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City if Bones - Movie. What did you think?

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message 1: by Kandice (new)

Kandice | 24 comments Opinions on the film?

message 2: by Zena (new)

Zena (zenasarah) liked the acting but the didn't rally explain it well there are things i would like to be different

message 3: by Kandice (new)

Kandice | 24 comments Yeah I think they really ruined it :(
They gave too much away and didn't explain anything
And what's with Valentine?

message 4: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 58 comments i was disappointed with simon not turning into a rat and there was nothing about parabati, but i did really enjoy it

message 5: by Katrina (new)

Katrina | 6 comments I really enjoyed what was there, it was just a few small things that made it less amazing. That and why was Magnus not flamboyant? :( I understand why the movie ended with us knowing the twist, people would have been creeped out.

message 6: by Bee (new)

Bee | 2 comments I have the oddest sense of complacency about the movie. I feel neither disappointment or glee, I’m just kind of… well, okay.

This is a very bizarre place to be.

Acting was great. Action was awesome, as was the set design, weapons, demons, etc. The movie remained fairly faithful to the books… Until about the part when they make it back to the institute with the cup. Then things kind of went… wacky.

Although I understand the need for change and compromise in adaptations, (and I was fine with the changes up until the aforementioned marker) The entire fight scene at the end has me very out of sorts. I sat there thinking, “I really have no burning desire to watch this again.” Coming from the person who watched The Host 5 times consecutively when it came out at the Redbox, even though I saw it theaters.

As a movie by itself, I’ll rate it 8/10, because I feel that the director did the first 2/3 of the movie some justice. I got to see just about all of the things I wanted too. It lost its two points due to slight cheesiness in some places, and certain parts feeling as if they were being read from a script.*cough*Magnus*cough*

As an adaption, I’m giving it an 7/10, with it teetering towards a 6, and here’s why.

-Valetine. Period

-The last 1/3 of the movie.

-The spoiler they tried to “slip in”.

Let me elaborate.

I loved the acting in this movie. I think everyone portrayed their characters wonderfully and gracefully, giving us the best part of those we’ve fallen in love with, but making them unique and their own. Except Valentine. And Magnus didn’t really shine the way Magnus does… And that’s no reference to his glitter, Folks!

Now, I have never seen JRM act before, and honestly it wasn’t bad acting. It was just bad portrayal. From his dreadlocks to the lack of grace that Book Valentine managed to possess while still giving us the chills. I don’t even care that his hair was the wrong color, although that has huge plot significance later in the series, but his whole look was just.. for lack of a better term,… gross. I also hated how he just threw Jace around like a rag doll. He’s supposed to at least /pretend/ to care about him…

And on that note.. The whole thing with Jace not remembering Valentine… Having to be shown… Uhm… What? This part really bugged me, because it takes away from making the whole thing believable.

I hated how everything took place in the institute at the end…. But both the institute and Renwicks would have been two big sets to build, and they probably had to conserve funding. I understand why, but I still didn’t like it !

And what was up with Hodge being all…”You’re going to lie about both of them being your children..” There goes half the plot for City of Ashes and Glass.

Loved the chemistry between Lily and Jamie. Jaime really did shine in this role.

My heart broke for them when they found out about being “siblings”… even though I know what happens, I guess just seeing that pain and disbelief so well portrayed kinda triggered those emotions for me… Guess that was kind of the point though.

I’d have to say my favorite part was the ending. I loved getting to see the two of them interact when everything is so raw… And the motorcycle scene, when Clary can’t figure out if its okay to wrap her arms around Jace. I loved how they managed to make that awkwardly humorous.

All in all, I enjoyed, but I didn’t love it. Hopefully, things get better in City of Ashes. =)

message 7: by Valerie (new)

Valerie | 5 comments Jace was delightfully snarky. Still the slapped-on happy ending from the book is jarring as well. The institute looked awesome. To celebrate the movie, the guide Myths and Motifs of The Mortal Instruments is free from the publisher August 23 and 24 2013 at http://www.amazon.com/Myths-Motifs-Mo...
Myths and Motifs of the Mortal Instruments by Valerie Estelle Frankel

message 8: by Abby (new)

Abby (abbyc997) Overall I thought it was very good, however I honestly really really disliked Jace, Magnus, and valentine.

