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♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
(A place on campus for singers, musicians, poets, and tech people can show off their skills.)

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Melanie breathed deeply as she awaited next in line for her turn. She loved coming to The Music Box, it was the one place where she felt like she was at home. Her heart thudded in her chest as the last person on stage was finishing up. Tonight she was going to sing one of her original songs that she has written. She hoped that no one that knew her was there. She didn't want people to judge her behind her back.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin sat down in a chair not to far from the stage, he wasn't really one for reading his poems, but maybe if the people thinned out he would read a few, he didn't know. His poems weren't his strong point, but his stories were. He watches the person leave the stage, and a girl that looked a bit nervous, but also with a mix of confidence mounts the stage. He puts his hand on the side of his face as he leans on it, ready to hear whatever entertainment she had in store for the crowd.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Melanie walked up to the mike. Her head lifted up as she stared out into the crowd. She quickly took in a deep breath. The music she wrote and played for the song began. She counted the time to make sure she sang at the right time. Then she began she sing, she sang with all her heart because she thought every performance should be treated like the last. As she sang the lyrics she wrote, she felt stronger and happy.

(( http://youtu.be/gZFjauf_hZg ))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin smiles and claps, pain was in every word at the beginning, but at the ending, you could see the strength that grew in the words, the voice, the girl. That wasn't something you could fake, it was completely natural, perfection. He throws in a few cheers too, not caring if everyone else was quiet, he wasn't even paying attention to them, he was loud, that's just how he was.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Once her music finished applause erupted from the crowd. She smiled sheepishly and quickly fled the stage. There was a reason she was ranked number one, her performance just proved that she deserved her slot. She took the cd that had her music on it and went to an empty table in the back. She ordered a small coffee and sat down, hoping to fade back into the crowd.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin got up, he really didn't care anymore, he stood in line, it was getting later in the night, he was glad, night was when he was at his peak. When it was his turn up on stage, he stands by the mike, taking out a folded up, crumpled piece of paper. The sound of him unraveling it could be heard as it was picked up from the mike, it was perfect sound effects for it.

"I wrote this.... while.... I was home, er, at my.... never mind. It's called, The knife. He had written it when he was with his father's, inspired by a nightmare he had, and the feelings he felt afterwards, followed by actions.

"Sorry, the knife just slipped,

I didn't mean to cut my wrists.

I was just thinking of all the bad things that happened to me.

The things that made me sad,

And the things that made me angry.

I didn't mean to take my life,

With this cold, sharp, steel knife.

Memories of everything gone wrong,

Is what brought this all along.

Warm is the blood that trickles down,

Making puddles on the ground.

I wake up,

It's just a dream.

But dreams become reality.

There's a knife beside my bed,

A single thought runs through my head.

My life used to be so pretty,

How could it have gotten so shitty?

I'm drawn to it,

Like a magnet.

This is my only escape,

From everyone and every face.

Good bye to my friends,

You've always been there.

Good bye to "him",

You never really cared.

Good bye to my family,

I'll always love you.

No one ever really knew,

They never thought this would be something I'd do.

It came to you as a surprise,

Now I cry and close my eyes.

Sorry, the knife just slipped,

I didn't mean to cut my wrists."

((http://countrycowgirl-007.tripod.com/... All credit to her and her amazing poem writings.))

