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message 1: by Amber, The Founder (new)

Amber (puresurplus) | 830 comments Mod
...any character in any book, who would it be & why?

message 2: by Melissa (new)

Melissa This one is going to take me some time. All the books I read are very sad and violent so maybe not the most ideal characters to want to trade lives with...

message 3: by Kamil (new)

Kamil | 15 comments I would probably (if I had to choose, not having any other option) want to be Atticus O'Sullivan, because of his experience, knowledge of herbs, magic, mythology, languages, human psychology and.... baseball.

message 4: by Amber, The Founder (new)

Amber (puresurplus) | 830 comments Mod
Good call, Melissa. We wouldn't want you to be sad & violent.

I really need to find out more about these iron druid chronicles!

I'm still debating about my answer. It will most likely change quite frequently.

message 5: by Jennifer (new)

Jennifer (jjallday) I've read all the books and while I don't like most of them, I have to say Sookie Stackhouse. She lives a pretty interesting and crazy life. I wouldn't mind it.

message 6: by Jolene (new)

Jolene (jolene_wsm) | 19 comments Oh... this is hard... if I could be any character from a book.. who would it be..... hmmm I would like to sayyy.... Hermione Granger... So that.. in the books.. i will NOT go out with Ron at all and run to Ministry of Magic instead!

message 7: by Jackie (new)

Jackie | 7 comments Hmmm.... I'm not sure but the first character that came to mind is Elizabeth Bennet from Pride and Prejudice.

Maggie the Muskoka Library Mouse (mcurry1990) I'd like to be Claire Fraser from "Outlander" for a day. Or Tessa Gray from "The Infernal Devices."

message 9: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Fouts (lindsay_fouts) | 83 comments Ginny Weasley or Lizzie Bennet

message 10: by Lindsay (new)

Lindsay Fouts (lindsay_fouts) | 83 comments or Cath from Fangirl

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