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What did you think of the Movie???
Haley Haley Aug 22, 2013 05:38PM
OMG i just saw the movie yesterday but i want everyone else's opinion before i drop the bomb on this. JUst to let you know i dressed up as a shadowhunter :D

It was better than I expected it to be, but not perfect. Magnus's character was underdone, and Jemina didn't sell me on Izzy at all. Valentine was a bit too young, and some of the story changes were a little off-putting, the reasons for some of them also understandable.

I did enjoy it despite my complaints. A smile was glued to my face for practically the entire movie. I'm actually looking forward to the sequel.

I was super excited to see the movie...I'm a mom of 2 and I was acting like a little kid ready for Disney world. But of course I was disappointed with all that was distorted and completely left out ugh this was my 1st read the whole series then go watch the movie deal but it did not live up to my expectations I'm truly bummed.

I am very torn about this. Before I went I saw some negative comments and thought the previews were pretty good, how bad could it be?
I have to say I was very disappointed. It reminded me of how cheesy/awkward the first Twilight movie was.
It wasn't so much the acting that bothered me but rather the condensed version of the story. I think if I hadn't read the books I'd be lost. There was so much action, as there is in the book but unlike the book, there was little relationship development.
Unlike the book, in the movie Jace was kind and caring and seemed smitten with Clary right off the bat. The relationship was much more challenging in the book and took quite a while to build. I felt like the love was instantaneous in the movie. There were scenes in the movie where I cringed because I thought they were cheesy or had no build up like when Valentine yells at Jace that Clary was in love with him. I thought the opposite was obvious but not her feelings for him.

The change in the father/son story line I thought didn't work. It was much more surprising and shocking in the book, not so much Clary's realization that Valentine was her father but the reader's discovery that Valentine was Jace's father. In the book he recognizes his father but just didn't know he was Valentine because he'd raised him as a Wayland.
In the movie they expect us to believe he doesn't recognize his father's face? I didn't think it worked and the movie spoiled the suspense anyway because Hodges tells him to lie about being Jace's parent. Or at least that's what I heard.
There was a lot that worked in the movie. I thought the Clary actress was pretty good, and Jace's famous one-liners were delivered well. Izzy and Alec were hardly there. Once the movie was over I realized just how detailed and long the book was and thought maybe the movie would have worked better as a two part one. I know that sounds crazy but they cut a lot out, rushed a lot of scenes and condensed a lot of material. I didn't think the doubt about Luke worked. They had Hodge changing his mind at the end and helping the shadowhunters, which makes me wonder what they'll do with the character. I think they just did it to keep the actor who played him in the next few movies.
Magnus wasn't flamboyant enough and since they change the ending so much in regard to Valentine getting the cup it makes me wonder where the series is going.

Nellie ☾ I noticed that Jace was a little too nice in the movies too! At first I thought he'd be more arrogant or something. Also, I heard that part about Hodg ...more
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Monica I can forgive the cheesy moments but the ending really changed the story. They still have the cup and don't believe they are related and the audience ...more
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I liked it but some of the cast that they picked really didn't fit right to me, like Valentine was not at all like I expected him to look like and Isabelle didn't have that kind of sass that her character is known for in the book but otherwise the movie was entertaining :D

I liked the movie a lot! Could it have been better? Absolutely, but it could have also been so, so bad. Let's not forget about the Beautiful Creatures disaster of 20-13 (May you RIP BC!). They changed a few things but nothing too major that would change the story. I would have like the Simon/rat scene and the flying motorcycle but I understand why they didn't. They included little details that a fan of the book would have appreciated like Hodge's bird even though they don't really explain it. I forgot how much they had to fit in to one movie and still explain it to people who didn't read the book. It was a very fast paced movie but I'm hoping with foundation set the next movie will be even better! One scene I hated was the flowers blooming at midnight with that terrible song... there were no lyrics in the movie up till that point what did they do it? It can across as way, way corny. Overall, I really did enjoy the movie

I enjoyed it also, the actor who played Magnus wasn't good and the shadowhunters were a little too serious for my taste but other then that I liked it a lot and can't wait for the next movie.

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I actually enjoyed the film, but some of the good bits were left out.
Actors were great, especially Jamie (maybe of his looks that seemed to fit in as Jace - that 'bad boy' thing).
I was curious if Clary and Jace were actually siblings, so I ended up reading - now the 3rd book. I have to say that the writer is amazing! Maybe the chosen language is a bit strange, but overall it's AMAZING.

