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message 1: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea Ferguson | 18 comments Mod
I am currently reading the seconded book in the Mayfair witch trilogy! With the first book, this one was hard to start and a little weird, but as I got further in, I am finding it hard to put down! It kind of starts where the first book left off! This realization that..... oh my, Lasher is now a living thing and has escaped with Rowan! Plus trying to recover and piece together what had actually happened that Christmas eve night!
If you are wondering, I am on page 261!!
If you have read this, what have you thought so far!
Happy reading

message 2: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea Ferguson | 18 comments Mod
*spoiler alert*
Ending on page 330, chapter 17
Man oh man! The book just keeps getting more insane! We start to hear the tale of Jillian and start to figure out why Jillian is Jillian. The crazy tales of Jillian from the Talamasca's point of view starts to make since for we learn that Jillian let Lasher take over his body!
We also learn that Rowan is pregnant with Lasher's child. Emaleth can be heard from inside Rowan and there are short chapters that share conversations that she has with Rowan and Lasher!
Last but not least, Rowan escapes! Hit Lasher over the head with a toilet cover! I was reading this part at a friends house and I couldn't help but scream "run Rowan, run!!!!!"
Happy reading

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