When he finished, he didn't show any emotion, even though in his voice, it was dripping, the feelings of fear, pain, and sorrow filled his voice. He was ranked number 4, but it was for his writing, not his speaking abilities.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Melanie snapped for him, as was appropriate for poetry readings. His poem was filled with raw emotion. She could her the pain behind his voice although it may not have been as clear to others. He looked familiar, she probably saw him around the school a couple times but she keeps to herself, for more reasons than one. She took a sip of her coffee as she watched him step down from the stage.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments He folds the paper back and stuffs it into his pocket, not careful at all, if it tore, he didn't care. He only read the dang thing to get rid of the feelings and thoughts. IT was like an escape. He looked up to see the girl, biting his lip he slowly made his way toward her, also because the coffee stand was right behind her. He orders a capachino that was filled with all sorts of artificial sweeteners, just how he liked it. He stops by the girl and smiles, "You were great up there." he says stopping next to her, but kept a comfortable distance to suit them both. He watches as the next performer steps up to the plate.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Melanie looks up from her coffee to see the guy who read the poem. She smiled glad that he enjoyed her performance. "Thank you, but I was no where near as good as you," she tapped her fingers against the styrofoam cup, "your writing skills are beyond amazing." She pulled on the bottom of her skirt to keep her fingers busy as she flicked her gaze from the guy to the performer on the stage and back again.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin laughs, moving the cup around to mix the ingredients, sipping it. "I wish, I'm only a 4." He smiles, "Plus if you think that's good you should read my other stuff. Much better than that." He says, when he pronounces the word that it's like he was speaking of a hideous beast.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Melanie smiles wider at the sound of his laugh. It was nice to hear it after hearing the pain in his voice. "A four is better than a seven or not even being in the top ten," she motioned for him to sit down in the chair next to her, she wanted him to know it was okay. "I don't keep track of my rank," she ran her fingers through her hair, "I think it's better for me not to know." She took another sip of her coffee as she listened to the performer and payed attention to the guy. "My name's Melanie by the way," she offered her hand for him to take.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments He smiles a bit and sits down next to her, listening to what she has to say, "I have to keep tabs on it, my father would take me out of here if I didn't. And trust me, I don't want to go back." He smirks. As she introduces herself he smiles and nods, "I'm Arrin, Arrin Shade." He says, hoping she didn't recognize the last name, not ever wanting to be put in the same thought as his father would be in, he owned a housing company. He takes her hand and shakes it, "And nice name."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments ((G2g to bed. I shall be on tomorrow though.))

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
((Goodnight! :D))

Melanie nodded understanding why he wouldn't want to go back. His poem kind of hinted at some things. She pulled and twisted the end of her skirt keeping her fingers busy still not really knowing what to do with them. "Nice to meet you Arrin," She smiled, "and thank you." Her southern accent showed in almost all of her words. She couldn't really help it, and she hated hearing it although most people often enjoy it.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments ((Good morning! :) ))

He nods as well, smiling at her, "No problem." He noted her accent and tapped out a beat to match the person's singing, "I like your accent." He says with a small smile. He bites his lip, then adds with a light laugh, "You know, I used to have this awesome friend back home named Ryker, nice Australian accent."

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Melanie was starting to feel a bit awkward with the conversations, which is what happens most of the time when she talks to anyone. "Um, thank you," she smiled nervously, "I've always liked accents." She saw the performer getting off the stage and grabbed her coffee, "Well, uh, it's time for my next set," she put her head down and made her way to the stage. It wasn't a lie, Melanie normally signs up to sing two or three times depending on how she's feeling that night. She took a deep breath as she made her way back onto the stage.

message 18: by Juliana (last edited Aug 24, 2013 01:01PM) (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Upon arriving, Blake notices that no one is on the stage, or currently someone was about to get on the stage, he didnt care. As long as he got to speak his mind. Blake didnt really know why he was number one, he thought he sucked big time, but that was his point of view. He was constantly critiquing his own work, bringing himself more down, hating himself even more. His thoughts were really morbid tonight, as he stepped on the stage, the lights dimming for the man knew it was Blake's genre to have a dark effect.

"I felt a funeral in my brain,
And mourners, to and fro,
Kept treading, treading, till it seemed
That sense was breaking through.

And when they all were seated,
A service like a drum
Kept beating, beating, till I thought
My mind was going numb

And then I heard them lift a box,
And creak across my soul
With those same boots of lead, again.
Then space began to toll

As all the heavens were a bell,
And being, but an ear,
And I and Silence some strange Race
Wrecked, solitary, here. "

After he was done, he let it sit there, and a breathe eased out of his lips, as he made his way off the stage, and sat alone in the back, hoping that no one would bother him. Sure, he would help if someone did, and wouldnt show that he didnt want them to be there, but sometimes, he wished he could snap like he did before...he wished to be a monster sometimes.

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) ((Oops...didnt see what you posted...Shall I wait until she is done?? Then post this?))

