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Jacob Hott (jacobhottlifesucksthenwedie) | 270 comments Mod

Far from the busy eyes of Paris high in the mountains Constantine has his own headquarters for his Pureblood children to follow him. Here any Pureblood vampire is welcome for as long as they feel the need to overpower the mortals and dispose of the anarchs as well as the embraced peasants of the world.(view spoiler)

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Constantine sat in his study reading over old books and ancient scrolls looking for a grasp on how to make purebloods stronger than those pathetic embraced.

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As the group appeared within the castle hall Antony still held tight to the mortal marked one. Once he realized they were there and she was still on him he took a step back, "Sorry..." He says darkly

Cosntantine smiles, "Don't get too cozy with the mortals, Antony, they are filth beneath will soonlearn the ways of the old council. I expect that gabriel willhave awakened by now, why don't you go to the darker further down parts of the castle my dear."
He couldn't help but to laugh at how outof place she looked

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 117 comments Katherine hadnt had time to even reach before she was pulled tight to Antony and her eyes had been covered. The next thing she knew, they were in a different place with Antony still keeping her close to him, quick to release her and darkly apologize. Her gaze went around them, taking in the beauty of the place they seemed to magically travel to. But her focus fell to Constantine as he spoke, frowning when he spoke of how mortals were scum and below the vampires in full.

So...was Gabrielle right when she had said Constantine's plan would destroy the world? Katherine fully believed her to be right. Constantine didnt give a damn about the way this world was. If he could have his way, Katherine was sure Cosntantine would kill off most of the humans or something like that. "So just wonder around until I find him?" Katherine asked, figuring this place was huge and finding a needle in a haystack was never her specialty. She kept from commenting towards mortals being scum because she really did not wish to anger Constantine.

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Constantine smirks..."Hear is a hint...when you feel that you have reached the farthest and darkest part of the castle begin to go down under the Earth...when you think you mad eit keep going."

antony frowns smelling the air, "Why not jsut take this hall all the way through and when you come across an eerie scent of death turn right...on your left a door will rest spelling out something about the dead in Latin...beyond that door is the staircase that will take you intot he labyrinth of a dungeon. He would be held in a large circular room where you will enter at a viewing balcony at the top of the chamber...He is held at the bottom or in the center of the room in a hanging cage."

He wished he could help more, but Constantine was seeming to watch him closely to be his newest member of royalty.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 117 comments "I don't speak Latin," was the first thing that slipped Katherine's lips, her mind losing the directions as soon as they had been given to her. And the smell of death? How would she know this scent? may be a smell everyone knows but seriously? That was the most helpful thing they could give her? Sniff out death, read some Latin, and keep truckin on? "Plus Im a stupid mortal," her eyes shot to Constantine for a second before looking back to Antony. "I suck with directions. Why cant someone just take me there! God this is all so--so--" Katherine cut herself off when she realized she was starting to ramble out her thoughts. She shook her head and muttered a 'nevermind, I'll find it,' before she turned from the men and slowly started to walk down the darkish corridor.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 117 comments ((can you spoiler form those images of his place? They make my phone spazz when it goes to load them all))

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((NP, Sorry, i'm sure by now you have realized I'm a pic person))

Antony watched her reluctantly, "Good luck." He gives her a kind gesture hoping she wasn't entirely hating him for this. She was an attractive mortal and something abotu ehr aracted him.

Cosntantine pats his back kindly and guides him fromt eh ahll to his bedroomw ehre he allowed him to stay on one of his beds. "Get some rest, you sister will come around soon enought o fetch you."

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 117 comments After wondering down the corridor and taking a right, a scent that causes the nose to scrunch and forehead wrinkle made its way into Katherine's nose. Was that what death smiled like? Katherine approached a door that said something beyond her knowledge and assumed this may be the right room. It was on the left and all odds were it was the right place, yes? Well...there were the stairs and down them was the darkness Constantine spoke of.

Keeping herself together, Katherine began her descent down the winding case of steps. After what seemed like a lifetime, the stairs opened up to a balcony and showed the circular room. Her eyes immediately went to the hanging cage. "Gabriel?!" her voice was not a yell, but rather nearing a whisper but an excited one. Her voice traveled easily through the room and would be heard without difficulty.

