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♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Aria strutted down the concrete sidewalk her heels clacking as she moved towards her cliques regular table. She shifted her weight to her left leg as she waited for a boy to pull out her chair. Soon enough a guy pulled it out and she sat down while shooing him away. She pursed her lips as she searched through the menu of the restaurant that was across from her table. Her nails tapped lightly against the table top as she decided on what she wanted.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin sits down in one of the chairs, lazily. He didn't have much posture at all, just that he was sitting on it instead of straddling it or even hanging upside down. He slumped forward and wrote in his journal about what had happened, he didn't know what he was feeling, but it was a new idea for a short story.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Aria's eye lashes fluttered lusciously as a waiter came over to take her and her friends orders. Aria flirted mindlessly with the waiter as she asked him for a water and garden salad. Normally if she was by herself she'd order a burger and fries but she was with her friends so it was a whole nother story. The waiter walked away and went to another table casually looking over his shoulder ever minute or so to look at Aria.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin looks at the girl, rolling his eyes, she was probably a perfect little girl that had everything handed to her, no problem with her life. He rolls his eyes again, starting to write his problems again, it was just something to keep his life right, so he never trusted his father again. It was just something he did. He could never go to his father, not for anything.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
She noticed an emo looking boy off to the side, she guessed he was a writer. It wasn't that hard to guess what people like that have for a talent, as she is sure it's not that hard to guess hers. She knows exactly who she is and what she acts like, so any insults they throw at her she takes as a compliment. As if it was an instinct she summoned the waiter over, the one who was ogling her, "Could you be a dear and ask that boy over there to move? He's kind of blocking my view." Yes, it was a harsh move, but Aria is a harsh girl it should be expected by now.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin kept writing, when another waiter came over to take his own order, he just ordered a burger and fries, lots of fries. He didn't care he'd have to pay extra, they were well worth it. Not to much salt, just, perfection.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
((Aria sent the waiter over to Arrin's table))

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments ((I thought you were gunna add the guy talking to Arrin.))

Arrin looks up at the other waiter and raises his eyebrow, the piercing shinning real quick, "Oh, the other waiter already got me. I'm fine." He says with a small smile, he was a cool dude, he really was. He was just random and funny.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
((Oh, sorry, do you still want me too?))

Aria turned her attention to her friends not wanting to see the boy flip out or get his feelings hurt. She was evil but she still had a heart. She applied a new layer of red lipstick onto her lips after taking a sip of her water. Her eyes flickered over to the table as the waiter slowly walked to the guys table. She was starting to regret it but her friends were giggling waiting for the damage to be done.

message 11: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments ((yes. I don't know how to play a waiter. O.O All I know is Arrin's reaction.))

Arrin raises his eyebrow, "I'm sorry, so they own this establishment now? I'm not moving. I didn't do anything. I haven't said anything, and what's wrong with me? I'm not even facing them." He says stating his points. "And if they have a bone to pick with me, tell them to come over."

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
((I'll just have Aria come over like Arrin said.))

The waiter walked back over to Aria's table and repeated what Arrin had said. She smirked and stood up, her friends did the same. They walked in unison as they strolled over to his table. Aria smiled flipping her hair over her shoulder and leaning onto the table. "We seem to have a problem," she said in a sweet voice, "my friends and I are sitting at that table over there and you are blocking our view of this light." She motions to the objects. "Would you be so kind and move to a different table?"

message 13: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments He taps his chin, his eyebrows perked in fake interest, but his eyes were bored. He then closes his eyes and sighs, leaning back in his chair, "You want that light? Move over to it. I'm staying here. You're not the boss of me, sweetheart." He looks at her friends, "OH, and I'm guessing you want to back her up? Oh no. I'm so scared."

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Aria smirks, this guy had guts. "Oh, I don't need back up," she snaps her fingers and her friends walk away. Her heels click as she moves behind him. She trails her fingers lightly along his arm and behind his neck as she whispers into his neck, "Are you sure you don't want to move voluntarily?" Her perfume smelled like rose water while her hair smelled like strawberries. The two scents floated around her which always caught the attention of everyone.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin feels her hands, but didn't flinch, how she would think they'd probably pleasure him, they only revolted him. Who did she think she was. He sighs, looking over his shoulder at her, "Does it look like I want to?"

((Ahh Arrin! <3))

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
"Suit yourself," Aria said still in a calm voice removing her hand. With a snap of her fingers her friends came back over as she headed back to her table. One of her friends lifted a mustard bottle while the other lifted a ketchup bottle. They both smirked and squirted the condiments all over his clothes. They giggled as they walked back to the table and sat next to Aria. She blew a kiss at him and smiled mischievously. This wouldn't be the end of her payback for refusing her.

message 17: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin stands up, looking at his clothing, he glared at her, she wouldn't get away with this. He looks at the waiter, his eye brow risen, asking him if he was going to put up with this child's play in his restaurant. Arrin picks up his journal, making sure it was okay. He sighed in relief, he wouldn't be alive for another day without it.... He growls, then sits down again, he wasn't leaving. He wanted his food.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
The waiter just walked away ignoring the scene like he always did. Aria leaned back in her chair taking a drink of her water. She smirked wickedly knowing she had won. Honestly she didn't care about the view or light, she was just in the mood for some fun and he had given it to her very easily. As her friends boosted her ego and complimented her Aria's gaze drifted to the boy noticing that he had sat back down. She flipped her hair to the side as she thought about things that she never discusses with anyone.

