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~Cassie~ | 1086 comments Mod
Place where to wounded shadowhunters go when an iratz just won't do. It's a plain white room with multiple cots lined in rows.

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~Cassie~ | 1086 comments Mod
Evelyn walked up ahead of Ben and held the door open for him, since he didn't have any hands free at the moment.

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cαяяιє Ben walked hurriedly through the doorway and set the girl on the cot closest to him. He made sure she was in a semi-comfortable position, before hurrying to a cupboard and pulling out some bandages, disinfectant, and salve for the wound. He came back over to the bedside and lifted the base of her shirt so he could treat and dress the wound properly. He set the equipment down except for the salve. He unscrewed the lid and scooped some into his hand, rubbing it on her scratch. He didn't know if she was well enough to hear him, but explained to her what he was doing. "This salve will help bring the poison to the surface of your wound, that way it won't spread to any of your vital organs." He took out the disinfectant and rubbed that onto her wound as well. "That way you won't get an infection. It's going to sting like hell for a little while, but trust me, you don't want to go without it," he told her. After making sure the salve was working, he put the bandages onto her stomach, to cover the wound and catch the black poison that was now coming out.

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Evelyn watched from the next cot over, nodding with what he was doing and saying. She felt quite a bit of pride in the knowledge that he was doing exactly what a shadowhunter twice his age and with much more experience would do.
Unfortunately, however,Evelyn knew that even with the salves, it would be touch and go for tonight. If she made it to the morning, she'd be fine.

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 1849 comments Mod
Destiny, just looking at the girl made her winced. She could imagine the pain that seared through her, more than what a Nephilim can take. Destiny took a tentative step towards the girl, looking at a close up of where she was injured. That was a lot.

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cαяяιє When Ben was finished, he finally let himself relax a bit. There wasn't much more he could do for the girl, just try and make her as comfortable as possible. He realized just then that he had no clue what this new girls name was. He looked at her for a moment, debating on whether or not to leave her alone, but in the end curiosity won out. "What is your name?" He asked her, wondering if she could make out an answer through the pain.

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Evelyn stood up and walked over to the girl. "You need to rest," she said softly, placing her arm behind the girl's back to help her stay up. She could feel heat from Addy's body through her clothes. Dread balled up in her gut. "It's up to your body now, and sleeping is going to be the best thing for you to do."

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cαяяιє Ben took a step back, letting Evelyn fuss over Addlyn. The name seemed familiar to him but he couldn't quite place it. The girl seemed pretty adamant to convince them that she wasn't from around here and that made him slightly suspicious. What was she hiding? There wasn't much he could do about it now though, he would have to wait to question her about it later, when she was better. Because she was going to get better. After all of the trouble he went to to save her sorry ass, he wasn't going to let her get worse on his watch.

Ben snapped out of his thoughts and looked over at Evelyn. "Do you know who she is?" He asked her in a whisper. Maybe he couldn't question Addlyn, but Evelyn might know something.

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 1849 comments Mod
Destiny watched and found the name familiar too but kept quiet about it, she couldn't be weak and show her inner self -- the soft side of her, at least not now.

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~Cassie~ | 1086 comments Mod
Evelyn, after making Addlyn was laying down and on jer way to sleep, turned to Ben. "The name does sound familiar," she said softly, thinking. "But I can't place it right now." It was driving her crazy, too. She had to have been from.around here. Her statement of the opposite was much too desperate to be true. But, even with that information, she still couldn't place her name.

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cαяяιє Ben was glad Evelyn found the name familiar too. He didn't want to think that he was going crazy, so it reassured him. He looked at Addlyn, laying on the cot, but didn't think she looked familiar at all. So why was her name familiar? One thing he knew was that he was going to get to the bottom of it. He didn't like not knowing things, it made him feel insolent. He turned back to face Evelyn and replied softly, "Whatever the reason, I'm going to find out."

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~Cassie~ | 1086 comments Mod
Evelyn gave him a small smile. "I'm sure you will," she said, meaning it whole-heartedly. Whenever Ben had set his mind to something in the past, he followed through with it. This would be no different.
"In the mean time, I think someone should be here with her until she wakes up again," she said. "That way, if something happens with her condition, someone is always here and able to either fix it, or get help."

