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River of Blue Fire (Otherland, #2)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED - Scifi, adult (not YA), young girl in isolation room [s]

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message 1: by Michele (new)

Michele | 280 comments I only remember one main thing. A young girl is taken from her family (I believe parents are told its a special school), but she is put in a dark room/cell alone. After a while she begins to hear another child's voice and they talk. The voice is actually a computer? I believe she (and other children) are being used to teach a computer/AI how to be human or something. I can't remember if they let her go or what. But I think later on (many years) the computer does something because of what it learned from her? And this is a good thing, but bad for the people who built the computer/not what they wanted to happen?

All I really remember is the the girl in the dark talking to a voice. Her name is Rachel, maybe? Oh and I don't think she is american, I'm thinking european, maybe German.

message 2: by Michele (new)

Michele | 280 comments Oh also, I would have read this about 5-10 years ago, paperback, no idea about the cover. I'm thinking this was only a minor part of the main storyline.

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Tab (tabbrown) | 4967 comments hmm... maybe Outlaw School Outlaw School by Rebecca Ore

message 4: by Michele (new)

Michele | 280 comments Sorry that's not it.

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Michele | 280 comments bump

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Michele | 280 comments Hey, I found this one on my own, doing a reread. It's River of Blue Fire by Tad Williams, 2nd in the Otherland series. It's a very small scene that only gets explained fully later on in the books. And it was a french girl named Martine, lol, no idea where that other stuff came from.

I'll edit the post title to solved, but I dunno how to shelve it.

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