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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Hai!!!
So what should it be based on?
Should it be cliche?
Or a paranormal romance?
Or a romance wh
ere it's forbidden?
Or one where they suffer through hardships? (Like a mental disease for instance)

message 2: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments Hey, thank you for making the thread!

I am up for a paranormal romance or maybe a cliche one?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Np (no problem)

Awesome! So can we do cliche? Like bad x good girl?
Or maybe we can do both like the paranormal creature is the bad boy?
For example, depends entirely on what you want to do...
Plus we are doing doubles!!! I almost forgot!

message 4: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments Oh ya I did too! Do you want to keep both the couples straight? I am open to ding m/m, f/f and of course m/f if you wanted as well!

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments I don't really mind - one couple can be straight and the other gay / lesbian for all I care.

message 6: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments It doesn't matter to me either! Which would you like to do with the two role plays?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments A straight -
Can I be the girl?

Then I don't really mind for the next couple, you can choose.

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Annabel Lee | 37 comments Um straight for the other one I guess as well, and I guess I'll be the girl.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Okay then :)
So what should first couple be like.
Emo / Goth, Bad boy + Good girl, etc.

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Annabel Lee | 37 comments Um, some boy could have just gotten out a juvie and the girl could be a straight A student, shy and never had a boyfriend before?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Yup :)

And the second couple couple can be paranormal? Cause you kinda wanted to do that but if you don't anymore thats alright.

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Annabel Lee | 37 comments Ya uh I have a few ideas for a paranormal one.

Maybe vampire and a werewolf falling in love? I don't know!(:

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Yeah, maybe the werewolf could imprint on the vamp?

Should they all be friends going to the same high school?

message 14: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments I like that! Sure they can at least all go to the Sam Highschool.

Mind if I am a girl werewolf in te second one? So you can choose who you are in the first!

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Not at all.

So the two girls can be friends and the vampire could be friends with the one who went to juvy? Except that the werewolf girl can be well known at the school for being perfect while the shy one is known for being a nerd and timid and easy to bully.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments As in I don't mind at all.

message 17: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments That works! So who do you want to be for the first?

message 18: by ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (last edited Aug 26, 2013 01:58PM) (new)

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments The girl :)
Then I'll be the boy for the paranormal one?

(Just gonna set this out so it is easy for me to understand)

•Shy Girl
•Perfect, Werewolf Girl
•Bad Boy
•Cocky, Vampire Boy

-{Shy Girl + Bad Boy}
-{Werewolf Girl + Vampire Boy}

•{The Shy girl and the Werewolf girl have been close friend for a while or since they started high school}
•{The Bad boy and the Vampire boy have been mates for a short time but over that short time they have been pretty close}

•-• First Roleplay:
Shy Girl: Me
Bad Boy: You / Annabel

•-• Second Roleplay:
Werewolf Girl: You / Annabel
Vampire Boy: Me

message 19: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments Awesome thanks for doing that, I was still a little confused before!

So does the shy girl know about the other girl being a werewolf and likewise with the bad boy knowing about the vampire?

Oh and should the werewolf girl be able to sense that the boy is a vampire and the boy sense the girl is a werewolf? Or should they have to find out the hard way.

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments It's alright :D
Better to do things the easier way than the harder way.

Question One:
Yeah, I think that should happen - Because that could be what made them really close friend. Say, the shy girl saw the 'perfect' one change into a werewolf, and the vamp boy could've tried to bite the bad boy because the bad boy was annoying the vamp. - But luckily the vamp didn't.

Question Two:
I think that the two 'love birds' should meet each other in the middle.
They can tell each others heart beats are different from a normal humans and that they smell different from a human but they think that they are from their own species.

