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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Right! So do you have any ideas for the role play?

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments I prefer Supernatural/ Fantasy ones but really anything goes!

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments That works for me! Do you want to do doubles?

Yay! An idea I want to hear it! (:

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments I like it! I love werewolf rps, they are sorta my weak spots! (:

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Wait, if my guy character and your girl are in the same pack we can't do the forbidden love thing?

Did you mean our guys in the same back and our girls in the other one?

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Haha okay! Thats what I thought(:

I'll get crackin on the characters now then! I hope to have them both up before I go to bed, so lets see!

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Name: Jensen Martin Collins Nickname: Jenny ( He hates that one)
Age: 23 Birthday: December 31st
Sexuality: Straight.
Piercings/ Scars: Piercings are for girls in his opinion, as for scars his body is littered with them. The more obvious one is the four long claw marks down the left side of his chest running through his clan tattoo from one of the many fights he has been in.
Tattoos/ BirthMarks: He has a clan tattoo (Look at pictures below) he got when he was twelve like all other members of his pack. He has an apple sized birthmark on his right thigh right under his waist.
Appearance: The first thing you ever notice about Jake is his eyes, resembling a Disney Princesses they are wide and the purest green you will ever see. They hold a kindness that you rarely find anywhere else in Jackson and if you ever are not sure if he is really angry at you one must only look into his eyes which seem to truly be the door inside his soul, as if to only make things worse his eyes are framed by thick long eyelashes most girls get jealous of. His lips always seem to be competing with his eyes for your attention and with how full and pink they are it really is a tough battle. When deep in thought, or fighting an internal problem Jake can be found nibbling on his lower lip though most strangers think he only does it to be sexual. He has a strong jaw and high cheekbones leaving his face with an almost feminine beauty that always seems to catch people off guard, not that one can blame them. Jake makes up for his girly features by dressing in clothes between a Lumberjack and rebel bad boy. He wears Levi jeans that are always tight on his ass and thin cotton shirts covered by some form of plaid button up that is left open. On colder days he wears an old leather jacket given to him by his father and brown work boots. Spending most of his time outdoors Jackson has acquired a nice tan that makes the freckles that pepper his body nearly impossible to see. The line of freckles trailing across his nose are ones you might catch a glimpse of, but only if you are close enough to him you shouldn’t really be thinking about his freckles at all. His hair is where you can truly tell what mood he is in when he feels like dressing up though he usually slicks it down to one side making him appear more professional but when worried or too busy to care his hair can be found puffed up in every direction most which truly defy the laws of gravity. Saving the last for last we move on to Jake’s smile, something that like his laugh is highly contagious to anyone standing even remotely near to him. When he smiles it almost seems to cut down the years until he is nothing more than a little boy excited to spend his day out in the woods. He stands at six foot two and is one hundred and seventy pounds of lean, rather than bulky muscle which means in both wolf and human form he is a very fast runner and quick at dodging enemy blows.
Wolf Appearance: To add to the long list of shocking things about Jake his wolf appearance might just top the list for when he changes it is into a pure white wolf with long shaggy hair. He is smaller than most grown adult males are but that makes him quicker and harder to catch in everyday life and fights. In fact the only way you can ever tell who Jake is when seeing him change for the first time are the same bright green eyes as his human form only adding to his shocking appearance. His body, though small his rippling with muscle and his left shoulder bears the same claw marks though it has been over seven years from receiving the wound no hair seems to be growing to cover it.

Wolf Form:

Personality: Jackson is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be a smart ass 99% of the time. He is loyal beyond belief and would follow you to the end of the earth if you only asked him too and though he doesn’t love much those he loves he does so without restraint. He likes to tell jokes and make people’s lives just a little bit better, if there is ever a prank happening in the pack more than likely Jake is behind it. Those who are really close to him know he is nothing more than an oversized nerd (He loves Batman) and one of his deepest secrets is his love for the show Dr. Sexy. Right up there with his loyalty would be Jake’s dedication to whatever he puts his mind to, and in his eyes family comes first and his pack is his family. He can train for hours a day without stop because protecting his family is part of his job. When he isn’t hunting, training or patrolling the boarders he can be found sitting somewhere quiet and reading a book or simply sitting in silence. He is witty, funny and over protective though some would count the last one as a fault it is something he has never been able to change. He hates chick flick moments and rarely gives anyone hugs or says the big L word but his faithfulness and love can be shown through everything he does. He never lies, even if they truth hurts someone because he feels that finding out the lie would hurt them more later. He always keeps his promises when he can, and always has a soft spots for gambling though it has gotten him into trouble in the past.
History: Skipping over the boring parts Jake started changing into a wolf when he was 12 like all other in his pack, he had a younger brother who was killed by hunter when Jake was only fifteen and his brother (Sammy) twelve who was just starting to change. Jake had been out flirting with some girl when it happened after he had been told to stay with his brother during his first change, after failing his family so bad in the past there isn’t a day that goes by when Jackson doesn’t think of his little brother and try to be the best he can for the rest of his pack. Being one of the youngest never seems to stop him and he always is eager to jump into fights reckless almost carelessly to protect those he loves which is how he got the scar on his shoulder protecting two of the young children of his pack from a pair of mountain lions. He had only been sixteen and barely full grown, it had been his first kill and afterwards had been seen in his pack as a true man. He is good with his hands, fixing almost anything that breaks around house from the sink to his fathers ’67 Chevy Impala. While his father has moved on from his youngest sons death, and doesn’t see Jackson to blame his mother does not agree. She has not talked to him since that fateful day, after slapping him in the face and telling him he was no son of hers.
Other: Nope.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments (( I am working on her now, should have her up sooner than I thought. I am altering another character of mine! ))

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments (( Haha I know! I like too! (: ))

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Name : Danielle Rose Padalacki Nickname: Danny, only Danny. She loathes her first name.
Age: 17 Birthday: March 4
Sexuality :Straight
Piercings/ Scars: Other than her ears, and cartilage in her left ear Danny doesn’t have any other piercings. Scars, though not rare for someone as clumsy as her are usually small and unnoticeable except for the long one down her left knee after she ripped the cartilage and had to get surgery.
Tattoos/ BirthMarks: She has a tattoo of the date of her father’s accident and in her eyes death under her left breast because it is the closet she can get it to her heart while still hiding it from others. As for birthmarks she has a baseball sized one on her left hip and a small one on her right shoulder blade.
Appearance: Curly long brown hair that reaches down to her hip bones, eyes that are dark brown and fair skin littered with freckles anyone that bothers to take a second look at Danny would think she is fit to be a super model. She has a round face, that always gives her the appearance of an innocent child no matter how old she gets and long eyes lashes that make her eyes the center of attention only add to her natural beauty. Her hair, which is naturally wild with curls add a sort of recklessness look to her that if anything keys right into her personality. Her lips are full soft pink and when she smiles seemed to brighten up the whole room, when she laughs it is with her whole body and most the time can’t help but throw her head back and just let the warmth of the laughter seep through her body and that is something she craves like an addict. She has pale skin and not from the lack of trying to tan she simply burns and then goes back to the same shade as a people who has been dead for a while. She stands at five foot two and is a mere hundred pounds and while her bones don’t stick out like a sick person they sit right under her skin as if waiting for their moment. Like her face, Danny’s body is riddled with freckles when she was younger her mother used to say the angels would look down on her beauty and not help but press their lips to it resulting in hundreds of freckles. It might be her lack of body fat but for whatever reason Danny is always cold so even on the hottest days of summer she can be found in an oversized sweatshirt that always falls down her shoulders no matter how many times she pushes it back up. For the rest of her clothes she stick to jeans, hating the feeling of wearing shorts or skirts in public and old black converse that look like they have seen better days. She has a small silver bracelet that hangs of her left wrist with a simple little red heart at the end, a gift from her father and one she will cherish forever.
Wolf Appearance: Just like Danny is as a human her wolf form is also very small, and she is sometimes confused and only half grown though it has stopped bothering her. She has a many colored coat that she is actually very proud of. She has thick coat that is long and keeps her warm and like most smaller wolves is fast in fact she is the fastest of anyone in her pack. She has large ears that also make her very keen to noises that can go unnoticed by others around her and prefers to spend most her time as a wolf.
Wolf Photo:


