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<.b>Name:<./b> (must be something that could potentially be used in a Warriors book, i.e. something the warriors cats would know about)

<.b>Gender:<./b> (She cat or tom)

<.b>Age:<./b> (in moons)

<.b>Rank:<./b> (Leader, Deputy, Medicine Cat, Medicine Cat Apprentice, Warrior, Warrior Apprentice, Queen, Kit, or Elder)

<.b>Appearance:<./b> ( <.img src=link here img.> Delete periods. Written description: Two full italisized sentences or more without picture. One italisized sentence description or more with picture.)

<.b>Personality:<./b> (no one-liners please, full sentences, try to give us a clear picture of what your cat is like)

<.b>Family:<./b> (list both dead and alive family members. No "All Deceased or "I don't no" please.)



<.b>History:<./b> (clear, full sentences, no one-liners, give us a clear outline of your character's life)

<.b>Other:<./b> (anything else; full sentences; can be put in a bullet list)

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"Welcome, my daughter."

Name: Goldenfall

Gender: Tom

Age: 48 moons

Rank: Deputy



I felt my mother gently lift me out of the nest. I meowed in protest, but was unable to free myself from her jaws. The enticing new smells that enveloped me as she carried me outside was to tempting to keep my eyes shut any longer. They stretched wide as a light gray sky blanketed me overhead, and a clearing revealed itself before me. A pile of dead bodies lay in the far corner of the clearing while a ginormous boulder lay at the other end. A white she-cat stepped out of a den that smelled of milk and kits. A black and white striped kitten hung from her jaws the same way I had been carried out. As the white she-cat got closer to me I recognized her as my mother and the kitten as my sister from their scent.
"You opened your eyes! I'm so proud of you, Goldenkit." my mother purred.
"Goldenkit? Is that you?" my sister asked. Her eyes had also opened. They were a pale blue compared to mine: a dark amber.
"You to, Bluekit! I'm proud of you both," Whitefall sat Bluekit next to me. "I wish your father was here to see you out of the nursery for the first time."

So that's what the den that smelled like milk and kits is called. I thought.
"Stay put and I am going to get your brother," Whitefall quickly scurried back to the nursery. I looked up again to see specks of golden light peeking through the clouds and wondered what it must be. As my mother set Branchkit down by my sister, I looked up at Whitefall.
"Mother, what is that?" I asked as I pointed towards the golden light spilling out from behind the clouds.
"That's sunlight. It can warm you on cold days and it gives us light to see by."
"Do we need it?" Branchkit asked.
"Of course we do! Mother said that we need it to see and that it warms us when were cold, so of course we need it! Do you want to live in a world of coldness with no light or a life of warmth and something to see by?" Bluekit questioned.
"Oh. Good point." As the clouds cleared more, the sunlight began to reach me and my siblings. As the final cloud had drifted away, the rays of the rising sun warmed my pelt and lit up the clearing. As it did so, I noticed more dens and a pelt or two between bushes.
"Mother," I asked, "Are there other cats here besides us?"
"Of course! This is Shadowclan. We are the best clan out of the others. Someday you will understand more of what it means to be a part of Shadowclan. But for now, you only need to worry about being a kit, a kit with a great destiny planned.

From the moment he was born Goldenkit has been curious and full of questions. His first sighting of the camp filled his head with wonder and endless questions. The sun has never failed to capture his imagination and take him back to his first day out of the nursery. That had been one of the best experiences for young Goldenkit at the time until, only a day or two later, Goldenkit experienced another terrific and mind-capturing event. His sister Bluekit has just as much or maybe even a schmid more of luck than Goldenkit when it comes to trouble.

Father: Thunderfang-Elder-Available
Mother: Whitefall-Elder
Pure white she-cat with grey around the base of her ears and forest green eyes
Brother: Branchtail-Warrior-Available
Sister: Bluesong-Warrior
Russet and orange pelt with white chest and amber eyes

Crush/Mate: N/A

Kits: N/A


Other: [Under Construction]

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Brittany Name: Thicketpelt

Age: 15 Moons

Gender: Tom

Rank: Warrior

Personality: Thicketpelt is an aloof cat. Always has been and probably always will be. He's a quiet cat, one that is prone to watch others and is very contemplative. He doesn't make decisions on a whim and is pretty even tempered for a Shadowclan cat. That doesn't mean that something can't get under his pelt, it certainly can, but he just doesn't hold a grudge like many of his fellow clanmates do. He's a difficult cat to get close to, as he doesn't like to express himself very much and tends to keep to himself. He's slow to trust others, even some of his clanmates, but once his trust had been earned, he's a loyal friend.


History: Thicketpelt was born at the beginning of Leaf Fall during a fierce thunderstorm. He was always the quiet one out of his litter and it's perhaps only his bother and sister who are closest and know the most about him. He was a cautious kit, one that wasn't prone to petty games or misadventures. (Though he was fond of playing moss ball every now and then.) When he was apprenticed, he took his training seriously and, like when he was younger, didn't engage himself much with the other 'paws. He engrossed himself in training and hunting. Eventually, he received his Warrior name and he's been trying to prove himself to his clan ever since.