-So the werewolf girl thinks the boy is another werewolf. And the boy thinks that she is a female vampire. Say when they are having an argument or making out or something the vamp boy can show his fangs to the girl and she gets so surprised and upset / mad that she shifts into her werewolf form.

message 21: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments Awesome, you are really good at this! (:

So I am gonna get started on my characters now, and I am super excited about this role play now!(:

message 22: by ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (last edited Aug 28, 2013 01:38PM) (new)

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Thanks :D

This is gonna be my template for the characters and you can copy it if you want:

{Date of Birth:}
<.b>{Dressing Style:}<./b>
<.b>{Current Relationship Status:}<./b>

message 23: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments Okay, that looks similar enough to the one I use so we should be good!(:

message 24: by Annabel Lee (last edited Aug 26, 2013 03:25PM) (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments It's all good, and may I say that she is gorgeous and I know I have seen her before. What t.v. show is she in?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments *grins*
She is most famously known from Fresh Prince of Bel air but she has also acted in many other things.
(Her real name is Tatyana Ali)

message 26: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments Omg yes! How could I forget she was in one of my favorite shows growing up!?! I need to re-watch Fresh Prince, so many good memories man. (:

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Yup :) They show on Viva (if you are in the UK).
If you are in the states i'm pretty sure that you can watch it online or something :D

message 28: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments I live in the states so I should be able to find it somewhere!

Bleh, I cannot for the life of me find a good picture for my girl character and it is killing me!!

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments What do you want her to look like?
Just describe hair, skin colour and clothes type / facial features :)

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Annabel Lee | 37 comments Ya I might have to do that, I have an image in my head and I can usually find someone who fits it perfectly but *sigh* not this time! Haha

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Lol xD
I mean describe her to me :)

message 32: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments Ohh, gotcha. That deserves a smack in the head.

She is on the shorter side but has a full figure which mostly consists of muscles. Her hair is long, dark brown and preferably naturally curly. Her eyes either hazel or a dark brown, though I suppose any color could really do. I would prefer for her to be pale and have freckles scattered on her face. Umm, that is the gist of it I suppose! Anyone come into mind?

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Nope :( sorry

You can try typing in on Google images:
Pale freckled brown hair girl

i dunno if that helps.

Kristen Stewart seems like one but she doesn't have musclea nor does she have freckles.

message 34: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments Dude wait, I found her...I yay! She isn't muscular so we are just gonna have to use our imaginations...more than usual.

Thank goodness for Tumblr! :D Thank you though! I can now return to making characters, hopefully it won't take too long. (It will lol)

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Yay!!

Your welcome!!
Don't worry about it, mine will most likely take longer :o

message 36: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments I don't know about that, sometimes it takes me days to finish a character. I am usually so picky about them being perfect.. :3

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Cool :)
As long as it is fine with you, it's fine with me :)

message 38: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments Dude take as much time as you need, there is no pressure here. This is a pressure free thread! (;

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments :) Kk xD

I'll see if I can add some more to Stella tomorrow :)

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments If the spoilers don't work, click all of them then click F5 on your keyboard to refresh the page...

message 41: by Annabel Lee (new)

Annabel Lee | 37 comments Okay, I'm reading her profile now and dude she is amazing!(:

message 42: by ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (last edited Aug 28, 2013 01:37PM) (new)

ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments description
~Videos are more like photography. It's not as much about trying to tell a story as it is creating images.~

Stella Navi
Nerd, Loser, Loner, Four-Eyes, Geek, Slut etc.
{Date of Birth:}
February 8th 1996
Stella is a really nice person, but she can be sarcastic and bitchy when she wants too. She seems to have a lot of self pity for herself only because she feels like she deserves it after the way she was treated when she was growing up.

Stella is a deep animal lover, and would love to have more pets but it would probably take many more years before her parents agree to get her another one. She isn't spoilt, even though she is rich. She doesn't always get what she wants - in fact, she rarely ever gets it. She is quite snobby, and is infact really fast to judge but she can't help it because that's the way she was brought up. Stella has been brought to church many times in her life but doesn't see the point in having a religion so she is an atheist even though her parents don't know that. She has a 'Sunday frock', a lacy creamy coloured white dress that she has to wear even though she hates it with a hat to church.

On bad days Stella can sulk and snap at everyone and if you're her enemy, she is normally imagining ways to kill you even though she won't physically do anything. She is quite an innocent child since she stays away from the loud, bad crowd and she is also quite naive, not knowing much bad words and if she does, she really ever uses them unless she is really angry or sad.