Jace was too deadpan and moody and not snarky enough, he just wasn't jace AT ALL for me

Magnus had no personality except for his clothes, he didn't say anything Magnus-y and his voice was so monotone. Which is again very unlike the book Magnus

And finally, Valentine in the book is supposed to be all charming, and in the movie he is just like a goth creeper, not charming at all. Also it really annoyed me that he actually tried to kill Jace, whereas in the book he really loved jace and wouldn't kill unless it was the last resort

message 9: by Shauna (new)

Shauna (solar333) Magnus wasn't fabulous:( but Simon and clary were the best in my opinion! The movie was good

message 10: by Megan (new)

Megan (powthemeg) It kept me entertained, but very, very minimally. Like, I can see how people who have not read the books might enjoy it. But, having read the books, I'm just really disappointed by the movie. (Not that I had any high hopes in the first place.) It didn't do the book justic at all. Too many plot points were changed.

I thought the Hotel Dumort scene was completely ridiculous. The vampires want the Mortal Cup? Do they really? Why? So they can make more Shadowhunters, a breed they despise? Sure, sure.

Hi, Jace. It's me. Dad. You don't remember? Huh. That's weird. I mean, I guess it's only natural for you not to recognize your role model, the person you spent the first half of your life with, after only seven years apart. And, uh, if you don't remember watching me "die" right in front of you, that's okay, too, even though I put a lot of thought into that fake-out, you jerk.

Really, though, a lot of the excitement at the end of City of Bones stemmed from the Jace-Valentine dynamic. There was all this confusion and betrayal going around. No one was sure who to trust. I love that Jace initially stood beside Valentine and defended him to Clary. That was just such a Jace thing to do. He loved his dad. He wanted to believe the best about him. It's only natural that he wouldn't immediately turn against him--which is exactly what he did in the movie. Hey, thanks for taking all of the fun out.

Now, on to Jace himself... The movie version just didn't do it for me. That was not my Jace Wayland/Morgenstern/Lightwood/Herondale at all. I mean, you can't just throw in a few snappy lines and say, "Yeah, that's Jace, all right!" Movie Jace brooded too much. Book Jace worked to convince everyone that nothing got to him, which meant a lot of talking, being animated, rudeness, sarcasm, and cockiness. Movie Jace barely scratched the surface of that stuff. I don't think I ever saw him excited about anything throughout the movie--not even demon-hunting.

I didn't like all the dramatic flare at the end, with the demon-summoning in the Institute. Too over-the-top.

Also, thanks for the slip about Jace and Clary not actually being related... Because that wasn't a major storyline for the following books, or anything.

Now, in rapid-fire:
- Valentine wouldn't try to kill Jace. End of.
- Clary drawing the angelic power rune before knowing anything about the Shadow World... Stupid. She's not clairvoyant.
- Clary discovering her abilities is a City of Ashes thing, not Bones. And it certainly shouldn't have been handled so quickly and carelessly. "Hey, look at this new trick I learned! Neat, huh?" ...More like thrown in at the last minute.
- Cheesy, cliche, oops-I-fell-on-you-so-stare-deeply-into-my-eyes-before-awkwardly-getting-up, suddenly-it's-raining-while-we're-kissing romance scenes.
- Magnus was too subdued. He had no personality. Where was the razzle-dazzle?

Okay. I think that's all of the cons. Pros? *shrugs* I liked Simon.

message 11: by Kandice (new)

Kandice | 24 comments Megan wrote: "It kept me entertained, but very, very minimally. Like, I can see how people who have not read the books might enjoy it. But, having read the books, I'm just really disappointed by the movie. (Not ..."

