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((Ay, I hear you laughing at me!

Andrew did a triple somersault before landing in the perfect splits.

Andrew snorted. "This place is terrifying!" He looked around, one eyebrow raised in slight disbelief. "And how did I never know it's co-ordinates before? it's a massive bloody thing!"

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"Ah, mine would be the heart thing. I appear to have misplaced it some time ago along with my caring." he said, wide eyes still sexually assaulting the grand piece in front of him. "It's beautiful!"

((Sorry for gif spamming, but seeing as this is Andrew's face claim and, well, it suits the situation...

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((Andrew Lee-Potts and, incidentally, he placed Mad Hatter in a 2 episode thing called 'Syfy Alice'))

"Really? Tomorrow sounds just as good" Andrew said, but kept walking anyway.

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((I like cubes... But apeirogons are so much better))

Andrew turned to the two. "So... What? What are we here for? Where is her higness?" he fiddled with his hat. "we're getting all nervous here, right Alice?" He asked. "Alice?"

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Andrew threw his hands up in the air. "What've I done?" He says in mock despair. He turns to Damon. "Do you know? 'Cause I don't." He looks up. He didn't like being ignored.

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"Wait so... If I'm the Idiot... and you're stupid... Does that make us equal?" He hedged, taking a step towards her, eyes wide in his trademark innocent expression.

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Andrew watched, a grin spreading on his face. He liked this. Well, not the Queen so much as her effect on Alice.
"Yes, Alice, control that violent tongue of yours or I may just have to train it" He said sternly.

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(( *Claps slowly* Well done, Vayle))

Andrew looks at the to before putting his hands on his hips, glaring theatrically at them. "You have some... telepathic woman thing going on here, don't you?" He said.
"Fine. I'll be a good ickle boy and make up." he turned to Alice and got don on his knees, making his hands into a praying position. "Oh dear, dear Alice, please forgive me! I will do anything for you to take me into your arms once more!"

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((Hehehe, I'm kidding, I love you!
Please don't hurt me))

"You know you want tooo" Sang Andrew in Falsetto. Siddling closer and reaching for one of her dangling and pale arms.

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((Hehehe, I'm kidding, I love you!
Please don't hurt me))

"You know you want tooo" Sang Andrew in Falsetto. Siddling closer and reaching for one of her dangling and pale arms.

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((Well I do....))

Andrew caught Damon's wink flashed the tiniest of smiles, not his usual excited or happy ones, Just a little lift tat the corner of his mouth. he followed, commenting again on how it was possible for him to have missed the beautiful palace.

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((Apparating gone wrong?))

Andrew looked back at Alice and smiled. "You coming?" He said, the question verging on a taunt.

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(Ah. Right. I know that feeling .__.))

Andrew's grin falters and then falls. "If looks could kill then I'm already in the pits of a serpents lair" He said subtly.

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((Not at all it's just I treasure my messages more than notifications so I save them until I have more time, when I'm having my break from writing essays.))

Andrew shook his head in amusement. "Well then, quite the death glare and let me make it up to you!" He wasn't sure how he would make it up to her, of course.

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(( XD Of course ))

"By you telling me and me fixing it?" He answered uncertainly, face still his 'puppy dog' one as his witch mother used to say.

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"I was not going to leave you" Andrew said, taking a silent note of her pause. "I was going to leave Papa Bear. Then I was going to traipse away into the sunset, so I could grab a ladder made of fairy dust to rescue from a deep pit of despair from. The pit coming from the fact you will be helping a queen."

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Andrew frowned, catching her arm. With out speaking her swung her around and up, carrying her bridal style up to the castle.

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Andrew smiled. "Yeah, i wonder who she's marrying. It ain't me, I already have my wife." he hit Alice's backside. "Yup, my job is my beloved"

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((Ok, so where should we go to?))

"Ooohhh, you cannot like me?" He placed her down gently but swiftly. "Is that a challenge?" he taunted, with a note of seriousness underlying it.

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((I have tried to watch it but I couldn't get into the hang of it. I like all of the characters except the main girl...))

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((Egh, now it sounds like I don't like you XE

No, it's just I like the girls in Manga and Anime to be a bit more... Warriorish???

Like Haruhi!

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((Yeah, she's from Ouran XD))

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( HI :D!)

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I checked out Fruits basket again, starting at episode 3 where I got up to, and now I am addicted to it. I started yesterday and am already up to 5 episodes to the finish XD DAMNNNNN))

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(( XD OMG I HATE THE ENDING THOUGH! Most Anime endings are quite... bad though. I can easily name several. I think Black Butlers is one of the only ones I like.

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((XD Sorry, love))

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((People are pretty terrifying. But with Anime... You either adore it and obsess or you don't like it. Or you haven't seen it before.))

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((I'm not. people scare me.))

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((Naww, online I feel more comfortable where people can't here my fumble over words XD))

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((Heh. It's not like stuttering, But if somebody talks or asks a question in person I take a slightly longer time to process the words together. It's weird because over the phone I'm fine XD))

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((Well then, gloat all you like >_____>))

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((Yeah, do you two know each other in real life then?))

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((XD Fun...))

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((Absolutely FABULOUS!))

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