(view spoiler)
Stella has thick, naturally extremely dark brown hair that looks black on a dark day or in a dark room but you can see it's true colour in the sunlight. People rarely ever notice it though. Her skin is of a caramel shade and she wouldn't have it any other way, especially seeing the way some of the girls in her school try so hard to get a fake tan and come out looking like orangutans.

She has dark brown eyes and does wear a little bit of makeup otherwise she would be teased at her school for looking ugly. She wouldn't be wearing makeup at all because she doesn't think she needs it but she uses it anyway to try and fit in. She is shorter than most of the girls in her year, a reason as well for why she gets picked on, 5 foot 7. She is at a reasonable weight for her age but she still gets called fat for the amount of food she eats, even though she never gains weight.

She cannot help her love for food nor that she cannot gain weight like normal teenagers and she cannot help the jealousy that other girls have over her. She has a small birthmark on her left arm that is a darker brown than the rest of her skin. It is in the shape of a tear drop. She has a small scar on the back of her leg, just above her knee from when she got pushed down the stairs in high school. (Luckily for hair she told her parents and they called the school, getting the person expelled but she wasn't allowed to move schools).
{Dressing Style:}
Stella normally dresses in more comfortable clothes than anything else. She normally used to alway wear dresses but to avoid getting called nasty names like slag and skank she started to wear jeans. She doesn't wear dresses anymore but sometimes on a really hot day or when the bullies are too tired to push her around, she wears shorts. She loves sweaters and normally always wears them plus she normally wears a big over sized jumper or a plaid shirt and normally wears boots or converses. Her family could afford a lot more but she shops from the cheaper stores online to get teased less and to not meet anyone that she knows from school.
First Outfit:
(view spoiler)

Second Outfit:
(view spoiler)

Third Outfit:
(view spoiler)

Fourth Outfit:
(view spoiler)

{Distinctive Features:}
Distinctive marks on Stella's body are:
●Her birthmark, it is rare for a human body to get a birthmark in the shape of a pattern or object, but Stella's is in the shape of a tear drop. She thinks it is quite a coincedence for it to be like that, considering her situation in school.

●The scar on the back of her leg that barely anyone has seen. It is just above her the back of her knee, so this is another reason why she doesn't wear dresses.

●Her tattoo, it is a heart with an infinity sign going through it, standing with for 'Love Forever' because even though she may not love or be loved right now, she still hopes to find it some day. The tattoo is on her left wrist.
(view spoiler)

Physical Distinctions:
●Sweaters - She has to wear them, it's an actual addiction but she thinks that sweaters are cute and she knows she looks good in them, even though she won't admit it.

●Glasses - Stella has black hipster glasses because she is long-sighted, meaning she can see things from far away but not right up close to her, so that means she wears her glasses all the time. (view spoiler)

Stella Navi was born on February 8th 1996 to her mother Francesca Navi and father; Steven Navi. Stella was the girl child that her parents had always wanted.... But at a later date, they had wanted to try abortion but it was too far in the pregnancy to start anything. But when she was born, her parents grew to love her. Not much, but to keep her and provide her with a roof over her head, food and water and clothes. She was born into a rich family so they had the family nurse teach her everything - how to read and write, to speak and to walk. She also learnt more at her boarding schools.

At first she had cared but then she stopped caring, at one time at the age of eleven she had wanted to cut herself but the nurse came in and stopped her, telling her to 'hang on in there' and she had, every single day. And then her brother; Patrick was born. She was eleven when he was born and she hadn't wanted a baby brother - that meant sharing, something she wasn't particulary good at but she tried, to impress her parents and her mum had noticed for about half a second before her father to call her away. Stella would do anything for her brother, he's only young plus she can cry into his shoulder and bribe him with sweets so he doesn't tell their parents why she cries at night and always screams into her pillow.

At the age of 15 she told her parents that she had wanted to join a public school like normal kids (even though her parents didn't call her normal from the clothes she used to wear; black skinny jeans and band tees - they conviscated it all) but they had let her at the age of 16. Then she started getting bullied, it was horrible. But on her seventeenth birthday she had gotten an adorable pug to try and make matters better - it had because it gave her something worth living for. The pug was her knew best friend until she met that one girl in school - she had just flipped because that girl was pushing her around when they were both running late to catch the bus, and were both taking a short cut through the school field. Stella yelled at her and she turned into a wolf before her very eyes before running off into the woods with a howl.

