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i like romance, but with a mix of something else:)

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yeah realistic fiction is good, with some drama and action kinda like dystopian

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um, like a you know the huunger games, like a bad future sort of....

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uh...Maybe like a boy and girl are in college. And um yeah...I don't really come up in good ideas. do u have any?

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Yup! But like what's gonna be the main reason they can't love each other, like a family fight?

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sure, um how old r they gonna be?

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sure, um I'll make my charrie first

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Name: Nora Birch
Age: 18
Appearance: She has slightly tanned skin and has a tall and slender build. She has shoulder length brown hair, and pretty facial features including hazel brown eyes. Nora's hot without really trying and has the looks that catches a lot of guys eyes.
Personality: Will show in the rp as we go along:)

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um the link doesn't work...

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awesome! you post first.

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Nora got of the bus, and headed towards campus. She walked up the stairs and ended up running into someone.

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"jerk" she muttered and hurried on. She hated Tom with all her guts.

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"Are you serious" Nora muttered to herself. She was assigned to sit beside Tom for the whole year.

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"No tom, the seating is Final" said the teacher just as Nora came over to complain.

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Reluctantly she sat down and stared at her desk

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Nora refused to look at him or say anything.

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"Could you stop" she hissed at him

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"Swinging in your chair" she muttered

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"Cause its distracting, duh"

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Just then the teacher stood up ready to introduce herself
"Think again" she said

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Surprised that he listened. Nora turned her attention to the teacher

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Nora glared at him and threw her pencil at him.

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"Shoot" nora muttered
"Miss Birch, apologize to Tom right now" the teacher scolded
"Sorry" she muttered. Geez why me she thought to herself

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"Excuse me" the teacher replied

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"well then you apoligize" he said turnning his back and hurrying on with teaching the lesson

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Nora was plain confused, what is he doing she asked herself. She then got up and excused herself, leaving the class

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Nora looked at her schedual science was next

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Nora took her seat, and looked around. She saw a hot guy sitting a seat away from her. She winked at him and he grinned back. Maybe this would be better.

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Nora saw Tom and ignored him. And continued flirting.

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" are you kidding me, go sit somewhere else" she whispered

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She stared at him as if he dropped from space.

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She knew he was up to something
" out with it smith, I know your up to something"

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" shut up" she muttered. And as if things couldn't get any worse the teacher paired them up together to do there first science project.

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The lesson started and Nora just focused on taking notes.

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The teacher then announced to the class to get together with there partners and brainstorm. Nora groaned and picked up her taxtbook

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Nora looked up at him
"I'm not that thrilled on working with you either" she muttered and went to a not crowded part of the room and read over the instructions

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Nora looked at him
"Are you alright" she asked, he wasnt usually like this.

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Nora looked back down
"kay, so we'll split the work so we each get a fair share, and we can just meet up at school to put it together" she suggested she this way they wouldnt have to go to each others houses.

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Nora shrugged. She started doing her work and managed to get a whole chunk done before the lunch bell rang. She quickly gathered her stuff and exited the room, praying that she wouldnt have to see Tom again today

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Nora met up her friends and boyfriend for lunch, she told them about tom and they tried cheering her up
(I'll just make her break up with him later)

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Nora finished eating and threw away her trash. She stood up and tied her hair up as she had gym next
Her boyfriend Will grinned at her and she smiled back giving him a quick kiss and walking towards the field.

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Nora walked out onto the field surprised to see Will there
"Hey" she called smiling and walking over to him
"What are you doing here/" she asked
He grinned at her
"Trying out for the football team." he answered
The football coach walked out onto the feild and started shouting orders. Will leaned gave her kiss whispering
"Wish me luck" and ran off. Nora smiled to herself and wished him luck and turned around to meet Tom, standing and smirking.

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Nora frowned at him
"What do you think" she replied walking away. Were they trying to torture her. she asked herself.

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(um, what are they gonna do to start liking each other?)

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(arent they supposed to hate each other but then it turns into a romantic sort of ting....))

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(um what do you mean y?)

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(oh sorry! um what are they gonna do that creates that moment when they stop hating eachotehr))

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(lolz k)

Nora walked to her coach who was giving instructions. She started doing laps around the field building up her stamina while talking happily with her frineds

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