message 19: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments He smiles when his food comes, "Thanks. Also, can I have a box? I gotta be somewhere soon." He says. The waiter nods and walks off, "Thanks." Arrin calls after him. He looks at the fries and raises his eyebrow, smirking. He takes one gently, folding it in half and putting into the condements on his shirt, he takes off a mixture of ketchup and mustard then puts it into his mouth. "They should make this a new style. Call it the bitches." He laughs at his joke. He didn't care if they heard. He kept eating, the waiter bringing it over to him. He cuts 1/4 of the burger and puts the other 3/4 into the container along with most of the fries. He closes the box up, putting his journal onto it, it was close to him, no one could take it without getting back handed, chick or not, no one would take it. Not again.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
As her friends leave to go to their classes Aria looks at the boy. She wonders if it would be a good idea to apologize, but it would ruin her reputation so she ignore the idea. She stands up leaving a tip and throwing her things away. Her heels clack against the sidewalk as she slings her bag onto her shoulder. She looks over her shoulder hearing his comment when his food comes. She laughs silently to herself as she goes and sits down on a bench away from the eating area.

message 21: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments ((Arrin is amazingly funny! I love him, "Ohhh I like this style."))

He eats what he can at first, which is the stuff he left out. He stands up after that, leaving the tip and cash. It was a nice tip, wasn't the waiters fault. Especially not his. He picks up the box and walks out of the restaurant. When he was out, he put the stuff to the side, stripping off his shirt, careful not to get crap in his hair. He wraps it up and puts it into his bag, then putting in his journal, he'd carry the food. He continued walking after that, not caring to look at anyone else, not much got onto the jeans, and he had wiped off his jeans at an earlier time, which was another plus to black jeans, the colors don't show up.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Aria crossed her ankles together as she leaned against the stone bench. She took out her worn out copy of The Princess Bride and started reading where she had left off. She carefully looked around glad that no one was around. She grabbed her glasses and put them on so she could see the words better and smiled. Aria loved to read, she loved seeing the story play out in her mind like her own personal movie. She bit her lip as the fencing scene came up, it was one of her favorite parts.

message 23: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin seen the girl, rolling his eyes, he was walking in the trees, he didn't have the nicest body, but it was better than Ash's, Arrin only had a few scars, well, on his torso. He was glad that the mustard and ketchup didn't get on his wrist bands, he didn't want people seeing those. He laughs when she puts on the glasses, and she was reading too! "oh my! You mean popular girls actually read!? I thought you only tortured people not as well off as you!"

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Aria rolls her eyes as he laughs, it was such a boy move. "I didn't know you were the type to believe in stereotypes, guess you aren't that educated," she didn't even look at him. She could care less about what he thought, he was still at the bottom of the food chain while she was at the very top. She turned the page smiling as they fought on the cliffs of insanity. She brushed a loose piece of red hair behind her ear as she continued to read ignoring him still.

message 25: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments He sighs, "Well, I hope you know, you act like the stereotype in front of people." He starts walking past her, but stopping to look down at her, "I'm not a bad guy. Why did you do that anyways? There were lights all over the place." It didn't hurt him, he was just wondering, he was hoping he would get away from all of the haters back home, but I guess they were all over. He worried for Ash, he knew that if something happened to him.... no. He didn't want to think of what he'd do. "You should be careful what you do to people. Some.... some have pasts you wouldn't understand."

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
She set her book down groaning. "Yeah I know I act like a b*tch, but that's the role I was given," she shrugged, "I did it because it was expected, I have to keep up appearances." It was a bad explanation but she doesn't know him that well to fully open up to him. "Everyone has a past," she stated plainly, "some people just have to learn to suck it up and not be such a big baby." Those words were true, she was tired of seeing all of the 'depressed' people sulking around always upset about their lives. Her life was bad too but you don't see her moping about.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments Arrin looks away from her, "Some of us can't." He starts walking forward, he wanted to throw Ash right in her face, but he promised never to speak his past unless it was completely nessasary. His past wasn't that bad, but still, it was bad. "I don't mope either." He whispers. Maybe she would figure out that he was protecting someone, but he doubted it.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
Aria sighed as he walked further away, "Look, I'm sorry for earlier, if you don't want anything bad to happen to you I'd stay away from my clique, they are ruthless." She felt bad for the poor guy, she could see the pain in his face although it looked like he was trying to hide it. She picked her book back up and turned to where she had left off. She wondered what his past was, and if that it might be worse than hers.

message 29: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments He stops, "If you're sorry for what your friends do, then why do you hang out with them?" He turns to her one last time. "Remember this one thing, one thing you say or do, can push someone over the edge into their own deaths. Just remember that. Some people have problems greater than anything you could imagine, that I can even imagine." He whispers, closing his eyes, letting his face show a little pain, "Just think before you act." He says finally, then he was gone. His black boots clicking against the pavement.

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
"I can't make anyone do anything, if they get pushed too far that's on them," she said before he left. After he disappeared down the sidewalk she shoved her book into her bag and stood up angrily. She tossed her glasses into the bag as well and stormed off. She was tired of people always putting things on her. It wasn't her fault if people can't handle her insults. Nothing he had said would change her actions, although it did make her think about her role and wanting to change.

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Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments ((*Tackles and chokes* I. Hate. Youuuuu. o.o (Not you, her.)))

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
((Lol, I know right? I wanted to make the perfect mean girl :D))

message 33: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments ((She seriously could kill someone with her bitchitude.))

♥Kathrine {True Love Never Dies}♥ | 131 comments Mod
((Yup, it's gunna take a lot and I mean A LOT for her to change, but she won't until she cause some serious damage))

message 35: by Kate Kid (new)

Kate Kid (katekid) | 154 comments ((Fine. *Cracks knuckles* Lay her on me. I can make that damage, just do it to Arrin, he's a tough cookie to crack. I'll tell you what makes him tick over messages and how to make the damage if you'd like. ;) ))

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