your info, and don't memorize your credit card number (actually easy when you are a compulsive buyer).
Go to the library and start to convince yourself that this IS your collection of books, and you are just nicely keeping it in this building so people can see them and be envious.

I buy more books than I can possibly read too. My way to cope with it by keeping a list of authors and books which have had good reviews and high ratings - life is too short to read bad books - and only getting a book if it's on that list. I also cull my 'to-read' shelves periodically and get rid of any I continually pass over in my search for another book to read. The only other way to cope, I think, is to read more books than you do currently. Good luck!

I had the same problem until I committed to the decision not to buy any more books until I finished every single book I already have. Four years later, I'm still reading and not buying.

I'm terrible when it comes to books. I keep saying 'I'm going to buy myself a Kindle one of these days' ....I haven't converted yet!

If I ever win the lotto I'm going to build a house and have a massive library just for me with 2 circular couches, 2 lazy boys, a study area, lamps, candle's, a few blankets, a view of the garden and wall to wall books with a high ceiling and maybe even a spiral staircase and a second level. I will go to the local book shop and order 1 of every book they have.


Magnus Or you could just get a Kindle.
Jul 09, 2014 04:33AM

Well, that's not a bad thing if you're using them for reference. Many times, I would like to have a history library at hand.

When I was in the Air Force and had to move from one assignment to another, my library would have grown bigger and bigger each time. When I finally retired, I kept buying books until they filled all the book cases I owned or had room for. Finally, I decided that I will not buy another book until I have read all of those in the San Antonio library. I have not bought any books since. I doubt that, since the library is linked to all other libraries through the inter-library loan system, that I will ever exhaust the supply.

I have many hundreds books in my Kindle, my laptop and even my iPod. And I still can't resist a new interesting book. That's crazy! Stop me someone!!

Hey Lisa,

Not reading them is worse. One of my friends used to do that, just bought them and sometimes read few pages and decorated them on the shelf, he told me it's an addiction.

Solutions are lying next to you. It's like giving up smoking, no one can help you with that but yourself.
If I'll have to offer you a solution: think you'd join a book club in here at GR, as forums with friendly members. You could join few of those forums and participate in book completing challenges, quizzes afterwards, related threads for discussions etc.

And... buy an e-reader (Kindle paperwhite, nook glowlight etc) if possible, it'll take less effort to read a book on e-readers and they come with dictionaries, with one touch on the tough word, saves lots of time . You wont be fascinated by just covers and smell of the new book but the contents(if that's the case). And only get the books you'll be reading (for a start, not more than 2 at a time). Promise yourself not to think about other books while going through what you already have to explore and enjoy.

Hope that helps. All the best! Happy reading (:

Yup, that's me. Far too many books. I can offer a few possible solutions that may or may not work ... not entirely sure they have worked for me.

1. Penetrating damp. That's when the incredible amount of wind and rain over the last winter gets into the brickwork of your house. Your plaster breaks out into weird salty deposits which make it look as if your wall has a bad case of leprosy. And before long you are throwing away books that have gone mouldy and packing other books into crates while an endless succession of builders tut-tut and tell you that you've got fouled cavities which won't be cheap to fix.

That tends to put a bit of a brake on your book buying tendencies, I can tell you. Or maybe that's just me.

2. Getting older and realising that the unread books on the shelves aren't bringing joy any more. They are simply reminding you of things you haven't done, like promises to yourself that you haven't kept.

3. The attic tactic. Put all a pile of your unread books in the attic where you don't have to look at them and be reminded of #2.

4. The missus-negotiated bookshelf space approach. You are allowed to buy as many books as you want up to the limit of the bookshelves. Once you fill a bookshelf you have to start throwing out books before you can put more in.

The more observant will spot the inherent contradiction between solution 3 and solution 4...

Or the more serious point. I worked out that I was buying books, magazines, CDs, DVDs etc as a way of making myself happy. Or a way of thinking I was making myself happy. But as I didn't always read them I realised that the act of purchasing had become more important than the reading. It had become an addiction to consumerism.