((can these twins have a telepathic connection? Like it's always been there but Gabrielle sorta 'turned it off' when she left home the first time, making it so Antony couldnt ever get hold od her though it fully. But now she knows he is alive and maybe opens up the connection?))

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((Okay yeah))

gabriel had torn clothes and was weak. He looked over his shoulder ot a figure adn smiles and then glares with a grimmace, "Katherine? What are you doing here? It is not safe, you must leave now, cheri." He warns her. He didn't want ehr to come to his rescue, it was only an hour ebfore he realized the significance of this place.
"You must leave quickly...they are goingot awaken Lupercus."

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 117 comments "Gabriel," Katherine snapped as she kept her eyes on him. "I don't know who the hell that is. Just be happy to see me like most men would, damn it." Seeing him alive was the only good that had came her way all day. She didnt want to have to worry with escaping or surviving. Everything had become so--so stressful that she wanted a moment of happiness. She let our a breath, lowering herself towards the balcony railing to prop herself up on it, keeping her gaze on him though. "Some shit happened and currently Im 'safe' because one guy wont let another one hurt me until i repay my favor to that girl from the Champ de Mars. But...Im basically stuck here, I think."

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Gabriel shakes his head looking straight up to the dark towering cieling. "This depth of a dungeon is the bottom of the tallest tower." He looks up nearly frightened. "Once night time comes a Red moon rises that moon will be half white once it reaches the top of the sky and a hole will open allowing it'slight in. Down there." He gestures to the bottom of the tower a small rectangular tomb seemed to be resting in the old fashion the English used a carving of the one buried, but instead it was a wolf like man with the head of a frighteneing creature. Lupercus is the father of Gabrielle...Lily...I studied that much on the ancients. He was turned into the first Lycan and was made the last as the family hunted them into extinction. Lupercus will awaken and feed for the first time in god only knows how long. You have to escape. this is where the ritual is to take palce and with both of us here their are plenty of others marked and trapped down here. With their blood and our blood we shall awaken forth the spirits of the ancients and send the world into a new age a new apocalypse."

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 117 comments "What do you expect me to do?! Okay, lets first off pretend i can escape from a super powerful, ancient vampire. Even if I manage to do that, Stefan or some other vampire will kill me if I don't die from lack of vampire souls to drink up on!" Katherine's voice raised for the first time since all of this had started the night before. She was so sick of being helpless, and thats all she seemed to be! There was nothing she could do in the entire world that would br an over all good thing for her. She could stay here and possibly be used in a ritual, she could leave and get killed by either a vampire or by her life being slowly drained from her thanks to the mark, or she could be turned into an embraced! None of that sounded like a positive. The only positive thing she could think of was the promise that Antony made...that she would not be harmed or used until she fulfilled her debt with Gabrielle. But she wasnt sure if she could truly trust Antony.

After he had tried to kill her, Katherine defiantly had no reliability in him. But...he did seem loyal to Gabrielle for the most part so maybe he would be loyal enough to keep Katherine safe. And...what was that bit Constantine said to Antony about not getting fond of her? He wasnt getting fond of her. Though he had tried to be helpful more so than maybe Constantine had some truth in his observation of Antony towards Katherine? If there was any remote possibility of that, that would be the only possible helpful thing left that Katherine could think of besides Gabriel who was trapped and Gabrielle who had just walked away."I--Gabriel, I was just dragged into all of this. What do you expect me to do? Just tell me because I have no solid ideas anymore..."

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 117 comments ((Hey! Hey you :D))

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Gabriel frowns kowing ehr time was goingto be up soon if she didn't get any vmapire souls. He had to tell her something, but she wouldn't like it. "You ahve to to kill a vampire. You need soul energy to survive. Forget about em adn jsut take care of yourself. I'll be fine cosntatine has vmapires bring us souls to live off of. Just get out of here and save yourself. You don't have to go up against the, jsut run."

