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MountainKat | 19706 comments 2013 September Monthly Challenges

This thread is for suggestions and questions for the various categories. The thread for the participants is located HERE.

1. 'S' is for September: Read a book that starts with 'S' or a book whose author's first or last name starts with 'S'

2. Member of the Month - Pollyanna: Pollyanna has been a member of the RRRC since January 2010. Here is the link to Pollyanna's shelves. Please read a book from any of Pollyanna's shelves or a book published in 2010.

3. Geography - Connecticut: Read a book whose author, character or setting is from Connecticut.
Fun Facts about Connecticut:
★ Connecticut is known as the "Constitution State".
★ Connecticut is named after the Connecticut River. The word is a French corruption of the Algonquian word quinetucket, which means "long tidal river".
★ The famous author Mark Twain was a resident of Connecticut.

So you can also read a historical romance set in the United States or any book where a MC works for the government. Or you could read a book with a body of water on the cover or is set on a body of water. In addition, you may read The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn or any other classic.

4. Fight Procrastination Day (Sept. 6): One problem with this group, it makes your TBR grow and grow and many books get neglected. Read a book that has been on your to-read (or similar) shelf for over a year. Or if you are a newer member to goodreads, one that has been on that shelf since you joined.

5. Make Your Bed Day (Sept. 11): Or don't! Read a book where someone ends up in a bed at some point - alone or otherwise! =P

6. Defy Superstition Day (Sept. 13): Knock on Wood, Cross Your Fingers or maybe counting on Beginner's Luck - all things we might be doing this Friday the 13th! Or you could read instead! Read a PNR, UF, horror or a book with any good or bad luck symbol on the cover.

7. Blame Someone Else Day (Sept. 13): Read a book recommended to you by someone or a book from your GR recommendations. Then you can blame, or credit, someone else!

8. Elephant Appreciation Day (Sept. 22): And there is so much to appreciate...! Read a book with an animal (or shifter) on the cover or in the story.

9. National Good Neighbor Day (Sept. 28): I have some and I hope you do too! Read a book where a neighbor plays part in the story or a friends to lovers story.

10. Reader's Choice: Read any book of your choosing!

You can choose 3, 5, 8 or all 10 categories depending on your reading speed, book availability and/or time commitment.

When posting your challenge progress, please make sure to put the date/s when you finished your book/s.

Please repost your progress as it helps when updating.

Happy Reading!!

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MountainKat | 19706 comments Thank you Katharina! I didn't even think to find some for that category!

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MountainKat | 19706 comments Breann wrote: "Category 9

Nobody does friends to lovers quite like the M/M genre..."

Oh yes, that is so true!!

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Lindy (lindylee) | 260 comments 1. 'S' is for September: Steel, Danielle Happy Birthday

3. Geography - Connecticut: Cooney, Caroline The face on the Milk Carton

4. Fight Procrastination Day (Sept. 6): I get all my books at library, so no TBR

5. Make Your Bed Day (Sept. 11): Woods, Sherryl The Summer Garden

7. Blame Someone Else Day Atkins, Ace Lullaby
10. Reader's Choice: Parker, Robert B. Pale Kings and Princes

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MountainKat | 19706 comments Hi Lindy, this is the suggestion thread, you want to post your list HERE. Also, you need to put the dates you finished reading the books on your list! Thanks!

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