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cαяяιє Here we are!

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments Hi! thanks for making it! Soo......How detailed are you just wondering?

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cαяяιє I usually write 4 or 5 sentences. But if your looking for a really detailed rp, I have no problem writing a paragraph or two.

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments Me too most of the time! I was thinking it could be a married couple like Alpha and luna and there trying to have kids but they can't

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cαяяιє Okay, that sounds fun! Would you like to be the Alpha or the Luna?

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments Alpha if your ok with that! maybe around like 27 to early 30s in age

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cαяяιє Not a problem! Would you mind creating your character first? :)

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments Yeah ill go do it now!

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments Name: Alexander Mason Raxton
Age: 31
Height: 6'3
Looks ian somerhalder photo: Ian-Somerhalder-21.jpg

ian somerhalder photo: Ian Somerhalder ian.jpg
Wolf looks: black wolf photo: wolf Wolf.jpg

black wolf photo: Hipster Wolf animal-crazy-hipster-triangle-vintage-wild-wolf-black-amp-white-Favimcom-787512_zps108530ba.jpg
Personality: TBR
History: TBR

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cαяяιє Nice! I'll start working on mine.

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cαяяιє Name: Alaina 'Raxton' Summers
Age: 28
Appearance: description
Wolf looks: description
Personality: TBRP
History: TBRP

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments Love it! Can you start?

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cαяяιє Alaina was sitting in the living room, staring at the blank wall across from her. She was numb from the despair that clutched at her heart. Was something wrong with her? She wondered. What had she done that made her deserve this? All she wanted was a baby to love and care for, but no matter how hard she tried it never worked.

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments Alexander grabbed his cigarette pack taking one out then taking the lighter out of his pocket He stopped when they were trying for children but looking at it now it looked as if they would never have one He light one taking a puff he walked back inside the house it hurt him seeing every one around them with one or even two kids by now He shook his head as he found her sitting on the couch in the living room "Baby you ok?" He softly he didn't move near her Things had changed between them sense they start to realize she would never get pregnant

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cαяяιє Alaina tore her eyes away from the wall and looked up at her husband, her blue eyes dull with sorrow. She noticed the cigarette he was holding, but didn't comment about it. She figured she would let him smoke at least one today. "Hmm? Oh, I... I don't know," she told him, brining her knees up to her chest and hugging them. She had cried, before, but now she was too worn out. All of her tears had already gone, so she was left with a feeling of bottled up sorrow and desperation.

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Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments Alexander felt so bad watching her He didn't know what to do with her He sat on the couch next to her and put out the cigarette in his palm knowing he would heal in seconds He then grabbed he shoulder and pulled her into his lap "I don't like seeing you so broken Alaina You used to be so happy" He whispered softly staring at the side of her face

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cαяяιє Alaina leaned against Alexander's chest, taking comfort in his presence. "I don't know what to do," she confided to him. "We've tried so hard, what more can we do?" She looked up into his eyes, searching for an answer.

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments "Baby there isn't anything we can do but hope" Alexander whispered softly to her "I'm starting to think we should just stop trying and don't have any pups" Henuzzled. Her neck "I gave up hope a long time ago" Alexander gave her a sad smile

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cαяяιє Alaina sighed, wondering if they should. She could feel the pain at hearing the words actually said out loud, but she couldn't help feel like he might be right. They had done all that they could. "You did?" She asked him.

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments Alexander Nodded "Yeah i did don't get me wrong i want children with you so so bad" He said softly He put his nose in her hair taking a deep breath he smiled lightly "We could adopt" He said slowly

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cαяяιє ((Sorry, didn't see your post!))

Alaina leaned in closer to Alexander, thinking about what he had said. Should they adopt? There was nothing wrong with that, right? It might be easier than than having to keep trying and feeling another piece of her heart shatter with each failure. But she had to admit, she wanted to have a child of her own. One that was a beautiful mixture of her and Alexander's DNA, all combined to create a perfect child. "I don't know..." She told her husband.

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments ((Haha its fine))

Alexander took a deep breath "Ill need a child in the next couple of year so i can pass down being a alpha to him" He grabbed her hand witch was tiny compared to his "I wish you hadn't failed me" He didn't mean it too sound like that but it was too late to take it back now "I love you" He said quickly after that trying to cover up what he had just said

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cαяяιє Alaina pulled her hand back from Alexander, eyes filling with tears. He didn't mean it, she told herself. But the damage had already been done and there was no way she could forget about it now. Had she failed him? He did need someone to pass down alpha to, but was it her fault she couldn't grant him with a child? She scooted off of his lap, hurt bright in her blue eyes.

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments "Baby come back here" Alexander whimpered softly "I didn't mean it babe it just sort of slipped out Please come back" He stared at her seeing the hurt clear across her face "I never meant to hurt you Alaina" He shook his head softly

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cαяяιє Alaina could feel a fat tear slowly run down her left cheek. She swiped at it with her and, not wanting Alexander to notice. She stood up and turned her face from him. "I'm going up upstairs," she told him, hesitantly walking to the staircase.

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments He stood up following her he grabbed her hand turning her around the crushed her in a bear hug but not hurting her

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cαяяιє Alaina let out a surprised gasp when Alexander pulled her into a tight hug. For a moment she stood there frozen, but eventually returned his hug, tears flowing down her face.

Army of Sexy Unicorns! | 368 comments "Don't cry please don't cry i didn't mean it!"Alexander whimpered He wiped her tears away with his thumb then kissed her cheek softly "I'm sorry" He nuzzled her neck with his nose

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