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Who do you think is right for Katniss: Peeta or Gale?

Sara | 2 comments I liked Peeta, and I'll always thought he was always there for her. I think Katniss's reason of choosing was fair.

Naomi Barbat | 8 comments She obviously made her choice for herself. But Peeta will always understand her better, having gone through the same Games and experienced the trauma WITH Katniss. They went through it together, helped each other and dealt with the memories together though they each experience grief in different ways.
Gale doesn't have the kind of insight that Peeta does, since all his life he has experienced the Games as an outsider, looking in. Though he has superficial knowledge, he'll never understand it the way Katniss and the other victors do.

Beatrice Masaluñga (beatricemasalunga) Peeta. I don't like Gale.

Jojobean Peeta all the way. I don;t like Gale at all

Jojobean Peeta all the way. I don;t like Gale at all

Hannah (Hrcisme) | 34 comments Peeta. I may have a biased opinion but I think Katniss' feelings for Gale were more brotherly than romantic, and the main reason she feels conflicted is because she feels compelled to love Gale because he was the first person she trusted. She feels guilty, since she doesn't feel the same way.
Her feelings for Peeta on the other hand progress as the story goes on. At the beginning of the story Katniss is unsure and confused about Peeta but they develop a trust that even Gale can't come between. In the second book when Katniss and Peeta are trying to convince Snow of their love, they actually get to know each other and Katniss actually begins to fall in love with Peeta. When Peeta is captured and hijacked, Katniss can barely deal with it. The fact that Peeta overcomes the visions proves just how much he loves Katniss. When Peeta is "sick" Katniss shows several examples of how she loves Peeta but can't come to terms with it for many reasons.
Katniss needs Peeta. Peeta needs Katniss.
Or that's my opinion anyways.

Wayan | 27 comments ummmmmmm finnick or what about buttercup?
peeta is lame i mean i DID like him then i liked him less and less...
he is pretty useless and unrealistically nice
gale is well gale he's katniss's friend and their relationship just turned weird, and he ended up going to district to, what??????

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I DESPISE Peeta. With every fiber of my being.

message 10: by Wayan (new) - rated it 1 star

Wayan | 27 comments high five!!!!!
when it was like he can't swim i like laughed
and it's like
hey i can't defend myself but hey i make good cheese buns!

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Wayan | 27 comments oops i should go easy on the "like" like you know if you like get what i mean?

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Oh my god, RIGHT??????? He's so pathetic and unmanly! Seriously!

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Wayan | 27 comments i know and everyone's like he is so nice blah blah blah
but i'm like hahaha no.

oh and how he just falls for katniss like that. it's like WHUERT? how? are you-? can't you see that-?

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I know its soooo annoying! All the peeta luvers DX

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Wayan | 27 comments i know! but who did you like then?

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I like Gale and Finnick :D

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Wayan | 27 comments i really liked finnick i was really annoyed when he died DX also i didn't really get gale sometimes,but i definitely liked him more than peeta

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Wayan | 27 comments also a really dumb thing i did once was a friend texted me
oh who do you prefer gale or peeta?
me:*who are they ummm i haven't read the book yet!*(feels awkward even over the phone) oh umm peeta
friend: oh same!
me: yh *what the hell?*

me now: why did i say that???????

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Hahahahha woowwwww

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You shoulda said Gale the second you heard a name like "Peeta"

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Wayan | 27 comments yh maybe i shoulda i really have the erg to always say peet
peeeeetahhhhh for some unknown reason

also i just heard the name a lot so being a socially awkward person i said peeeeetttaaaaahhh :s* face palm* why? why am i so mehhhh

Stephanie Lingenfelter (StephanieLingenfelter) GALE

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