Once I'd realised that, the solution was fairly simple. I stopped buying books that I wasn't going to read. I gave myself permission to buy one book at a time, without always thinking that I have to buy two or three. I switched from paper to kindle - only buying a book when I had enough time to start reading it there and then.

Same here. I will buy, buy, buy and make my "unread" bookshelf overstocked. The reason I refuse to step back and tell myself to stop buying more books, is because I, obviously, keep finding books I want to read. If I don't buy them as it occurs to me, I'll likely forget about it for years. IF I did stop buying in order to read what I have, when I finish them all, I'd probably be cranky of all the books I wanted and could've read but can't remember about. I like to think I will definitely read all the books I have eventually. I've been on a good reading binge since February and am knocking them off the shelves. Fortunately, I am also reading mostly books I've bought since January.... Haha.


I switched to e-reading, which means I no longer have piles of books in various corners but ... now I have electronic piles of un-read books in various to-read lists on my device ....

I barely buy books anymore, I borrow from the library. If u can't wait for them to be available at the library, by the book version. They're cheaper and don't take up space. U can also borrow ebooks from the library.

I'm a book hoarder, too, but keeping some on Kindle does help. I use the library, and I've also started reading ARCs, free books in exchange for reviews. But I still have 350 books on my "To-Read" list. lol Now, I'm fighting myself (a little) not to acquire hundreds and hundreds of Kindle books. There are great books offered free every day. Hard to resist free!

It was supposed to say e book version.

I really enjoyed reading the post above, wow, makes a writer's heart go all fluttery, and make him want to pump a fist or two--like finding the steak of gold in a prospecting camp. LOL I just wish I knew a way to infect the rest of the world with what you have.

Johnny Ray

Im not ashamed that I have about 4 yrs worth of books on my To Read Bookshelves :) (I read about 200/yr counting graphic novels) but it is nice to have them separated on their own shelves. Makes it easier to pick what I'm reading next. And honestly, getting on Goodreads groups just made me buy more! I have to admit, I've read some awesome books in those groups though!

If you're worried about buying but not reading, set yourself a goal... Grab one and start reading it. Instead of getting online to buy another book (which is how I get caught up in it ;) ), pick up that book instead and keep reading. I find it helpful to read whole series... That way, I can keep going with my reading... No waiting for another book in the series to come out, and I get fed a really big Book Meal, giving my brain the feeling one gets after eating Thanksgiving dinner :)

I don't like libraries anymore... They don't have the books I like, since I don't care for Romances, Spy, or Vampire Boyfriend Novels much (though I have read all the Sookie books, lol) In my libraries, that's all they have.

And ecopies of books are fine for many people. Not me. I find I read faster and with more comprehension on paper.

“In a good bookroom you feel in some mysterious way that you are absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books through your skin, without even opening them.” - Mark Twain

While there is something to be said for the collecting of good books, osmosis doesn't really work that way.

“The man who does not read has no advantage over the man who cannot read.” - (also) Mark Twain

Books and scarfs are my guilty plasure . Each time i have mony i buy them . when i don't have mony i go to the library . Also there was a shop in the center of the city and they made in a corner some shelfs in wich u would have gone left some books there and get others . I found the ideea prety good and i exchanged some books from when i was a child with some great that is how i got scarlet " Scarlet " . A nother ideea in wich i put in practis was that i uset to have a lot of books i didn't like or getting them as prise or things like that . I simply sold them to antiq shops of books and boght books i whanted . A nother solution is buying from the publishing house . They are cheper there at least hear in romania

Yes, that's me. If I have money, I would spend every cent of it to books. Then I go broke. Then the cycle goes on and on.

Lisa wrote: "I really am addicted to buying books, i simple do not have time to read them all. Is there anyone else with the same problem? or any solutions!"

I have the same problem. I notice when I'm having a particularly bad day, I buy a book. It some how is comforting. I have lots of ebooks on my nook and lots of hard books to read. I have a variety of types of books so I feel I will always have something read...biggest fear is not have a book to read! My family says I have a problem :)

I have the same problem!! So what I do now is I just log into my overdrive app from my nook and get them from the library (I don't even have to drive to get them lol). Then I only buy those that I really REALLY want to read and can't find in the library OR they have a long waiting list. (I also buy the one's I really like but I believe that those don't count haha).