Personality: The consequences of having a hard life have finally paid its toll on Danny, resulting in more than a few students thinking she is a mute when in reality words have always seemed worthless in her experience. It isn’t hard to tell Danny has been abused one look from the poor girl and you can almost see her body trying to cave in on itself and become as small as possible. Though she may be quiet, don’t let that fool you into thinking she is ignorant to the things around her years of experienced have taught her to always be aware almost like a caged animal in a pen just waiting for the stick to be thrust between the bars. She is smart though, in books and everyday life as all abused things have learned to be and her genius is shown through her straight A’s she has gotten in school ever since third grade. She loves to read, write, draw anything that can give her an outlet of the world she is forced to live in and over the years has even become amazing at all of the above. Drawing though has always been her passion and she can spend hours a day just trying to get a person’s eyes right in a drawing. As for most people who haven’t had the best life Danny is drawn to happiness and safety like a moth to light, and she is always around to comfort those who need a little kindness. She is loyal and always loving to those she sees fit to care for and when comfortable around you can be a real joy. She has been dancing since she was five and finds it one of her favorite things to do and one of the only times she feels free.
History: In the beginning everything was magical, she was born into a loving home with a mother and father who cherished her like every child hopes they will. She grew up doing what she liked and with a family that always supported her even when she told her parent’s she wanted to chop off all her hair at seven and dress like a boy. They accepted it, accepted her and the next year she spend climbing trees, catching bugs and being called a little boy from strangers. The trouble started when she had just turned nine that was when the fighting started, about money, about time spent at work sometimes even about what they were going to be having for dinner. It ended Christmas morning when she was ten and the pair of underwear in her father’s brief case had been found. In the midst of opening her Christmas presents Danny’s mother stormed out and she hasn’t seen her since. For a while her father tried to make it work but after a while trying seemed too hard for him and he moved around the house more as a ghost than the man Danny loved with all her heart. Without the previous love and support Danny was used to growing up in she began to wilt, like all flowers do and when they bully started to pick on her for her freckles not even remembering that she had gotten them from angels saved Danny. As the years went by she slowly tucked deeper into herself until all that was left was a shell of her previous bravado and self-worth. When she was fourteen her father started bringing another woman into the house and while it worried Danny she hoped that maybe things could start to go back to the way they were and so when the three siblings moved in with the women she smiled and shared her things even though she never saw her possessions again. When the big day came she happily walked down the aisle scattering rose petals all over the place and hoping they could all be a family now. When the older boy twisted her arms to hard and left bruises she covered them up, wanting hoping things would get better if she just held on. At sixteen all that hope ended when the plane her father had been on crashed, he lived if that’s what you want to call it. He lays down at the hospital room 113 in a coma and has been that way for the past year. Without her father and her mother nowhere to be found the abuse laid down on her from her step-siblings and even step mother worsened. She started changing later than most do and was grateful of it when it happened. She found the pack months later and was accepted like family. She stays with them now and has never looked back on her old family though she does still visit her father.
Other: Nope.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments (( Like I said I altered her so if there are a couple things that don't quite make sense for this role play that is why! Do you want to start? )

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments (( just to make sure, Alice and Danny are in the same pack and Jake and Jensen the other? ))

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments (( Was that right? Or am I going insane? ))

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments (( Haha okay! Sorry about that, it is late and my mind is going mushy!(: ))

Danny shifted into her wolf form as she walked into the forest and passed the boarders for her pack. She still went to school everyday even though most young wolves decided to drop out after discovering what they were, Danny though just enjoyed it too much to quit. Or rather she enjoyed learning too much, the rest of school was complete hell. She shook her body after changing, still unable to get used to the raw power she held in her small body and with a flick of her ears to check for any danger she took off at a leisurely lope having no where particular to go.


Jensen walked beside Jake and scented the air, so far they hadn't been able to find anything worth hunting and instead were simply padding through the forest. He let his mind wander a little to nothing in particular knowing that Jake would let him know if anything came up, that was one nice thing about having their minds connected as a pack in a way you were able to relax as crazy as that sounded. Besides they were a back, Jensen really had nothing to hide from anyone here, they were his family and he trusted them with his life.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Danny was distracted by Alice's scent leaving the territory and immanently began to follow it wondering what her friend could be doing going off into the hunting grounds by herself. She wasn't too far along when she scented to male wolves from the northern pack close by and her hackles rose, she would come to her friends defense if she needed to but the thought of fighting off to full grown males didn't exactly sound like her cup of tea.~~

Jensen was pulled from his thoughts by Jake's whisper and after scenting the air nodded his head. It wasn't that it was rare to find southern wolves in these parts, after all this was a place that all wolves were able to hunt what was weird was she seemed to be on her own and..stalking them. Jensen caught Jake's eyes and flicked his tail to the left indicating that he was going to fall back and try and get behind the young wolf. If she was trying to surprise them she was in for one herself.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Danny heard Alice bellow out a threat and growled under her breathe what on earth was she thinking? Before giving her mind time to really consider the risks Danny pushed through the bushes and lunged at the wolf holding her friend down. They both went tumbling through the air and with a little struggle Danny ended up on top. She growled low in her throat and bared her teeth so the large male wolf would be able to understand she could bite into the sensitive skin of his neck at any moment " Don't. Move." she added on for good measure. Her only concern was Alice having to deal with the other male wold after being thrown to the ground.


