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Nicki Duville!!! Love him or not?
Ramisha Ramisha Aug 22, 2013 04:41AM
OK I absolutely LOVED Nicki DuVille in Whitney, My Love and I really wish Judith Mcnaught would have given him a whole separate novel and not a short little story that didn't at all do him justice. It was so unfair.

I really loved Nicholas DuVille. I was rooting for him against Paul and Clayton for a while. He truly loved Whitney.

I loved Nicki!! It broke my heart that he did not get a full-length book :( Julianna and Nicki's characters were sketched so well in Until you. I was hoping to read more of them. But all they got was a too-short novella :(:(

I loved Nicki. I think both him and Julianna were done a huge disservice with their short novella. Not only that but they barely spent time together in the story.

I absolutely loved, loved this book! Nicki was wonderful. Anyone know when her newest book is going to be released?

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Sorry but I don't love Nicki. Too pushy.

Not only just immensely lovable but I found Nicholas Du Ville extremely respectable too. He was true lover of Whitney who gave support to her whenever she needed it most. If only Whitney was not so delusional(she was just 17 and 18 so it's some how justifiable for her to be so) about being in love with Paul then she would have accepted DuVille's proposal much earlier and could save herself(and me of course from swooning every time Clayton's name comes up)from falling in the ruthless and arrogant grip of Clayton.
Well not only in this book I adored Nicki also in the next book "Until You". There also He extended a strong arm of support for Sheridan when she was distressed at the most.He was full of alpha Hero material so it's frustrating for me(and unjust to his character) not to have more of him by his own full story.

I loved Nicki too.
But I don't remember reading a book (short story) for him.
What was it called?

Ramisha It was in this book, a collection of short stories by both Judith McNaught and Jude Devereux...

OK got it Simple gifts, the short story titled MIRACLES
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