Of course Stella went up to her in front of her popular friends and demanded to know what it was all about, so when she threatened to tell and the girl still didn't tell her she ignored it. The next day that same girl told her that she was a werewolf which surprised Stella a little bit. Stella had promised not to tell and after that she became the closet friend that Stella had. She was no longer a loner at the school. Her parents did use to beat her when she always answered back - nothing to harsh, just a quick slap but it had hurt her feelings and dignity more than ever so she had become shy and quiet and the smart-assed student that they had always wanted. Except her choice of bedroom was a little different than how they wanted:
and so was her music taste;
But why should they care. Life isn't fair, is it now?


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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments Stella Navi Profile Creation Continuation:

♥ People who stand up for what they believe in - she is one of them and really likes people like that, no matter who they are
♥ Icecream - it's her favourite treat to have when it is hot and when it's freezing outside - it's a delicious, milky treat. Who doesn't love it?
♥ Peace
♥ The school subjects, English and Science
♥ Coffee
♥ Rock music - most people don't know that she doesn't listen to this but it's her favourite genre of music
♥ Her favourite colours are red, purple and black - she knows that it is unusual for a rich, snobby, nerdy kid like her to like but she is unlike those stereotypes that so many people treat her like. Sometimes she wishes that they could see her for the real her, sometimes she doesn't
♥ Sweaters and boots!! (Sometimes she adds little skulls to the cuffs of her sweaters or boots because it looks nice and because it is cutely decorative.)
♥ Singing - People may not know it but she is an actually pretty good singer but her parents have only told her that after they heard her singing in the shower and randomnly when cooking. They sent her to choir classes outside of school to practise (only because she begged them for it not to be in school, her parents thought it would make the other kids 'jealous')
♦ Bullies - she absolutely hates them. Especially since most of her high school life she has been teased by them. It never happened in middle school but as soon as she moved there a year after everyone else it started to happen. She thinks it's because of her family and grades
♦ Spiders - she will absolutely scream to the high Heavens if she is even in a square metre of seeing one. She had a couple of people put fake and real ones in her locker before and they have been suspended but people normally called her a wuss so she sucks it up and uses a book to whack it out.
♦ Violence - who doesn't? It's icky and wrong and normally she is the one in the middle of it all
♦ The school subjects maths and P.E - she is hideously bad at maths, not a fact that she can help because most of the loud people are in her class and tend to distract her and P.E for the same reasons, normally because when she plays dodgeball she goes back home with purplish-blackish bruises
♦ As much as it surprises her family and her closest friends, she hates classical music. She cannot stand music without any lyrics
♦ Meat - Stella is a dedicated vegetarian because she easily gets sick and just looking at the way chicken is prepared and the shows on t.v. easily changed her love for meat at the age of 12.
Mrs Navi Francesca Navi - Mother (49)
Mr Navi Steven Navi - Father (50)
Master Navi Patrick Navi - Brother - (8)
{Current Relationship Status:}
Single and doesn't really expect one soon
She has a cute adorable, toddler grown pug called; Ashley.




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ღSophia {In the TARDIS} Winchesterღ (Sophie2luv) | 854 comments description
~You're Freaking Beautiful~
Adande Felix Chesire
Adande: A-DONE-DAY

Looks: 19
Actual Age: 781
{Date of Birth:}
October 31st 1232

Adande has dark brown hair that constrasts greatly against his milky white skin complexion. His hair is floppy and swept to the side in a scene / emo kind steretypical kind of style. Since Adande is a vampire he isn't out in the sun because he can get burned but not easily because he has made hiself durable to the sunlight. He can now withstand 6 full hours in the sunlight - give or take.

He will head inside when he feels his skin prickling and it will start to turn red and he will start smelling foul and burnt. His skin will then burst into flames and if he doesn't get into shade or inside quick enough then after about 10 minutes of unimaginable pain he will turn to ashes. He can handle the smell of blood but that doesn't mean he can go into a hospital for the fear of not being able to control hiself. He has grey eyes - the colour of the dead - when he isn't 'hungry' or angry or upset. When he is feeling a strong emotion, they normally turn a bright crimson. Adande has a noticable six pack, some stubble on the bottom of his chin and averagely defined biceps. He is of a tall height, standing at 6 foot 1. He can normally make girls fall in love with him just by his smile - it is said to be the most handsome thing about him.