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
((No it's fine we'll just say that he didn't see her))

Melanie froze as a guy went passed her and stood center stage. She quieted like a mouse and took a step back as he took her turn. She swallowed the lump in her throat that had formed when he walked by like she was invisible. Once he had finished the stage manager motioned for her to take the stage. She was beyond nervous now, but she closed her eyes and went back to the microphone. Her music began and she was a whole new person.

(( http://youtu.be/nB_-M1Af07Y ))

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Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) As Blake took his seat, another person began to sing. He rolled his eyes, muttering something about how singing was not really a talent now these days. If it was a talent, then only a selected people would have it. But everyone could sing, which bothered him deeply. Even he could sing, but he didnt consider it a skill, or a talent, not anymore. And he doesnt sing for no one. He pulled out his journal, saying out loud, "At least writing is a talent that I could keep and call mine forever."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin seen the boy stand up, cutting off Melanie and bit his lip, a bit rude. He rolled his eyes as he began reading the poem, but listened closely, he was good. Arrin shrugs it off, status didn't matter as long as the art stood out. As the boy sat down, he heard him a bit, "Singing is a talent too." He mutters.

message 23: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) Hearing that, Blake looked around lazily, as if he didnt care what other people thought. "If singing was a talent, then how come everyone can do it well? A talent means pertained to have something unique, and since everyone can sing, then it is not unique at all." He shrugged, and said, "Let me guess, singing is your persay...talent?"

message 24: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin turned around, his pierced eyebrow risen, "Yah. No. I'm a writer." his voice was cocky, but he was mimicking this dude, who drove him insane. "And if everyone can sing, why is it a cut throat industry? Singing is just as tasking as writing. Anyone can write a book, a child can do it. You have to keep in tune," He started listing off on his fingers, "You have to learn your song and which pitches, you have to make sure your voice doesn't crack, you have to work on higher notes if your voice doesn't go that high, or if you need to go lower, than you need to work on deeper tones." He knew what it took to sing, one reason, his best friend did it. "I'd like to see you get up there and not have your voice crack or sound off tune. Make sure your voice stays emotional, and not. Go. Flat."

message 25: by Juliana (new)

Juliana Rodriguez (simple_nerds) "And what if I was to say screw all that. Talent doesnt need to fix itself. Its supposed to be there, come naturally. Do you train your writing? Sure, you make it better, but you dont make it something different entirely. I would rather like listening to a raw voice, one that hasnt been worked on, one that actually sounds good for once." Blake was sick and tired of arguing, already, this guy was going to cause him some problems, so he raised his hands, and said, "Bro, Im not trying to cause any trouble. I like the fact that you write, but that was my opinion, and you have yours."

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments He rolls his eyes, "Yah yah yah. Alright." He leans on the table, taking a drink from his coffee, feeling the buzz go through him, calming his nerves and then his mind. His body on the other hand, was sky rocketing, he wanted to get up and do something. He started tapping his fingers against the table, his black nail polish shinning against the light. He reaches up and brushes the hair in his face, he liked it that way though, and there was nothing he could do about it, well, besides cut it, and that wasn't happening! His hair was kinda spiked on the back of his head, reaching into the air. He sighs, total emo boy, and he loved it.

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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Edward pushed open the polished wood doors to the building. He fingered his hands through his hair as he and his bandmates moved towards the center of the room. His gaze drifted to the stage as he plunged his hands into his jacket pockets. His eyes lit up as he heard the voice coming from the stage. It's as if she was singing to only him. Mindlessly he drifted to the stage his attention on no one but her. She was an angel that was getting rid of his darkness.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin watches the group of people walk into the premises, taking another drink of coffee. He raises his eyebrow as the boy watches Melanie on the stage, he looked as if he was about to drool or something, maybe fall over like in those stupid romantic comedies. He has to laugh at himself for thinking that, he could almost imagine that. It would definatlly ad a new twist on the place. All the seriousness then a boy falling all over himself.

