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It had been raining that night. I remember distinctly. The rain had been cold and painful against my skin. The night had been covered by clouds. I couldn't see the stars or the moon, the only thing lighting my way were the poorly lit street lamps.
Going home. That's what I had been doing. I had just left my friends house, she had needed some company after her boyfriend died earlier that day. Poor thing... Anyway, I had been heading home along my usual route, and I stopped at a cross walk, weighting for the little person sign to come on. Clearly there were no cars, but better safe then sorry in my opinion.
When the person flashed on the opposite side of the street, I stepped out into the puddle filled road, my converse were then officially soaked through. My t-shirt and jeans were already very wet, because I had no umbrella. Through the rain, I didn't see the head lights. The head lights coming from my right, head lights that belonged to a car, a car that couldn't see me through the curtain of rain. I didn't see the other thing heading towards me either. But it was coming from the front.
Suddenly, I was on my back, close to the sidewalk I had come from, with a beautiful angel hovering over me. Her eyes darted across my face and the rest of me. "Are you alright?" She asked hastily. The car with the headlight drove by then, missing the soles of out shoes by a few lucky feet. The angel removed her hand from the back of my head, and it dawned on my that my head didn't hurt like it probably should after hitting a road. "You ought to be more careful," she said gently.
Angel, that's what I've been calling her these past few years, was gorgeous. She had pale flawless skin, her eyes were a big bright blue, and her hair... Even though it was wet, it framed her heart shaped face perfectly. In this light though I couldn't tell what color it was. He face was only in inch away from mine, and I could feel her warm breath against my lips... Then suddenly she was gone, standing over me. "What's your name?" She asked holding out her hand.
I took it, and slowly got to my feet, waiting for a rush of dizziness that would never come. "Rebecca..." I murmured. "But I prefer Becky..." I glanced away to look where the car had gone. "Where did you-" but when I looked back, she was gone. Frowning deeply, I crossed the road quickly, then turned to inspect it from a far. Had that been my imagination? I wasn't sure... I'm still not sure to this very day, and that event happened 3 years ago.
I haven't seen Angel since that night... At least not in person. I dream about her every night though, I dream about her full red lips, her perfect, straight nose, and her sharp, kind, baby blue eyes. I dreamed about her hands, and how they would feel against my skin..."

I was pulled from my monologue, and thrown off my train of those by an insistent voice calling my name. "Yes?" I asked, slightly confused. The woman in front of me, my therapist, had asked me for every detail of that story again. I think she had wanted to see if the story or any details had changed, so she could prove it had all been a figment of my imagination. But as she looked at me with concern in her eyes, I knew that she couldn't prove it, and that she was worried for my sanity.
"Rebecca, I think you need to get out and meet new people. You've hardly been out at all, and I know that has a lot to do with your parents, but I'm sure if I give them a note they'll take you out..." She started scribbling something on a note pad. "You need to get your head out of the clouds and back in your head where it belongs okay? This is getting scary and concerning and I'm starting to think that we make your parents aware of your situation.
My eyes widened, and I started shaking my head frantically. "No... I don't want to do that," I said glancing at the clock on the wall. Our session was over... Thank god. I got up and straightened out my blouse and skirt.
"See you next week," the woman called as I left. She didn't even bother to get up and escort me out. Walking into the waiting room, my parents stood up immediately. "How did it go?" My mom started. I held up a hand to stop her. "No questions. Please don't waste your breath. You know I won't answer anything," I said shaking my head. "Let's go home okay? I'm really hungry..."

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Chapter One~

Chapter One~

Butterflies. That's what her kisses felt like. Soft, warm, and most importantly, safe. Her fingers caressed my skin, causing me to shiver in delight. I've never felt anything like this before, ever. I've been with a man before, but it was never like this.

What was she doing to me? What we had together was something no man could give me. I fact, it was something no one could ever give me again. I was fixed on this one woman. This one amazing-


I gasped as my eyes shot open. Where was I? What was that light in my face? I glanced around frantically, quickly realizing it was impossible for my to move. My anxious gaze fell on an older gentleman, probably in his late 40's. He was dressed cleanly, with what seemed to be an apron covering his front. "Rebecca, are you back?" He asked gently.

"I...what's going on?" I asked softly, testing out my fingers they moved so I wasn't paralyzed.

"Just relax. You're perfectly safe..." He reached out and started to unbuckle the straps that I only now realized were holding me down. "Do you remember why you're here?" He asked very slowly, moving the straps away.

The man took my hand and helped me sit up on the table. With the light out of my eyes, I could take the room in properly. I was sitting in a hospital room. My confusion grew. What the hell was I doing in a hospital room? I looked to the man, his name tag, I could see now, said his name was Stephen.

He was watching my intently, waiting for me to respond. When I didn't, he sighed and pulled up a seat, taking my hands in his and looking directly into my eyes. "You're here because you just had a surgery."

My eyes widened. "On what?" I asked. I has absolutely no recollection as to why I would be getting a surgery.

I could tell by te doctor's concerned expression that my inability to remember what was going on was not normal. Pursing my lips, I concentrated, getting frustrated and upset.
"You had surgery on your reproductive system. You came in and made an appointment for immediate surgery because you said you didn't want kids, so I did just that. You can no longer have kids," his smile faded at my devestated expression. "And the surgery is irreversible..."

Sliding off the table slowly, I gathered my things and the doctor escorted me out to the hospital lobby. "Why can't I remember anything?"

"Well... It's probably the drug we used to put you under. There have been a few other people who have also experienced slight memory loss, but it came back with in a few days. So I don't think u have anything to worry about," he smiled reassuringly at me, but I could see the uncertainty in his eyes.

I walked out of the hospital, checking through my purse for keys. I didn't find any, but I did find my phone. Pressing the home button, I checked the time and date. It was 7:41pm on Tuesday, October 1st.


I turned, looking for the person that's familiar voice belonged too. A smile spread across my face. "Amy."

The woman walking towards me had a spring in her step, with curly red hair that bounced attractively around her fair face. She was beautiful... And the ring on her left ring finger reminded me of a very important fact. She was mine.

Any slid her arms around my waist gently, smiling up at me. "Hey baby. You okay?" Her emerald green eyes examined my face slowly. "How're you feeling?"

"I'm okay... Feeling a little confused, but happy to see you... So okay," I smiled and pressed my lips against hers gently. When I pulled away, I slid my hand into hers and entwined out fingers together. "Let's go home."

Amy nodded and led me to the car. "Sorry for not being there when you woke up. I had a meeting to go to during the surgery and it was supposed to be done on time for my to get back. But it ran over and then there was some killer traffic."

"It's okay. At least you were here to get me," I smiled and gave her hand a gentle squeeze then climbed into our red Toyota Camry. I loved this car. Cute and reliable.

It didn't take long to get back to our apartment. I had moved out of my parents house when I was 18, 3 years ago, and moved in with Amy. I had met her a few days after my last solo therapy session. I had just turned 17, and was still dreaming about that angel. My therapist thought I was nuts, so I was refusing to go back. But Amy helped me through it all. She went with me to ever session after that... Still does to this day. It felt nice to be loved and taken care of.

Amy went into the kitchen to make some food, probably soup because of the surgery, and I sat on the couch and opened up my laptop to look over a few things.

Any was a cook at a really fancy restaurant down the street. And myself? I was a writer. I had published one book so far, but had written 4. 2 were repeatedly being sent to different publishers and the last was in the process of being written. Amy loves thy I'm turning my passion into a career but my parents think I'm silly. They have issues with me being a lesbian though so I don't know why I expected their opinion to be different about my career choice too.

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