(view spoiler)
{Dressing Style:}
Adande likes to dress in a lot of leather jackets, just because they feel comfortable to him. 200 years ago it was all about sillk and before that cotton but now, it was all about leather. He loves to wear leather jackets, and he notices that girls like him wearing them too. He just wears trainers and jeans for the most part, and since carry a bag isn't 'manly' he normally carries a messenger bag everywhere he goes because it is good for holding in all of his stuff and his schoolwork.

Outfit One:
(view spoiler)

Outfit Two:
(view spoiler)

Outfit Three:
(view spoiler)
{Special Abilities:}
Sight - Adande can see so far ahead of him, every little detail is exposed to him, his sight is one of a bat's, it is so extremely close up to him.
Hearing - He can hear things from a block away, his hearing is immense
Shift - Adande can shift into a vampire bat if he needs to, which he tends to use as a quick get away after biting someone or to get through small spaces or to not be caught by the police (no finger prints) or to use a sharper bite
Movement - Adande can move very agile and can walk up walls, and not make a sound when he needs to. He can 'defy gravity' by walking up walls as some would say, but it is just his agileness and speed as he does so. Adande can move faster than the average human, faster than Usain Bolt. Adande can run faster than a high speed train, blink and you'll miss him. He's like a weeping angel in doctor who, one moment he is there, the next he is not.
Hypnosis - a gift that has been passed down from his family generation to generation is hypnosis. He can hypnotise his victims into doing what he wants. He can make them kill theirselves and then he can come and bite them later. He can make them follow him into a secluded part in the woods and he can take their life there and he could make enemies die in a second. Freeze them to the spot with the force of his eyes and take them.
Skill - Adande is quick to figure out something and is very skillful, he is obviously smarter than the average human, and has helped some students with homework help before but that's only because he has traveled the world, doing the same type of maths equations and science and all of that. It is all too simple to him. He also knows how to speak most languages in the world because of his time traveling, plus he is hand with picking locks and being quite and ninja-like if needed.
♥ Blood - preferably humans but he can deal on large animals blood too, like deer on something but that means he has to go far out to the country side which he is normally to lazy to do. If so, then he just goes into the forest outside his home and takes a wolf or another large animal like that.
♥ Leather - he likes to have leather jackets
♥ Hamburgers - If you thought vampires couldn't eat human food then think again, Adande absolutely loves hamburgers and eats noticeably more than the average human teenage boy does, only to help stop his blood-lust
♥ The dark - with his special ability to see better it doesn't mean a problem to be in the dark, plus he likes the calm and serenity of it all. He loves feeling like the dark is closing in on him, strangling him and keeping him from the outside world
♥ Antique and vintage items - preferably ones he can wear since he sees so much style in them but also the collectable items too, he loves to get off the dust from it, and place them next to his collection in the glass cabinet
♦ Rude, vulgar people. He thinks that some of the people he goes to school with need to be taught some manners. He wouldn't mind sucking out their blood instead but when he told his father, he told him to 'suck' it up
♦ Sunlight - he hates it, even though he can stand it, it hurts his eyes and makes him get a migrane, he can only withstand it for 6 hours the most but his eyes can only stand it for periods at a time
♦ Animals - this is why he does not care when he takes an animal's blood but he does feel disgusted, he just hates them because they are annoying and are messy
♦ Werewolves - the sworn enemies of vampires, they have sworn to kill each other as soon as they meet and they need to stay away from each other to keep others around them safe
Mr Chesire Marcus Chesire - Father (1678)
Mrs Chesire Madeline Chesire - Mother (1747)
{Current Relationship Status:}
Adande is what you may call a 'player' he goes out with girls and umps then after a day, week but he never had a relationship longer than a month. He is looking for that right 'girl' (vampire presumably), he wants to feel the love, the connection with her.
Adande hates animals, especially dogs he wouldn't dare to keep one as a pet. If he had to have a pet he would have a pet fish.

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