I completely agree with you

message 12: by Maia (new)

Maia (maia6247) | 1 comments I really enjoyed some parts of the movie, but I felt they wrecked some parts of it. Like the greenhouse scene was so cringy, the demi lovato song just did not work with that scene and the way they were eating each other's faces, thats not like how it happened in the book. It just didn't give me the wow factor like the Hunger Games did. Also Clary was a lot more pathetic. In the books she is very capable of looking after herself. However in the movie she does a lot of crying and looking worried well jace does all the fighting. I mean in the books she slaps Jace! Her personality just wasn't carried through to screen. Anyway hopefully they will do a better job in the sequel (if there is one!). Oh and Megan was right, where was the amazing Magnus Bane?, one of the best characters in the series. I feel like the screenwriters lost too much of each characters personality.

message 13: by Abby (new)

Abby (abbyc997) Megan wrote: "It kept me entertained, but very, very minimally. Like, I can see how people who have not read the books might enjoy it. But, having read the books, I'm just really disappointed by the movie. (Not ..."

That just about sums up what I thought about the movie, just I would have gone on longer about how movie jace was not like jace at all, and that really irritated me

message 14: by Shauna (new)

Shauna (solar333) It was okay but the book was better!

message 15: by Shauna (new)

Shauna (solar333) The Demi Lovato song in the greenhouse killed me though! Too sappy for my liking!

Crystal Elizabeth Shauna wrote: "The Demi Lovato song in the greenhouse killed me though! Too sappy for my liking!"

I know. It ruined the scene, I was laughing so hard. :D

message 17: by Carla (new)

Carla (carlalove) It was alright, but could've been better.

message 18: by Keely (new)

Keely Peatling (keelypeatling) | 11 comments i liked it apart from:
-Simon not turning into a rat
-How much they gave away to the next book
-everything happening in the institute
-the cringe worthy scene when jace strokes clarys face through the portal
-random music when the clary and jace are fighting vampires... what? seriously?! pop music?!

but I really liked how scary the demon looked!!!!! it was so real! I was really worried about how the demons would look really but they were so CREEEEPPPYYYYY

Crystal Elizabeth I agree with you @Keely That scene where he stroked her face with his hand - that was just so creepy and weird. And they were smiling! Oh my ...

message 20: by Mia (new)

Mia Hunt (miahunt) I agree with @keely and @crystal they spoiled to much for the next book which makes me wonder what will happen in the next movie (If they make city of ashes) and valentine I can't even deal with his hair and Simon when he didn't turn into a rat so disappointed!

Overall it was an OK movie but could've been MUCH better

Ashley 📖🦉 (ohpossibilities) | 25 comments I only read the first book, and fairly enjoyed the movie. Although there were parts that I knew were parts of other books, I was also iffy on some parts. Likeeee, how Jace was supposed to recognize his dad first rather than having a block in his mind :/

message 22: by Keely (new)

Keely Peatling (keelypeatling) | 11 comments yeh another thing was valentine and THE CUP!!!! clary has the cup and clary cleaned her house! whattt?!?

Crystal Elizabeth And what was with Valentine trying to get Clary to drink his blood out of the cup, that was just creepy.

message 24: by Keely (new)

Keely Peatling (keelypeatling) | 11 comments I thought it was pretty cool now the blood formed an angelic ruin but yehhh it was a bit weird! but there is some parts of the film and I'm just like "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO IN CITY OF ASHES?"

Crystal Elizabeth I've heard there might not even be a City of Ashes because COB did bad. I love the book, but I personally believe they ruined the movie. They just didn't stay true to the book.

message 26: by Keely (new)

Keely Peatling (keelypeatling) | 11 comments there is a post saying it is set to shoot in 2014!!! honestly they did change the book so much - and it's really annoying!! but one thing I absolutely love is Isabelle! she was so good!!! honestly!!!

Crystal Elizabeth Yeah I loved Isobelle and Somon, they were perfect. Magnus lacked the presence and charisma he had in the books.

Crystal Elizabeth And Jace was wrong for me.

Crystal Elizabeth @Mia Valentine's hair was ridiculous! They ruined his character. He's supposed to be sleek and contained, confident and posed like a businessman. And I was really looking forward to Simon turning into a rat. That whole spider man-ish scene was unnecessary as well, he's not even a vampire yet.

