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How did Edith Prior's organization keep the outside world away from the fence?

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Memi What are your thoughts on this topic. You would figure that the outside world would be curious about the gated community and wonder why it was cut off from the rest of society. It seemed like no one from the outside world didn't go anywhere near it.

Also Tris did say that some parts of the city looked like people left the city at their leisure while other parts looked like it was hastily abandoned.

I am also curious why no one inside the fence didn't really give it more than a second thought about what was outside the fence. Was it because they were programmed to not question it?

Caitlyn P.W. I was wondering the same thing. Why is no one curious about makes outside the fence? I understand Amity and Abnegation not caring much but Dauntless, Candor, and Erudite, really?

Maybe no one has come to bother them because everyone else is dead from all the wars, crime and disease. Remember Amity lives outside the fence and no one seems to bother them.

I guess we'll get some of these answers in Allegiant. Can't wait!

Kyle I think it is mentioned that Divergent people usually did question, but they didn't act because they were trying to play their role. I also think that erudite leaders suspect something, which is why they were trying to take over. They wanted to know what was outside and thought that Abnegation had the answer. The biggest reason most people weren't interested in the outside would probably have something to do with the leaders giving them such tasks that kind of prevent them from focusing elsewhere. For example, the Erudite were given tasks that were tough enough to lower their outside interest. I would guess that the other factions were under the same influence.

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