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Oh No!

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Anna You have become stranded on a desert island, much like Robinson Crusoe. What will you do?

Chris Bumpas Same thing he did.

Lesley Arrowsmith Where are my eight records, the Bible and Shakespeare?

Joanne Wait until Friday.

Allan Luna FedEx delivers on Tuesdays, perhaps I'll get a pair of ice skates. :)

Judi Check in: I've been appointed Mayor!

Allan Luna On Fridays, I play volleyball with Wilson.

David Joanne wrote: "Wait until Friday."

Best answer!!!

Joanne David wrote: "Joanne wrote: "Wait until Friday."

Best answer!!!"

Yay, Thanks David. Do I win a car ? A raft ?

David You have won a trip to Claremont, California where you will stay for years at your own expense! Congratulations!!

Joanne Humph, I won that prize in 1958.

David This is an extension of the original gift!

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