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((ubshnubshnub I knew I got it wrong T-T ))

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((*Loves tennant.... Loves Doctor Who))

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((And that Hair...))

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((Just yes. All the yes))

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((I would like to say Rose or Donna... But... Brigadier, K-9 or Adric are my picks.))

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((Oh yes. I love it. Especially when they take a dig at Gingers XD ))

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((THE TIMELORD PART WAS AMAZING! I found ths and I laughed so much XD


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(( Heh. I know those feels. The worst for me is this

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Andrew looked up and around, and couldn't hide the slightly less enthusiastic emotions as he saw the inside of the building. He had no admit the outside appealed to him much more.

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Andrew sniffed as Alice commented on his back. "Thanks, I try."
Andrew's eyes went wider. "Who? She's Alice? Noooo" He said in a low tone.

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Andrew turned, smiling a small and seemingly very out of place smile. It was dark and malevolent. "Sure thing. Go ahead. Ask" He said, voice roughened and dark. There would be a price. There always was.

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Andrew shuddered, as if crying, but he was trying to suppress a laugh. "You think I can do my brothers tricks?" He asked. "Really?" He snorted. Of course he could but... He hadn't in a very, very long time.

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"No. I did not know you. But naturally I had heard of you. Many have, although most are warped lies." He said happily back.

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Andrew turned and walked down a corridor, seemingly knowing his way. In fact, he did, for some reason, and came back with materials up to hi eyes. He glared at Damon. "Fine, I'll make your stupid hat"

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Andrew sat and quickly, it seemed faster than possible, set about making a hat. He glared up at Damon at one point, cutting himself badly with something. He just blinked and continued, his blood running down his arm. He finished soon enough, even though some of it indeed had blood on it. But Andrew was safe as he hadn't let any mercury touch his cut.

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Andrew shrugs. "Yes, I know" He smiles at her. "But the Hat is done. Of course, there are alterations needed to be done." He turns to Damon "Like, who are you finding and where are you going? And I should warn you, Mine is more spells and magic than my brothers plain skill."

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Andrew snorted at Damon. "Maybe. Probably. Depends on the mood of the Magic. Of course, my blood offering might help" He half joked.

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"I am? you're not making me feel like it." Andrew said, playing with a bit of her hair before turning to Damon.

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"I know. I am..." He pretended "I am pretty amazing." Andrew plated the hat on the ground. "You know what do do? Good, I'm off to explore." Without even glancing back he took Alice's hand and practically ran off.

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