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message 1: by Cinderia, PRINCE ARKUS (new)

Cinderia (icarusandthedjinn) | 123 comments Mod
People who have Unrecognizable Souls at birth are SOLD INTO SLAVERY.
I doubt anyone will make a Slave, but yeah. I thought I might as well make it an Option.



Race: (( Elf; Pointy eared, Colour of Skin Vary. Orc; Rough appearance, usually green or Brown. Human; Look in the mirror. Anima; A Personified Animal. ))



House they serve:




History: ((Optional. TO be RP'ed is an Acceptable Answer. ))


message 2: by Shailyn (last edited Aug 24, 2013 09:58AM) (new)

Shailyn (thispolygurl) | 150 comments Mod
Name: Lucinda

Age: 19

Race: Anima : Black Panther

Both Human and Animal Form

Clothing: In the picture above

House they serve: Used to be Braven, but was able to escape with the help of Xanthe and Salazar.

Personality: She's loyal, and very obedient, but complains a lot.

Likes: Being 'free'

Dislikes: Everyone, but puts up with Xanthe, and her, as she puts it, "God awful, stinky, smelly, messy" Dragon

History: To be RP'ed

Other: Can change from her 'Human' Form to her Animal form at will, which is her own Soul 'Magic'

Now serves Xanthe, hardly ever leaves the cave, because one: she can't without Salazar, and two, doesn't wanna get caught by the Braven again

Just because no one has :P And I want to give Xanthe someone to help with her backstory ;D *wink wink, hint hint*

message 3: by Cinderia, PRINCE ARKUS (new)

Cinderia (icarusandthedjinn) | 123 comments Mod
*Wink wonk* ;D

message 4: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Name: 42

Age: 19

Race: Half-elf, half-dragon

Appearance: description

Clothing: His toga

House they serve: Braven. Knows every other slave there. Until one escaped.

Personality: A quiet, timid creature, 42 is completely obedient, because he has noting else to be. He cannot fly away, as he has no wings. He cannot lash out, since he is chained in a way that if he moves to strongly, it harms him.

Likes: Cheesecake

Dislikes: Unreasonable punishment.

History: Unfortunately, he's been a slave for as long as he can remember. He's treated like dirt, because he's an abomination in most eyes.

Other: Is an innocent, tortured soul.

message 5: by Cinderia, PRINCE ARKUS (new)

Cinderia (icarusandthedjinn) | 123 comments Mod
:O I never thought of a Hybrid before. That's really cool, actually

message 6: by Shailyn (new)

Shailyn (thispolygurl) | 150 comments Mod
I just realized I didn't put a name xDDD Haha, but I like your charrie Drax ^-^ Great as always

message 7: by Drax (new)

Drax RavenKnight (draxhollowknight) Thanks.

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