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What do you think will happen in Allegiant? Do you think that Tris and Four will still be a couple or will one of them die off?

Abby Prentiss | 7 comments if one of them dies we will all die.

but i've heard it will be both of their POV'S...

Beatrice Masaluñga (beatricemasalunga) If Tris or Four dies, I will throw the book.

@Abby - I think it's going to be.

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Throw the book lol
But I don't think Tris will die. Tris can't die. She's our protagonist. That would be injustice

Beatrice Masaluñga (beatricemasalunga) It would be injustice too if Four dies.
Yes I'll throw the damn book across my room only. ;) lol

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Yeah it would.
Ohh book throwing. That never fails to make me crack up laughing XD

Amanda (Elmira001) Who's finished the book yet? I did, and was sobbing throughout the ending

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I read it!!! Oohh Veronica Roth 3

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Yeeaaah...that was supposed to be a broken heart. It didn't work out well

Stephanie Lingenfelter (StephanieLingenfelter) I did and I'm not happy

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You didn't like the whole book, or just the whole Tris business?

Stephanie Lingenfelter (StephanieLingenfelter) The book wasn't the greatest! It didn't meet the standard I thought it would for the first two books were amazing and set the bar high! I also didn't like the whole Tris thing! Veronica Roth author could of easily ended it differently! At least that's my opinion!

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Hmm...I think there was really no other way to end it. Tris learned how to be truly selfless and that shows plenty of character development from the first book

Stephanie Lingenfelter (StephanieLingenfelter) You have a good point but I wanted Tris and Tobias to marry and have kids!

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Hahaha yeah I can see why the book would disappoint you then ;)

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