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No more joining offers?

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message 1: by Paulfozz (last edited Aug 22, 2013 10:05PM) (new)

Paulfozz I'd been looking at the Society website over the last few months pondering whether to join as the introductory offers were very tempting (especially with the Hobbit and The Wind in the Willows on offer!) but now these offers are not available and I hear there is likely not to be 'membership' as such any more. If so that's very sad as the joining offer is what led me to consider buying from the society... but I guess I will continue to buy copies from second-hand shops instead.

For a non member browsing your uk site it is quite difficult to see what's going on with changes in this matter and the links to membership take you to the front page, which does not engender positive thoughts!

message 2: by Leandro (new)

Leandro Dutra (lfcd) | 9 comments I noticed something similar too, but as an member already I saw the renewal offer is more in line with regular promotions than before — still a better promotion than the others, but not as strikingly different.

Also the language about membership renewal seems more geared to a year‐long commitment to a minimal acquisition target than to the specific August–October season as before.

So I guess it is becoming a less exclusive club. Which seems to be a good thing, as it take some anxiety off the shoulders of compulsive bibliophiles as myself.

message 3: by Chris (new)

Chris Young | 5 comments Mod
Hi Paul,

Sorry about the confusion — for any queries you have about membership I would recommend emailing, where our customer services team would be happy to help.

Or, if you prefer, you could message me your contact email or number and I'll have someone get in touch with you!

Thanks for posting,


message 4: by Paulfozz (last edited Aug 26, 2013 03:07AM) (new)

Paulfozz Thanks for the replies... the website seems to have been updated but the benefits of membership seem very vague now, with unspecified 'vouchers' and 'deals' instead of an up-front introductory offer. The introductory offers are what had made me consider buying from the Society so I think I'll give membership a miss and stick to second-hand editions - I don't feel comfortable with the ambiguity of the membership benefits you have now.

Thanks anyway.

message 5: by Lory (new)

Lory Widmer Hess | 3 comments My impression is that they basically want to remove the pressure to commit to buying four books, as well as the costly incentive of the joining offers. If you DO buy four books at full price in one go, you get a free "presentation volume" (currently Landscape Into Art). However, the public is now able to buy books without committing to anything, and sales will be open to everyone, where they were previously only for members. If you do purchase directly from FS, and you get four volumes or spend a certain amount within the year, you will be considered a "member" for the following year, and those ambiguous benefits will kick in (they don't seem to be much). For me the loss of the joining/renewing offers is probably offset by the opportunity to shop the sales without having to buy any books at full price.

message 6: by Cliff (new)

Cliff Clifford | 1 comments I have to agree with Paul. There is little incentive to join anymore, and one can find better prices on Ebay.

message 7: by Leandro (new)

Leandro Dutra (lfcd) | 9 comments On eBay we cannot find member’s prices for limited editions.

message 8: by Shawn (new)

Shawn | 1 comments I am a FS member and have been for some years. I agree that last year started out confusing, but as the year went on, there really were fabulous deals for members. Christmas and Spring sales had good prices, with vouchers and discounts added. Christmas has free shipping to the U.S, which was great for me. I agree that it is hard to judge from the current scheme though, whereas before the joining offers were generous and one could see upfront what the benefit was.

Last Christmas I completed the Lang Fairy books collection directly through FS, purchasing 8 of them for $56 each. A perusal of ebay shows most going for more than that, and my order included 8 different titles, not just the seemingly more ubiquitous Blue Fairy book.

Other good deals included the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy for $89 for all 3 books, well below ebay prices on the used markert, plus the hobbit for $26 and the Silmarillion for $30. All these prices factor in shipping to the U.S.

The John Wyndham Trilogy (The Day of the Triffids, Midwich Cuckoos, and Chrysalids) for $79, again well below ebay.

The Princess Bride for $35, As I Lay Dying for $30, Folk Tales of Britain Narratives (3 books for $57), Folk Tales of Britain Legends (3 books for $57).

Now, I also bought books I wanted for full price which were not as great of deals of course, but I wanted them and felt they were worth the price.

I'm not saying joining is right for anyone in particular, but last year did see some great sale prices that were exclusive to members. These benefits were not obvious at the start of the year, and it seems we are in the same boat this year. I have passed on the new books introduced in September, as nothing took my fancy, but I am keeping my eye open for the upcoming Christmas sale.

message 9: by Jasper (new)

Jasper Fulcher | 7 comments Mod
We're aware there has been some confusion recently about the benefits of taking up Folio membership, especially after the end of our 'introductory offers'. However, there are still plenty of great reasons to join the community, not least the regular seasonal sales – now exclusively for members – and special member launch prices on all the new titles. I've been a little lax in keeping things up to date here, but there are some pretty special editions on their way for Christmas.

If you're curious about membership, have a quick peruse here –

I hope this helps.

message 10: by Juliette (new)

Juliette | 1 comments I was made aware of Folio Society a couple years ago by a Folio member. I couldn't wait to join and select beautiful fairytales as my welcome offer. I did not mind I'd have to commit to 4 books a year, but being on a very low wage at the time I thought I'd wait till I earned more and had a stable income.

Well, by the time that was the case I was looking at which books I'd like to purchase & what offer I'd like. And then suddenly...GONE! I even contacted Folio Society via Facebook, but alas the coolness of Folio was gone.

I understand they want to sell their books to a wider audience so you do not need to commit to a membership, as others have mentioned. But as someone else also mentioned I now find the benefits too ambiguous because I can't choose exactly what I want as an offer. I decided I didn't want to become a member anymore. That was a while back.

Today I reconsidered, looked at the website again and everything is still too vague for my liking...So will not be purchasing/joining.

message 11: by Paulfozz (new)

Paulfozz It appears that joining offers of a kind have returned as Folio were listing 20% off a number of history books on their website yesterday but it seems to disappear once you log in as a member!

I couldn't resist and have now joined the society, ordering Tomb Of Tutankhamun and Pompeii - Life Of A Roman Town with 20% off, and Seeds of Change too. I'd seen copies of Carter's book in the British Museum bookshop and some photos posted on a folio society group on LibraryThing and am hoping it's as stunning when I receive it as I remember.

message 12: by Ipse (new)

Ipse | 1 comments I was a member for years and was one of those who took advantage of the free sets they would offer at membership renewal time and also at Christmas and sometimes even in summer sales. They always upped the listed price for the individual books your were allowed to choose four from and would have to buy to obtain the free set, but I always liked it. As far as I can tell, all that really has changed is you still need to buy the four books to be a member, but there is no free set to go with it. I haven't renewed. I would if they started giving the sets out again. I also noticed when the change was made there apparently was a change in who was in charge. My take, being a fairly jaded yank, is this was about the almighty dollar .. . ah . . . pound.

message 13: by See Min (new)

See Min Lim | 1 comments Wait, so how exactly does one join as a member right now?

message 14: by Paul (new)

Paul Lynch (pauldlynch) | 1 comments It's still the four books over a year, which gives you access to sales and discounts, etc. But now anyone can order books one by one from Folio.

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