Me too!! And book sale season is here!!! I wish I could read an retain....big sigh... I LOVE being around them ...the older the library the better...AND I truly adore the older books...yellowed pages, hard to find. You are not alone... :)

Here in the UK we have lots of charity shops with book sections where you buy a book and the price of the book goes to the charity. Most of these shops are run by volunteers, books range from about a dollar upwards, at times even some fairly modern books are for sale. Then when you finish the book you can, if you wish, take it back to the shop and let them sell it all over again, or just take to a different charity shop and let them sell it again.

I almost stopped buying books after I started going to the library more often. Now I usually only buy english books that we don't have at the library (it's a swedish library).

.;[I'm clearly a book hoarder; I have 601 books on my tbr shelf.

Now I know I am not alone with my addiction. Some people get a fix by taking a drink, or having a drag of a cigarette. I get a fix by just walking into a bookstore...I don't necessarily have to buy a book, just walking around and seeing the new books that are out there satisfies my high(so to speak). Just smelling that new book smell! Weird, huh? Occasionally, I will buy a book, if it peaks my interest. I did that with "The Goldfinch". I absolutely loved it.

I read and buy books all the time. I really don't need to buy more books to read as I have them stacked in my bedroom & living room. The funny thing is I will stand there and go "Gee, I have nothing to read." I love books.

Become friends with your local library. Mine is wonderful, much cheaper than buying and if you love books you've got to love a library. It's like going to church.

I am just happy to hear others have the "problem" of buying books. I can't quit. The books only cost 50 cents or 1 dollar -- how can I go wrong. I cannot believe the "deals" I find. I love to see books on my shelves. They seem like friends who are there all the time. That has a psychological bent to it. I do not buy mystery series -- those come from the library. I buy historical fiction and non-fiction with a historical bent to it. I think I need to sell some.....those boxes of books need to leave my home, I think. Oh well.....I think I will go read my latest book.

I love this site - I feel I'm amongst friends! - I can't pass any kind of book sale etc without finding a book that needs a good home! I sometimes buy them on the pretext that they are for a family member/friend so I feel less guilty about buying them. I think I would feel panicked if there weren't a really good choice of books waiting to be read. I would love to be good at using the library but I'm just not organised enough. My friend has recently gone over to e-books and now swears by it, but there's just something about the feel of a real book that you can't get on a kindle etc.!

Same problem here! But am not the least bit ashamed because, as vices go, there are a lot worse ones to have. So revel in it, enjoy the learning and new experiences and as long as you are not driving yourself into debt you are harming nothing and no one . . . .with the possible exception of your house's foundations. ;)

WOW!!! Just posted a FB comment about my not being able to stop purchasing books (hardcovers & paperbacks)... I have unread books stored at home & work... And I have items in my cart!!

Friends have recommended the Kindle or NOOK, but I Love and Cherish the feel/sound of turning pages.. Also, the Bookmarkers are ALWAYS calling my name whenever I'm in a card/stationary shop!!

Hi.. I'm Kym! And I am a Book Buying Addict!! :)

What do people do who don't read? Drink??

Elisa Santos ^^a glass of some nice red never hurts....
May 31, 2014 04:06AM · flag

A group after my own heart lol. I am seriously addicted to buying books. I must but at least about 10 a month, all ebooks mind. I can read about 3-4 a week usually but my to be read pile is ever growing. My hubby just laughs when he sees bank statements coming in with Amazon all over it. Is there any hope for us? lol

Just move to where I live; books are so expensive here that you won't be able to buy more than 2 at a time without going broke!

I buy used books at the library, for one dollar, can't get cheaper than that.

Lisa wrote: "I really am addicted to buying books, i simple do not have time to read them all. Is there anyone else with the same problem? or any solutions!"
Lisa...I am sooo in the same boat as you. I see something interesting and I snap it up right away...whether its an e-book or hardcover I am constantly buying books..
An intervention may be necessary :)

To anyone on a book buying spree,
Mine is only $2.99 on Amazon if youre interested! The Blood Cloth Syndicate by Joseph Racconti!