Mate: None (To Be Decided)

Crush: None, but I'm looking for one!

Kin: Two littermates: a tom and a she-cat. (I'll fill in the names if/when they are taken.)

Kits: None

Mentor/Apprentice: None at the moment, but I'd be willing to take on an apprentice!

Other: Thicketpelt got his name for a reason. His long fur is difficult to keep in check, even if he continually bathes himself. Oftentimes - especially early in the morning when he wakes - it's all over the place and sticking out in different directions! He constantly tries to rein in it, but usually there are a few pieces here and there sticking out.

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Thicketpelt is accepted

ali  ᵏᵉᵉᵖ ʸᵒᵘʳ ᵐᵒᵘᵗʰ ˢʰᵘᵗ (time_wont_fly) XDDDDD Goldenfall is awesomeness.,

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Wow! Thanks! I still need to finish him...

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Darkened Warrior {Stare into your Nightmare} Name: Ravenstar

Gender: Tom

Age: 50 moons

Rank: Leader

Appearance: http://www.freewebs.com/specklestar12... He also has a three lined scar across his chest. Plus, he is VERY TALL.

Personality: Ravenstar is quite shy. He tries not to show it but he grew so comfortable to be with his clan that he let all is true personalities flow out. He is very wise, and thinks before he does. He always knows what to do and is kind to most.

Family: Mother - Feather - Dead and Unknown

Father - Metal - Dead

Brother - Was born dead and didn't have a chance to have a name

Crush/Mate: Open for lovers XD

Kits: None YET (Hint hint)

History: (This is gonna take a while XD)

Ravenstar, or should I say, Raven, was born in BloodClan. He didn't like it and felt very uncomfortable. When he was 7 moons old his leader, Viper, told him to go out hunting. He never came back. He ran away and became a rogue. He was a rogue for two moons. He felt lonely, depressed, and didn't know what to do. He finally decided to join a clan. He watched each clan from a far and decided that ShadowClan was his best offer. So he went into their territory. All of a sudden, a patrol found him. One of the strongest warriors, Darkclaw, was one of the cats. At first they fought, but then Darkclaw held him down. Darkclaw told Raven to come with them. At first Raven did, but then.... He started to think about it. In a flash, he bolted off! Darkclaw ordered to two other cats on the patrol to tell Froststar (The current leader then) the news that they found a rogue. Darkclaw went out, caught up with Raven, and pulled him away. Darkclaw decided to teach him a lesson and started beating Raven up. Froststar found him eventually and Raven fainted. Blood covered Raven's whole body. Feoststar ordered the Med. Cat to take care of the rogue. The warriors of ShadowClan refused to let the rogue into camp, but Froststar insisted. It took two whole days for Raven to finally wake up. Raven didn't tell them a single thing when they talked to him. He didn't eat the prey they gave him, as didn't say a word. Eventually Froststar asked Raven a question. The question was simple, so Raven answered it. She walked away after that. She had done the same thing over and over again and eventually she asked more questions. Eventually Raven decided to join ShadowClan. He didn't want his name changed so he stuck with Raven. He was an apprentice for a week because he was so good. He eventually got an apprentice, and the warriors of ShadowClan disagreed. Raven then became deputy, then leader. That's his story.

Other: Raven is like... As tall as Tallstar's tail. Maybe shorter then that bit he is extraordinary tall.

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Ravenstar is accepted

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Name: Morningberry

Gender: She-cat

Age: 15 Moons

Rank: Warrior


Personality/History: If Thicketpelt, Morningberrys brother, is more on the quite side, then Morningberry must be like him. Well, that is half true. Always an eager kit that wanted to get under every cats paws and help with hunting a border patrols without being asked is any kits life. Morningberry tried to persuade her brother to come and have fun once in awhile but he would never listen so she brought along her other brother,__________. He would always help in annoying the older warriors and causing mayhem around camp. As Morningberry grew older, she grew more subdued. Though not to much to lose all spirit in what it means to be a real apprentice. Battle training and hunting techniques were only half the job of an apprentice, unlike Thicketpelt. He now seemed even more involved in concentrating on his apprenticeship rather than family and other important things. Morningberry was not pleased but let him continue his life the way he had started it. She was always the first apprentice to bring the queens and elders fresh kill and bedding, the first to volunteer to clean their ticks, and the first to help the Medicine Cat collect herbs. After being made a warrior, her kit and apprentice eagerness almost entirely vanished one evening unexpectedly. She felt that she should be helping the clan in other ways that would give her more use to the cats she loved and thought, more than once, about becoming a Medicine Cat apprentice. Late into the night Morningberry would often lie awake and scold herself for not being more useful and the next day work harder than any cat on hunting patrols and any extra duties she was asked to perform. Right now it seems that Morningberry could use all the help she can get from a close bond ship to help her through her troubling times.

Family: Two litter mates: Brother Thicketpelt (Brittany) and brother _________

Crush/Mate: (Hint hint in personality...:) )

Kits: None yet

Other: Is this fine, Brittany?

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Brittany She looks awesome. :)

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Thanks. RP? Goldenfall is going on a hunting patrol with Ravenstar if you'd like to come.

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