Jensen was just about to speak up and ask what the hell the female wolf had been thinking when he saw a streak of brown and before he knew it Jake had been pinned to the ground by another she wolf. "Where are you all coming from?" he exclaimed looking around and half expecting more she wolves to jump from the bushes to attack him. He turned his attention to the pretty wolf still on the ground and flicked his ears " Are you going to tell me why you were about to attack me?" he growled out stepping forward to hover over her in case she got the crazy idea to attack again. He was sure Jake could handle himself with the other wolf, she didn't seem too big.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Jensen snorted in amusement underneath her, not seeing her as a threat enough to push her off. " This is an open hunting ground, we can hunt where ever we please. Or are you to young to remember that?" he asked letting his head drop down onto the soft pine needles that littered the forest floor and looked up at her his bright eyes shining with laughter. " Besides next time you plan on sneaking up on someone remember to do so downwind. I could smell you from a mile away." he added bring his head up and pressing his muzzle against her chest and in haling as if to prove a point. " You absolutely reak by the way." he added this time letting a small chuckle out.


Danny was just quick enough to land on her feet when he pushed her off, the big dufus male wolf. "Call me a pup one more time and I'll show you what I can do." she challenged catching Alice pinning the other male to the ground out of the corner of her eye. She was just happy she wouldn't have to fight both of them at once. She stepped forward and felt her own hackles rising and let out a snarl one really wouldn't expect to come out of a wolf as small as herself.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Danny glanced over at Alice and nodded, she had put on a brave face but she really hadn't wanted to fight. She never wanted to fight, not even when they were practicing though she was very good at it. " I still don't see why you were out here in the first place." she mumbled glancing once more at the male wolf in front of her before following her friend into the bushes nudging her shoulder with her nose when they were out of sight of the two males. "Are you crazy!?" she asked.


Jensen got to his feet and shook himself off " I am never going to understand southern girls." he said looking over at Jake to make sure he wasn't hurt no that he expected him to be.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments (( It's really late here so I am gonna go to bed! ))

Danny shook her head " Sometimes I don't know how we are friends." she said though her voice was only joking as she walked with Alice glad to be back in their own territory.


Jensen sighed " Yup, so much for hunting." he muttered more upset with the female wolves now, It was very uncommon for Jake and himself to come back to the pack empty handed as they were two of the best hunters around and he didn't want to break that streak over to southern wolves.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments (( Im back just for a minute before I go to college))

Danny sat down next to her friend eyes widening " You..what?" she asked looking over at her friend in shock, she liked a male wolf from the Northern tribe? "But you don't even know him, I mean how?" she added on her voice filled with uncertainty. Sure the male wolf she had been fighting was cute but that didn't mean she was going to go and have a crush on him!


Jensen nodded his head in agreement, following Jake into his cave and sitting down.He wasn't quite able to shake the feelings he had from the young she wolf before, there was something different about her. Her guts perhaps, or maybe it had just been way to long since Jensen had a girlfriend.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Danny nodded her head in undertanding as she lay down next to her. "I guess I mean he was attractive but what do you mean he was different?" She asked rolling over onto her side and relaxing in the summer sun.


"Hmm?" Jensen asked looking over at his friend "Or no I mean of course not. What's to think about?" He said not able to meet Jakes eyes though which was an an opus sign he was lying. "Where you?" he asked his voice a little helpful.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Danny stayed quite for a moment, was it wrong for her friend to like someone even if they were from the other pack? She finally shook her head " No, I don't think it is." she whispered watching Alice stand and nodded her head " Be careful, I can go with you if you want? It isn't safe to be going on your own." she said standing herself and scenting the air, she could still smell the males even from this far away, it shouldn't be hard to figure out where they had gone.


Jensen scoffed " I don't love her dude, she tried to attack me." he said and shook his whole body trying to rid himself of the idea, still he did hear the rain start to lessen outside. "We could go and finish hunting if you wanted though? And maybe it wouldn't hurt to go see and make sure the two she wolves aren't bugging anyone else." he stated and made his way out of Jake's den without an answer, he already knew what it would be.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Danny nodded and followed after her friend "What is it about him you like so much?" She asked actually curious to hear her answer. She perked her ears up and scented the air, it seemed Alice was out of luck. It smelled like the two had crossed the boarder back into their own territory.

