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Sunweavers: Book One-The Brothers
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Carolyn has just had her first two books Sunweavers: Book One-The Brothers and Sunweavers: Book Two- Ensnared published by Author House. After being very unhappy with their 'service' she is moving to more independence. She's posted the ebook version on Amazon.

However, if you'd like a hard copy... that's any readers in Australia, Carolyn has about 6 copies remaining that she'd be happy to give away in return.... only if you feel able to do it... for review. You can say you hate it if that's how you feel!

Below is a bit about the story content, a more concise summary is under Sunweavers, on GoodReads.

Sunweavers Book One-The Brothers by Carolyn Golledge

Sunweavers Book Two- Ensnared by Carolyn Golledge

Contact her at if interested in a freebiee!

Thank you.
by Carolyn Golledge, Tasmania

I think anyone who loves so called bromance will like the books' two main characters who start out on opposite sides in a war. Each is grieving the loss of a brother, one has hopes of his brother returning alive, the other is being haunted by his dead brother.

The enemy seek the power of Sunweaving, having discovered a mineral that formed into slave collars allows them to capture Weavers. Bren m'Fetrin is the first of an enemy experiment to tear out Weaver souls and replace them with one of their own. Something goes very wrong, and Bren's Weaver Brother, Taran m'Connor rescues the result.... Bren's living body kept animated by a dog spirit. He assumes there is an easy answer to getting back Bren's soul but heartbreakingly, he finds otherwise. Thus begins a perilous quest to find the one enemy officer who might have answers.
Sunweavers: Book One - The Brothers and Book Two - Ensnared are available from all online book retailers or direct from the author. Book Three will be published next month.

Carolyn Golledge (carolyngolledge) | 4 comments Thank you, Brenda! Much appreciated! Reviews are good so far, so here's hoping!

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Brenda | 69308 comments Mod
You're welcome:) Good luck with them and Book 3 next month:) Make sure you add details in here when you have them...

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