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Trusting him to take the first watch, she nodded to him and walked out of the infirmary.

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Mikayla "Where are my clothes?" Clary said to Isabelle.
"Oh yah, Jace burned them!"
"What, why?"
"Because they where full of demon blood and where very smelly! I left you some of my old clothes in the bathroom for you to change into." Said Isabelle, and left the room.

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~Cassie~ | 1086 comments Mod
((Hey Mikayla, in this roleplay we create our own characters and roleplay them, not the characters out of the book.))

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~Cassie~ | 1086 comments Mod
Evelyn kicked the door open and walked over to an empty bed. She carefully lowered the girl on the bed and then examined her. In seconds, she saw the wound on her hand. It was bad, but nothing to worry about.
Satisfied that that was the only thing wrong, Evelyn walked over to the cabinet and began grabbing various containers full of stuff. Then she started mixing.

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Emily | 532 comments Anna gave a small sigh of relief as they reached the infirmary. "We're finally here" she whispered, trying to remain calm despite her pain.

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~Cassie~ | 1086 comments Mod
Jake stumbled in and quickly but carefully laid Averlyn on one of the beds. His head started spinning as he straightened, so he leaned back down, resting his hands on the bed. Closing his eyes made the spinning sensation worse, so he opened his eyes and fixed on the white material of the bed sheet.

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Kate | 153 comments Katherine ran in after them and saw Jake leaning on the bed. She ran up to him and lead him to the next bed and made him lye down in rapping her jacket from his worst wound so that they could heal it.

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 1849 comments Mod
Averlyn by that time had already pass out and didn't know what was happening around her.

Zachary set Anna down gently on one of the many other beds before lifting her shirt to just beneath her ribcage because he needed to insect the wound.

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Emily | 532 comments Anna smiled nervously at him as he lay her down, trying to relax despite the pain, though his presence made her calmer. She said nothing as he lifted her shirt but stopped him. "Hold on" she eased the shirt off gently with her thin arms, revealing a thin black vest that she hoisted up around her body so her stomach and ribs and whole upper body were on display, and so were the wounds. Two deep red slashes that had lined her stomach and rib area. She decided not yo stare at them, so instead gazed at him instead.

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Zach's eyes widened as the wounds and he said, "Anna I think I might need to put a sleeping rune on you because this will hurt a lot and by a lot, I mean a lot." Zach took out his stele and dug his mind for the rune pattern.

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Emily | 532 comments Anna looked at him and smiled bravely, trying to act like she wasn't nervous or deeply in pain, "If you must Zach" she held his hand to stop hers from shaking. She lay back as he took out his stele. "Thankyou in advance" she brought him closer to her, slightly shaking from the pain and the feeling of fear and nerves though she knew Zach would be there with her all the way.

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~Cassie~ | 1086 comments Mod
"I'm fine," Jake said. "Take care of Averlyn." His head was spinning still, but he wasn't in danger of passing out anytime soon. Averlyn needed help more than he did.

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Ariadne strode in unsure of the reception her presence would gain and asked "which of you nephlim tried to kill yourselves about an hour ago " she spat out the word nephilm being rather annoyed by their stupidity at the moment and waited for a response from one of the nephlim.

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Zach gave Anna a reassuring smile before drawing the sleeping rune and waited for a while for it to take effect. As he waited, he went and took the supplies needed to treat the exterior wounds that Anna had sustained. He looked up from taking the guaze when he heard Ariande's voice and Zach's eyes narrowed, "Those Nephilim happened to be us."

Averlyn woke up and let out a soft groan as she shifted her weight on her left hip but she could do nothing about it. She sharpened her vision and watched Ariande walk in to speak. Averlyn heard Zach's reply and nodded, "Yeah...We are."

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Emily | 532 comments Anna smiled back at him as he came back, she felt herself drift into the dark world of sleep, it taking over almost immediately, smiling at Zach. The last thing she saw.
Anna was then still and quiet, except for her quiet methodical breathing as she waited for Zach to heal her.