Jensen looked down at the ground sheepishly, he was a little embarrassed about the fact that he did indeed only want to go out hunting to see Alice again. He couldn't help it there was a fire burning inside her that he had never seen before. He could see in Jakes eyes though he wasn't in it for just the hunting either "Are you telling me you don't want to see her friend?" He asked.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Danny felt uneasy about this, it was one thing to have a crush on a wolf from a different pack. But too imprint on one?! That was a whole different story, this could lead somewhere very dangerous. She sighed softly watching Alice spread her scent "What if someone else finds us?" She asked unsure. Alice was her friend though and just like she had come to her aid before she wasn't about to leave her now.

Jensen caught her scent just before Jake did "I smell it. " he told him feeling a shiver run down his spine. She was acting like a wolf that had imprinted, the thing that scares him more than the fact that she was from a different pack was that he didn't feel the same. Sure he liked her, enough to risk a whole lot by coming to see her he just didn't feel imprinted on her.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Jensen slowed when he reached the clearing that Alice stood it, the world seemed to slow down and he gulped nervously. Maybe saying he had imprinted wouldn't be an understatement. He walked up to her and touched the side of her muzzle with his own "Im sorry for attacking you earlier, and what I said. " he whispered softly looking deep into her eyes.

Danny was more than a little surprised when the other male wolf sat down beside her and apologized for earlier. "Um no problem. " she said with a curt nod, hoping that he hasn't imprinted on her. There was no way the feelings were mutual, sure he was cute. Sure she might like him but there was no way she was imprinted. "Uh sorry for attacking you. " she added her eyes on the ground.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Jensen felt a deep rumble growing in his chest, a sound of pleasure for when Alice moved closer to him. " Nor could I stop my mind from wandering to you. " he whispered licking her muzzle in return before resting his head on her neck and closing his eyes. He hasn't realized the uncomfortable burn been making its way through his body until the presence of Alice started to sooth the pain. He felt his tail wag in response and couldn't help but add a few more licks to her muzzle.

Danny was no fool, Alice and Jensen seemed to be getting along quite nicely and she figured her friend was in no danger. "You want to take a walk? Give these two some privacy?" She asked turning her gaze to Jake as she looked up at him. She didn't reall want to just leave, that was rude so instead shed invite him to go to, after all it couldn't hurt to have a cute boy hangout with you.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Jensen felt his chest puff up at her words, laugh at her? There was never a time when he felt like doing that less than right now. " I promise not to laugh as long as you don't when I tell you I think I've imprinted on you too." He whispered sitting down so that his chest was pressed against her side and gently nudged her playfully back. A lopsided grin forming on his muzzle as he looked down at her " I never though I'd get so lucky. " he added.

Danny had started put leading Jake through the forest but pretty soon his long legs caught up and she found herself having to take three steps for every one of his. She was used to it though, even with the smaller wolves in her pack she always seemed to be trying to keep up, let alone with a giant wolf such as Jake. " Jensen well be good to her, right?" She asked her voice full of only love for her friend, she didn't want Alice to have her heart broken.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments Jensen shifted into his human form as well wrapping his arms around her waist "I guess they well." he said leaning down to kiss her cheek softly.

Danny raised an eyebrow at his comment before nodding " I am, though not just my pack I am the smallest girl at my school as well." she told him with a small nod " Why do you ask?" she added not that she wasn't open about the fact that she was small it was just, and odd thing to ask.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments (( I am guessing by complete the bond you mean sex?))

Jensen smiled up at her, a small blush found creeping onto his cheeks " I don't know if this is the place to do that." he whispered finding his hands, almost as if on their own accord stroking softly up and down her back. It seemed that he was just not able to stop touching her and blamed it on them imprinting, no that he minded all too much.

Danny wasn't able to stop herself from joining in with his laughter " For a small wolf like myself I have to be feisty. It's the only way to get through life." she said bumping her shoulder softly against his own though she had to do a half jump just to reach it.

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Annabel Lee | 41 comments (( Did you want to skip over that part or..? ))

Jensen closed his eyes and just enjoyed the feeling of Alice on top of him. He too was saddened by the idea of leaving her " It won't be long my dear and before you know it we shall see each other again." he whispered tightening his hold around her to show just how much the thought of watching her leave pained him.

Danny was more than a little surprised when he pressed his nose to her muzzle, a happy rumbling forming in her throat when he did though. She was sure if she had been in human form a deep blush would have blossomed on her cheeks. "Why thank you, and you know Jake you aren't to bad yourself." she whispered swatting him playfully with her tail.

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