I cannot not buy a book when I visit a book store.That's why I have stopped visiting bookstores and started visiting public libraries to borrow books.

I have discovered the love of reading in retirement. I have a iPad and I have filled my 64GB memory with books, until I found good reads and Amazon. With over 400 plus book to read, I"m always managing on average 4-6 books at time.

I recently atteded a book festival hosted by the local library and discovered their online book program along with audible books.
Now I'm only changing reading venues to enjoy the books.

I admit, I have a book addiction, which has lead to maintaining a blog. This is not what I thought retirement would be like but I'm loving it so much!

Lisa wrote: "I really am addicted to buying books, i simple do not have time to read them all. Is there anyone else with the same problem? or any solutions!"
Yep, I think most of the users on this site have the same problem. Mostly because you don't really join this site if you don't enjoy reading lol. My solution is to simply try to either request giftcards for BN and amazon for christmas and bday etc, other than that, I hit the used books stores which usually have books a for a few dollars a piece and then I hit goodwill because they usually have paperback for $.50 and hardcovers for $1.00, and I've become a huge fan of the kindle free reads and daily deals where the books are only a few dollars at most. So far it works.

A few years ago I started a database to keep track of all the books my husband and I read....just to keep me from buying the same book twice...LOL!! It is now well over 3800 books and still growing. I am constantly searching for new authors and when I find one I think I will like, I go to "Abebooks" and buy one...then if I like the author, I buy all the rest of their books. Not as cheap as a library sale, but I seldom pay more than $4 including postage. And I have only once or twice been unable to find what I want there. I also buy books for my Kindle or Nook when they are cheap or on sale. The only drawback to my e-readers is that I can't pass the books on to my library when I am through with them. I only keep the books that I read over and over...everything else goes to the library.
When I bought my Nook this summer it was because I can keep a copy of my book list on it so that I have it with me all the time....that has come in handy at yard sales and whenever I go to the book stores.
Right now I have about 50 books waiting to be read...such a great feeling!! I can read a couple of books a day, so they will be all gone before the end of the year. I am also re-reading the Outlander series in anticipation of the new one coming out in March.

I do the same thing! It's been a bad habit since I was a little girl. Most kids wanted to go to a toy store. I begged to go to the book store. Now if I buy books (compared to downloading on my Kindle) I usually am buying a minimum of four or five. On my Kindle I even have the habit of buying at least three or four new books a month!

deleted member Sep 08, 2013 11:16AM   0 votes
Instead of buying books, I research them online and add them to my reading list. I do already have a mass amount of books that were more like gifts that I don't ever seem to get around to reading.

But, I feel annoyed with myself when I want to buy a new book and I look at the shelf to see all the books I do want to read but aren't as important at this time...

Idk how to conquer my current pile of books without simultaneously adding to it over time (especially in college where I buy books and read part of them in class and stick em on the shelf).

I am trying to just read what I have and buy some here and there. I try to search my school and local library before going out and buying the book, but I do buy all of my books for classes.

Basically idk how to fix the problem. Just try your best to minimize it.

I have the same problem. I'm such a book hoarder I seriously think I need help LOL.

Reading all of this makes me feel soooo much better about being such a book nerd lol the bottom shelf of my book case is my to-read books and I trade a lot of my books online (currently have over 20 book points i can use) What i try to do now is read books from the library so that i only buy books i want to keep. helps spend less and still get my book fix lol. love the good will, and definitely makes book buying cheaper so i don't feel as guilty haha

I would like to go to jail in a while just to have enough time to read everything that i want. My biggest fear in life is that i will not have time to read everything that i want to. I understand you lot :D

I have 200+ real books waiting to be read but I cured myself of buying more because I got a kindle so now I have 200+ e books waiting to be read .oh and I signed up for audible so listen to at least one book a month . I hate to see how many books are on my wishlist/to read list ..... BUT how wonderful to be addicted to reading , to know that you can pick up a book and lose yourself in a wonderful story at your convenience ? no ad breaks , completely transportable andyou can read anywhere .so lets all feed our addiction and celebrate it (this is why goodreads exists surely?) after all there are more books already available than any of us can possibly read in a hundred lifetimes but we can try

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