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Cinderia (icarusandthedjinn) | 123 comments Mod
Okay, imagine a Bowl inside someone. This is their Soul.
Depending on the Atribute of their soul, they aren chosen to be that "Class"
Whenever the Bowl is empty, it gathers the Energy around them.
Mages can shape this Energy into their own Manipulation of Reality, "magic"
Dragon Tamers has a Contant stream of Energy that connects them to their Dragon, which sends the Energy back. The Dragons use the energy for their Breath, and the Tamers use it to not get eaten.
Conjurers use this Energy to have sort of a Minds eye to the Void, where all Spirits reside. yada yada yada, befreind a Spirit.
Warriros Do Not Use this Energy.
They, infact, reject it, this is very difficult by nature, and as such, this makes their SOul tough enough to Endure the heat of Clashing Blades.
Seers are like COnjurers, Ignore their Calling yada yada yada...
People with an Unrecognizable Class, are sold into Slavery. They are marked with the house they serve to show that they are Slaves.
There you go.

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Kira4Inu Kira4Inu | 118 comments Mod
Nice! Love the "Tamers use it to not get eaten"

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Kira4Inu Kira4Inu | 118 comments Mod
Add it to your post ><

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