Angel Burn (Angel, #1) Angel Burn question

Would you rather be half-angel half-human like Seb and Willow or an A.K (assasin) like Alex?
Marc Marc Aug 22, 2013 01:28AM
Hmm...Well if you're half angel half human that's just really cool cause' you can read people's minds. Also you're an angel too like how awesome would that be!!? You can change and fool people with your aura changing powers. xD On the other hand there's also an angel killer which is also very cool. Not only you can professionally use guns like what Alex uses but also you get to rescue many people. Soo I think I would A.K how about you guyz?

would choose half angel, only learn how to fight angels like willow is trying to do.

I'd like to be half angel but only if I weren't being hunted like Willow was. ^-^ I don't like guns, so I couldn't be an AK. It would be so cool to be physic and to have your own angel!

Marc That's true. ^.^ ...more
Aug 22, 2013 04:23PM · flag

half angel, i mean that would just be epic, you would be a good guy yet you could still fly and do the physic thing!

Yeah, i'd liked to be a half angel. it's sooo cool xD i'd definitely enjoy it.

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