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Rereading Books
Amy Amy Aug 22, 2013 09:17AM
How long would you say is long enough to wait before rereading a book? I was thinking about rereading City of Bones, a book I've read and reread before, but I don't want to reread it so often that it loses its punch. So, how long would you say I should wait? A year? Is there a general reread time rule haha? :D

I couldn't wait a year to reread a great book. I think six months.

I need to wait long enough so that I start to forget details and parts, and if I feel the urge to reread it

I've never actually re-read a book myself, not yet anyway. But, there are plenty that I would re-read.

To be honest, i think you should wait at least a year because, no matter how amazing it is, you might not enjoy it as much. Plus, if you wait long enough, you can find yourself forgetting things so it's good to re-read it to re-discover those things :D

If you have the right book 6 months gap is nominal.

You're the only one that can really answer that for yourself. If you reread it too soon, you may find yourself skimming pages.

Personally, I wouldn't reread a book within 6 months, but that's just me.. and I don't think I've ever read a book more than twice. If I was to read again for a third time, I would definitely wait awhile.

It depends. I need to note that I forgot the details and the minor story arcs before I read the book again. Most say 6 months and I do quite agree. It's also a great experience to reread because you don't focus on the plot that much anymore, so your attention goes to the tiny and snide remarks, comments, details that the author included. Like a short line of conversation that foreshadows the climax. It's actually a thrill to notice these tiny details. and Cassie Clare is good at that. So is J.K. Rowling.

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I can finish a book in a day and then find myself reading it the next day. If it's a really good book, I'll even buy it and read it whenever I really feel like it. I believe that if you have a REALLY GOOD book, then no matter how many times you read it, it never looses it's punch. I have several books that I reread daily and I end up loving them more every time.

Veronica Totally agree
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when I first read a book, if I bought it ill read it again sometime during the next week and if I get it from the library I usuallyt don't re read it for a while

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