CONTAINS SPOILERS. Just a warning...

I watched the movie before I read the books and I was kind of lost. The action scenes were so fast, most of the time I had no idea what was going on. I also missed a lot of important parts that I didn't get until I watched the movie for the third or fourth time. I heard a lot about the books and how excellent they are, then when I saw the movie I really liked the plot and the world the characters live in so ultimately, the movie got me into reading the books.

Once I read the first book I thought the movie left out a tremendous amount of information. I didn't like how they moved all the plot points around. I got lost in the book after seeing the way the everything progresses in the movie.

Unlike most, I actually enjoyed the blunt realization of Jace and Clary being brother and sister. In the book I think it was far too long. It was one of those things where you know but, you're not suppose to know until the character says it, just dragging it out. I also enjoyed the movie Jace better than the book Jace. I felt like he was a lot more witty and less of a daddy's boy. In the book I wanted to reach my hand in and slap him until he came to the realization that his loving dad, aka Valentine, isn't what he says he is. In the book Jace is so desperate to seek the approval of his dad who could truly care less about him.

I am glad that they didn't try to make some kind of stupid love triangle thing like in twilight. Although it was similar in terms of the awkwardness, lets hope it gets better as well. I think that Jace and Clary got close progressively fast but I suppose it would being a 2 hour movie. They played it well although I would have liked to see more bickering and witty comments from Jace like in the book.

The actors that played the characters were decent. Valentine really creeped me out but I guess he is suppose to do that. I kind of wish they did more explaining on his history so that those who didn't read the book would understand why he does what he did. I also wish that they played the last scene out like it was in the book. Now, if they make a second movie they will have to explain why Hodge is there when he's not suppose to be. A lot was messed up with the way they filmed that. I honestly don't know how they are going to fix that.

The actor they chose for Jace was kind of startling to me once I read the book but he pulled through. He delivered the sarcasm as I would have imagined it as well as his cold, heartless moments.

Other than that I think that the movie was good. You can tell that they tried to take as much as they could from the book and put it in the movie. The added some details and really made the institute the magical place it is in the book.

I am hoping that they make City of Ashes. I have already read the book and I think that there are some pretty cool things that they could do with the movie. There are tons of action sequences that I have played out in my mind and I can't wait to see how they are portrayed. I heard that there was suppose to be some kind of delay or cancellation, but hopefully those are all just rumors. I am new to this series and I would hate for it to fade a way before I can even get into in.

Watched the movie before I read the book, and thought it was a really great movie. Then I read the book. The movie sucks. Magnus is NOT LIKE THAT!!!!!!! He's Magnalicious! Not whatever that is!

I really like it! Although if you havent read the books i can see how the movie could be really confusing

I personally really liked the movie. Magnus's character was a bit stiff and awkward though. I wish there'd been more witty remarks from Jace too. The thing about this movie was that it didn't feel like City of Bones, nothing like the book, it didn't feel like an adaptation of a book. In most cases the movie would suck then but in this case it worked. The book was very intricate and detailed so I understand why A LOT was cut out but I still very much enjoyed the movie and will definitely see the 2nd in theaters.

Very disappointed. Jace is supposed to be soooo hot, that he make straight guys to gay. Clary is supposed to have firey red hair, pale skin, a light dust of freckles, and be very fragile. Don't even get me started on flame throwers in the movie. Why does izzy have one. Aren't "they" supposed to be in a small pox hospital? Simon, Alec, and Izzy are still in the institute, but no one breaks in. We learned Simon is a vampire, but we learn that for real in City of Ashes (don't continue the franchise)

i really liked the movie.
I HATED that they told u that jace n clary arent brother n sister so u dont have to worry about that...
they did a lot different. i dont love isabelle.. i wish she was taller.
but i like the movie still

I enjoyed the movie, but it was missing a lot of events from the book. All the actors were amazing though!! The movie was amazing, but the boos was a lot funnier and Jace seems more...approachable....

I was very disappointed. It wasn't the actor's faults, its just that a lot of detail was missing in the movie. I understand that they could have had a low budget and stuff, but couldn't they fix somethings? They added and took away. I think if anything, there should be two parts to each and every movie they make for the Mortal Instruments because there is to much info and detail (which i love) in the book for there to be in the movie. There are multiple parts in the book and not as many things would be taken out and changed to. I think I would have enjoyed the movie more if I hadn't read the book first, cause then I wouldn't know about the changes. Anyways, I love the casting and I hope that City of Ashes would be better.

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