Ashley 📖🦉 (ohpossibilities) | 25 comments Also, as much as Godfrey fits the physical aspect of Magnus, I feel that his acting sounded like it was too scripted? It didn't have that feel of making his character sound real.

message 31: by Keely (new)

Keely Peatling (keelypeatling) | 11 comments yeh he was really monotoned and bland, Magnus is meant to be sassy and funny! it just didn't seem right!!!!!

message 32: by Keely (new)

Keely Peatling (keelypeatling) | 11 comments I loved book Magnus' personality but movie Magnus was just a really big let down...

message 33: by Ashleigh (new)

Ashleigh (pharlap98) | 24 comments It was adverage, i mean magus's eyes seemed to be something he could just turn on or off

message 34: by Ashleigh (new)

Ashleigh (pharlap98) | 24 comments And his personality was just dissapointing

message 35: by Keely (new)

Keely Peatling (keelypeatling) | 11 comments yeh!!! the whole Magnus and valentine ruined it for me!!!

Ashley 📖🦉 (ohpossibilities) | 25 comments Right! Movie Valentine was also very intimidating :/
wasn't he supposed to be vindictively charming? The actor is very talented. I guess he did fit into the whole madness thing..
What do you guys think?

message 37: by Kai (new)

Kai Lynn | 1 comments There's a lot of loose ends in the movie. Magnus is forgettable, his acting was a little off.. so was Valentine's, he doesn't come off as intimidating in the movie. Fighting scenes could be shortened. I couldn't feel the chemistry between Clary and Jace in the movie, the romance felt a little forced.

message 38: by Ashley (new)

Ashley | 58 comments yeah i was disappointed with Magnus, he was so stiff and bland, during that small amount of camera time

message 39: by Katrina (new)

Katrina | 6 comments Magnus made me sad, I really wanted him to be flamboyant... :( And then I felt like Valentines character was very one sided, because in the book he is so much more complex than how he was portrayed in the film.

message 40: by Ines (new)

Ines Pereira | 2 comments the actors were great, the screenwriter should be fired for such a bad adaptation

message 41: by Eva (new)

Eva | 3 comments Am...if I had not read the book I woud say that the movie is great...But since I HAVE read the book I think that the movie was a little confusing...Especially Valentine.
Where did the "I-kind-of-monstrously-love-my-son" father go?

message 42: by Ines (new)

Ines Pereira | 2 comments Exactly how I felt. I took some friends with me to the cinema and they loves it and I was like THEY RUINED MY BOOK

message 43: by Diana (new)

Diana | 9 comments It was really good as just a movie. But as a book to movie adaptation I didn't like it very much. I didn't see much chemistry between Clary and Jace. The action and fighting scenes were phenomenal though.

message 44: by Keely (new)

Keely Peatling (keelypeatling) | 11 comments the only fighting scene which was really off though was the one with the vampires? and there was that random pop music ? I actually cringed during that party... I don't want to and can't watch it....

message 45: by Diana (new)

Diana | 9 comments True. That didn't look right. I really liked the fight scene between Jace and Valentine though. I didn't like the scene when Luke was being interrogated though either.

message 46: by Talia (new)

Talia Da Silva (taliadasilva) | 1 comments it was ok I guess but there were so many little things that I'm steel kinda depress about this film.
Random observations:
-Magnus look like Magnus to me, but his acting.. Magnus is a really outstanding character and he wasn't in the movie.
-The MUSIC was so so bad.
-Jace was ok too, but Jamie kind of left out how sassy Jace can be.
-Things that were not explained properly
-Valentine looking like a Jack Sparrow wannabe
-The HUGE spoiler

The hole scrip I think wasn't well thought out, kind of rushed.

message 47: by Diana (new)

Diana | 9 comments Yes I love Magnus and he is my favorite character and they butchered his character. He looked perfect for the part but was terrible. It was so bad that I didn't even remember his character in the movie.

message 48: by Rose (new)

Rose South | 3 comments I really liked the movie but than I read the book and was really upset. they say there making a second one but how if you messed up the first.

message 49: by Diana (new)

Diana | 9 comments I totally agree. The movie was so promising but It let me down :(

Anna (Unquenchable Reads) (unquenchablereads) I just watched it again <3

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