Gabriel hated leavingehr to die adn the truth was he never got any souls no vampires would bring their own bretherns souls for marked ones to live. Gabriel had to lie so she would think he was oaky enough to take care of ehrself.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 117 comments Katherine knew that she would have to do something like that, but how did Gabriel expect her to be able to? "I...don't have any of those little jar things even if I did manage to kill one, Gabriel. Besides, if Constantine is keeping you all alive, wont he do the same for me?" Katherine stood up a bit straighter, words starting to grow more quiet as she spoke. She knew she would do what Gabriel told her to in the end. She would try and escape if he truly believed she should. But he wasnt taking into consideration the fact that she was far from ready to be on her own out there fighting vampires. Plus Stefan promised her death and she knew he would kill her as soon as he finds her again. "I...Im not ready for any of this. I have no idea what Im doing or how Im supposed to fight something so strong and fast. The only reason Im still alive is a mixture of luck and you..."

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Gabriel shakes his head tkaing off his own vials and tossing them the distance t her luckily making it. Haivng saved on for himself he gave her the other on the chain. "I thought the same thing at first, but you have to be strong, and don't let your heart get the better of your instincts..." He had to get her to leave. "I'll be don't deserve rotting down here liek the rest of us. Just take the vials and make weapons out of what you find...I knwo you can do it." He had all the faith in the owrld inher, but it was her life he was more worried abotu than his own at this point.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 117 comments Managing to catch the small vial, Katherine cant help but again feel the world crashing down on her. But she forces that weakness away. There was no more time to be a frightened matter how much she felt like that was all she could be at this moment. She stands straighter and gives a single nod to Gabriel. "Fine. I guess I'll see you in Hell--or Heaven if we get lucky," she replied with the cliche parting. Turning to the door, she paused a second to look back over her shoulder to her 'angel', Gabriel. Lower her gaze, Katherine moves out of the door and heads back up the stairs at a normal pace, not letting any thoughts come through her mind. There would not be much time left for her, knowing that she would need a soul to drink up on sooner than later. But at least now she could let Gabriel dream she did manage to escape and survive. Might as well leave him with one more hopeful thought.

Her steps echoed in the stairwell as she ventured further up, finally arriving to the top and exiting into the hallway. She glanced to either side, not sure what to do now. Slowly, Katherine began to walk to the right of where she exited, soon taking a turn onto the hall she had first arrived in. Where was she to go now? Katherine was sure that both of the ancient vampires would be able to sense her blood, sense where she was and where she was headed. So before she would ever be able to get close to escape she would be stopped. And even if she escaped...she would be hunted by Stefan and every other vampire who catches her scent.

All she had wanted was to some to Paris and be taught archaeology from some of the best. But she would loss her internship quick if she failed to show up on Monday and defiantly if she did not on Tuesday, today being Saturday still. The girl had a simple dream, and it was all shattered because of a single bad encounter. Worse than that, her entire life was to be destroyed. Her parents would only hear the had died and never know the reasoning behind it--not the true reason at least. Katherine took in a deeper breath as she walked at a still average pace down the hall, not knowing or particularly caring where it was she was going at this point.

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((This group is dead, either you and I can continue onward with it on our own, or we can abandon all hope for it...up to you...))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 117 comments ((The group has been dead for awhile. I was still rping because we didnt require a lot of others to carry out the plot ideas we had for our characters. But seeing as you even considered abandonment, Im not within to continue because that shows you have no interest in continuing really.))

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((I do I just feel depressed we r the only ones left...))

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antoy caught the girls scent and awoken rather quickly. cosntantine was now here to e found and he wasn't even sensed by him. he had to get the girl out of here and her friend, but he didn't sense him any longer either. He rushes in a blur to the spot the KAtherine seemed to be. Appearing in the shadows, "Escape is no cna only teleport in and out there is no door out. Trust me, Cosntantine told me. My sister will be desiring your presence soon enough no doubt sense you are in her debt.

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 117 comments ((Why? I mean, to be honest, sometimes the best stories are made with fewer people. I know that having more would be ideal, but both of us are good writers and could easily make a great rp from all of this if you wanted, but i don't want you to feel forced into rping here anymore. I understand that it can bother others when there are few left in a group. So i wont blame you if you wish to stop.))

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(9I don't I only suggested it because I figured it will feel like one of those groups you beleived you were wasting your time with...I didn't want you to feel obligated to a group waisting your time....I could never truly get bored with any of my groups, most just never hold the interest of everyone else.))

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Savannah W ~ (savannah_white) | 117 comments ((Jacob, If i didnt want to rp with you at any point, id tell you ;).working on reply for Palace right now, though. So I'll post here later))

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((Okay, after you post in Palace and I reply I gtg))

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