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♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Melanie was in a trance, the music and the lyrics just spoke to her. Pure passion poured out of her as she sang the lyrics she had written. "Can you be my nightingale? Sing to me, I know you're there. You could be my sanity, bring me peace, sing me to sleep.
Say you'll be my nightingale," As the song was coming to an end she looked out into the crowd, seeing the many faces. She wasn't afraid though, when she was on stage she felt at home, she felt brave. Her voice grew even more powerful as she finished the song.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments As she finished, Arrin roared up again, being loud once again, he loved it. He smiles up at her, standing up from his seat, probably making a food out of himself, but so be it. He jumped up and lifted his fist into the air, "Oh yah! That's my girl!" He cheers. she wasn't his girl, but you know, that's what he said to his.... friends? Were they friends? Probably just aquatences, but he didn't care. He said it anyways!

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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Edward threw on his natural bad boy charm as he saw the girl finish. He straightened his jacket ready to sweep her off her feet. It would be an understatement to say that he's a flirt. He has broken many hearts, but it was never on purpose. That's just what he learned from his dad, to break people especially the innocent ones. And oh how he liked this innocent looking girl. She was an angel and he was about to reel her in just to let her go.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments ((Hey, if you don't get with Melanie, I have a perfect girl you can mess with until my friend gets on this group. ;) ))

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Melanie walked off the stage now her shy self. She moved quickly down the steps. She blushed slightly as she heard Arrin erupt back at the table that they had shared. Then a guy appeared right in front of her blocking off her path to the table. "Oh," she smiled nervously, "I'm sorry I just need to, um, go over there." She laughed softly in her innocent way and moved to the left to get around him. She wasn't really used to having male attention so she tried to avoid it whenever she could.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin seen the guy step in front of her, he was now watching them closely, he wasn't about to let him intimidate her. Even though it wasn't Arrin's fight, he wasn't going to let her put up with that BS. He put his hand on the table, as if that would keep him there, for now.

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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) ((She could be his friend that he occasionally is intimate with? Like it's a mutual friends thing?))

Edward smiled his charming british smile. "It's quite alright darling," his accent was heavy and of course attractive, "the fault was entirely mine." His gaze drifted to her eyes, their sparkle captured his attention. "You were magnificent up there," he ran a hand through his hair, "I felt the passion you had, for the music, the lyrics, everything." The words he spoke were true, but his body language was a reflex, it was natural for him to show his charming side to every girl he meets. "My names Edward by the way," he offered his hand politely.

message 36: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments ((Oh yah. I just want drama in her life. XP))

Arrin watches, his eyebrows furrowed, his eyebrow piercing catching the light and shining on her forehead. He was shocked when it did that and it almost cracked his serious behavior. He wanted to laugh at it so bad.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Melanie fell victim to his charm, and of course to his accent. Her gaze locked with his and she couldn't help as her cheeks blushed a bright red. "Thank you," she said soft and sweetly, "my names Melanie." Her hand touched his lightly as she accepted his hand. Her eyes flickered down as she pulled her hand away. "What's your talent?" she asked changing the direction of the conversation. She wasn't in a mood to talk about herself, and she could tell he went to the same school so she asked.

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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Courageously he touched his thumb to her cheek lightly, "Why don't I show you." He smirked as he nudged his band mates and they returned his smirk. He walked confidently up the steps knowing that he would impress her. But he did know that he already had part of her wanting him. There was a second where his facade faded and he felt sorry for the girl and he didn't want to hurt her but then his father came into his mind and his facade came back stronger. As his band mates took their place he stood at the mike and winked at her.

(( http://youtu.be/kDWgsQhbaqU ))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments ((oh my gosh oh my gosh! MCR! LOVE! asdfghjkl!!!!!))

Arrin drops down into the chair, putting his elbow on the table and watching, he was listening, raising his eyebrow, the guy was good. He turned away though, he didn't trust him, but he couldn't fight the right, the guy was good. Really good. ((He's a God. ;) ))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments ((Also, may I applaud you on using Gerard's voice on Harry Style's face? I mean, come on, they are the direct opposite bands and they are also the biggest rivalry and hatred in each other's fan basis. *Claps* Absolutely amazing.))

