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How do you "read" this book?

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Sparrowlicious Okay, I know this might sound like an extremely stupid question but ...
How do you do it?
Do you read it first and then do the exercises? Do you read it, do the exercise and then read on and do the next?
I only looked through this book a little so far and I already know I'm going to like it but I'm at a loss on how to actually "read" it. Or better: how to "work" with it.

How did people who already read the book do it?

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Theresa Conlin I'm using it more as an exercise / inspiration book. I pick it up when I want to try something from it...or when I just need a little dose of inspiration

Shauna Open to a random spot and do whatever that page says. I call it a "random challenge".

Frank Patty See the content outline then i chosse what i feel mos excited...

Captelaine The first time I 'read it'… I read and did the exercises as I came to them (that's how I read/work most sketching books)… now I read it for inspiration or when my hyper critical inner critic monkey is not behaving.

Keobet88 This book is very good and I have found what I was looking for but I have not been able to find before

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