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message 1: by Lana (new)

Lana Axe (lana_axe) | 11 comments Hello, I'd like to offer copies of my debut novel for review.

Author Name: Lana Axe
Book Name: A Story of River
Genre: Epic Fantasy - Sword and Sorcery
Number of free copies being offered: 10
Format of books being offered: Mobi, Epub, PDF, Smashwords, Paperback (US shipping only please)

Aelryk’s kingdom is under attack by monsters conjured by a dark sorcerer. His only hope lies far to the west, where a powerful water elemental is rumored to dwell. Along the way, he joins forces with the Wild Elves, who were once his enemy. They alone can lead him through the dangers of the Wildlands. Together, they must journey to a mysterious land of eternal spring and return before the kingdom is overrun by evil.

Reviews also posted to Amazon and/or Barnes and Noble are greatly appreciated. I have commissioned a new cover for this novel, and I expect to have it in a month or so. Thanks! :)

A Story of River

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message 2: by Heather (new)

Heather (gatosqueak) Could I have a PDF please? <3 Thank you, Heather

message 3: by Darlene (new)

Darlene (dar49) | 9 comments Is it too late? I would love to R4R. It may take a bit of time to get to it, a couple weeks to a month, but I look forward to reading it. If so: Mobi

Thanks. Good luck on your book!

message 4: by Lana (new)

Lana Axe (lana_axe) | 11 comments Sent emails to both of you. Thanks so much!

message 5: by Krystal (new)

Krystal | 10 comments Is this still available? If so I would love a chance to read and review for you. I prefer paperback, but if that isn't possible then Epub would be great.

message 6: by Elora (last edited Aug 26, 2013 04:30AM) (new)

Elora Shore (EloreShore) | 2 comments I'd be willing to review. Assuming that there isn't any profanity, or intimate content. Didn't sound like it, just judging from your description.

Oh, and I'll message you for where to send it if the book falls under that criteria. ;)

message 7: by Lana (new)

Lana Axe (lana_axe) | 11 comments Messaged both of you. Thanks so much!

message 8: by Shelley (new)

Shelley Fletcher (supernaturalbiotch) | 17 comments epub ty if still available...i will give honest reviews here and Amazon...thank you again

message 9: by Lana (new)

Lana Axe (lana_axe) | 11 comments Sent. Thanks Shelley!

message 10: by Bryan (new)

Bryan Rainey (risingdragonslit) | 10 comments Could I get a .mobi, thanks.

message 11: by Shirley (new)

Shirley Cuypers Is it still too late? Because I really want to read it, if I still can. I'll leave a honest review!
please send me an Epub format to

message 12: by Lana (new)

Lana Axe (lana_axe) | 11 comments Emails have been sent to both of you. Thanks!

message 13: by Jan (new)

Jan farnworth (tweetybugshouse) | 10 comments i be interested in reading this. my email is

message 14: by Barry (new)

Barry Effler | 4 comments Interested if copies still available. Bceffler@

ePub preferred.

Thank you.

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