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
((OMG MCR!! Love love love your talent claim :D))

Melanie listened closely to the lyrics but kept her eyes on the guy. He seemed so amazingly perfect, and boy could he sing. She moved closer to the stage moving along with the crowd. He captured the attention of every person in the place and she was amazed because she never thought that she would be able to do what he just did. He had caught her, and it was inevitable that she would be let go as well. She just didn't see it coming, she believed his act.

message 42: by Ms_Sara_Darling (new)

Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) ((Lol, I know right, I wanted to give that perfect little face the perfect voice and Gerard was the perfect choice. I love MCR and had to claim them so I just paired the two :D))

Edward watched Melanie closely knowing that his chances were absolute. He never doubted himself, every time he sang he caught girls in his web. This girl was his target though, she was different and special and he planned to get her so attached to him that the break he'd cause her would be immense with pain. He wanted to make the catch easy so he decided to sing another song of his. He gave his band the look and they began the music. He smirked as he locked his gaze with hers and he started to sing.

(( http://youtu.be/KSNKCfxcYvE ))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments ((Haha, sweetness! And I have to say.... perfect song if you wanna break someone's heart, "I don't love you like I did yesterday."))

Arrin smirks, getting an idea. He stands up, throwing the coffee cup into the trash. He made his way over to the stage, putting on the Oh my! What a dream boat! face. He didn't care if he was ruining the moment, he probably would have done this anyways, without her here or not. He goes up to the stage, his eyes wide, almost looking as if they were in a trance. He gets down on his knees, watching, he looked like a lost puppy that had just found it's owner.

((I'm sorry! I had to! It's Arrin! He'd do it!))

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Melanie was taken out of her trance as she saw Arrin appear and then get down on his knees. She muffled a laugh as she watched him. He was funny she'll give him that. She couldn't really tell if it was an act or if he was truly into Edwards song. She returned her attention back to Edward, it wasn't hard to do considering he had stolen her heart. Everything about him invited her in, even though she didn't see his scheme she still felt a little strange about liking him so much.

message 45: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin tried not to break his total trance look, he wanted to laugh so hard though. His piercing catching and shining on the ceiling and when he blinked it did a little dance. He put his hand up to his heart, and then up on his forehead, pretending to swoon.

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Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) ((Yup, MCR has a song for everything :D))

Edward was a little taken back by the guy getting down on the ground but he stayed confident and strong. His eyes burned for her, he watched her sway to the song and words that he sang. Everything she did screamed for his attention. Now that the song was over he hopped off the stage standing before her. His hand reached for her cheek as his thumb trailed up and down it. "You never told me your name," He smiled his voice soft and accent strong.

message 47: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin stood up when he walked up to her, letting out a fan girlish scream, "Oh. My. God! You were amazing!" He says in the most flamboyant way he can. He does a sassy hand gesture, flicking his wrist down, "So sexy."

((Please. Arrin. Stop! you're gunna kill me in laughter!))

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Melanie blushed looking down and then back up, "My name's Melanie." She was almost positive that she had told him her name. Maybe because she was so plain and ordinary he forgot. She shook those thoughts away, she was good enough, she was good enough for anyone she kept telling herself. Then Arrin came over and things got awkward. She covered her mouth to keep from laughing because she didn't know whether or not he was serious.

message 49: by Ms_Sara_Darling (new)

Ms_Sara_Darling (MsSaraDarling) Edward controlled himself even though he felt like running from this weird fanboy. He didn't want to leave the girl and ruin his work so he just acted as if it didn't bother him. "Thank you, I do try to add a little sexiness to my movements on stage," he winked at Melanie brushing back a strand of her hair. That move always got them, and he knew it would get her too. Part of him meant everything he was doing but half of him wanted to hurt her, wanted to see her cry because it would make him stronger in his father's eyes.

message 50: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin couldn't hold the laughter anymore, he busted out, he fell to the ground, his legs bend in front of him. He puts his hand on his forehead, "I'm sorry, I couldn't resist." He kept laughing. "I hope you know I wasn't serious, I'm just a weirdo." he stands up again, still laughing, he couldn't look at either of them without laughing again, "Sorry for ruining your moment but it was just right there." He takes his hand off. "I'll leave you two alone." He winks as he walks backwards, "Catch you guys later." He starts walking out, waving behind himself.

((I had to. He was gunna make it worse!))

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