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Zach turned his attention back to Anna as he cleaned her wounds more thoroughly the next time round before dapping at them with dry paper and drew several iratze to seal the wounds and heal them. It would probably be weird for him to give her a change of clothes so he glanced at Averlyn but she didn't seem to be in the condition to help Anna do anything since she was just as bad herself.

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"Do you need any magic ?" She tried to soften the tone of her voice seeing how badly injured the nephilim was but failed "and what are your names?"

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Emily | 532 comments Anna was half awake and slighly aware of the iratze that had been drawn on her. Even half awake she felt better though still sore and under a bit of pain thanks to Zach.
((Clairene, should Anna wake up now?))

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Averlyn sat up a little straighter as she ignored the pain and she said, "I'm Averlyn, the boy tending to the girl is Zach and she is Anna. The boy over there is Jake, my boyfriend and the other girl is Katherine." She nodded towards where Jake and Katherine were, telling Ariande their names.

Zach nodded and opened his mouth to ask, "Then what is yours and I think you can work some healing magic on Averlyn. No one's in good condition to tend to her right now except for me but I'm tending to Anna."

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Emily | 532 comments Anna woke up, her eyes fluttering open and she smiled as she saw Zach above her. "Hi Zach, I'm back" she whispered softly as her surroundings become clearer, her body feeling tender and weak. She gazed down at her bare stomach and ribs and noticed the iratze that he had carefully done. "Thankyou" she looked back up to see him.

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Kate | 153 comments Katherine finally Jake to lye down despite his efforts to help Averlyn. " I will you need to lay down and get some rest " she told Jake. Then she heard her and turned her head and waved when she realized it was a introduction.

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 1849 comments Mod
"That was fast, and you're welcome," Zach smiled down at Anna as he stroke her cheek tenderly.

Averlyn turned her head as she saw how everyone was concerned about everyone and thought that the place really was her home. Truly.

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"Thank you Averlyn ,I am Ariadne one of the high warlocks from around here." She told them this as they had told her their names and walked over to Averlyn "What attacked you? I need to know."

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Emily | 532 comments Anna laughed lowly and smiled back at Zach, her green eyes glittering with affection as she stared at him. She held his hand as he stroked her cheek. Anna felt better but still very weak and in a bit of pain that ached every time she moved slightly,

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"I don't know the demon's name but it slashed my side and some of them hit me," Averlyn said weakly as she placed a hand on her side, trying to press away the pain the was stabbing through.

Zach then pulled out a chair and sat beside Anna, looking at her with worried eyes. "How are you feeling?" Zach asked.

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Jake fought to keep his eyes open. The sounds dulled around him until all he heard was a buzz. His sight was dimming. He must have been a lot worse off than he originally thought.

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Averlyn then turned her head and found Jake on the other bed about to go unconscious. "Ariadne, I think you should help Jake first.. He's going unconscious and at least I'm conscious," Averlyn stated worriedly.

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Emily | 532 comments Anna held his hand to stop hers from shaking. "Still weak and my wounds are still hurting me" she said honestly.
"But better now you've healed me" she smiled at him, trying to keep his spirits up. She grimaced slightly as she looked down at her blood stained top and trousers, she felt slightly sick, a constant reminder of what had happened to her

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Zach looked at her blood stained clothes and said, "I'll go grab a change of clothes for you and come right back. However, can you stand to change or do you need help?" Zach knew he was probably fussing over her but it didn't matter since it was concern and she was his girlfriend.

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Emily | 532 comments "Thanks Zach" she smiled at him, his kindness warming her. "And I'm not sure, we'll see when you get back" she nodded as she started sitting up.

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Kate | 153 comments Katherine looked at Jake concerned he was going unconscious and she need help. She call out to the warlock " we need help over here Jake has lot to much blood he can't even stay awake"

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The adrenaline from the fight was completely gone, leaving Jake with nothing but pain. A moan escaped his lips without him having a chance of stopping it. He hurt all over. It was agony. Pure agony.

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Zach nodded and left the infirmary before heading to the room where Anna resided in. He entered it and took a white shirt with a pair of shorts for comfort and her undergarments. Even though he was a guy, he knew which was which.

Averlyn watched Jake worriedly, afraid that something bad might happen to him because of her. After all, she made him use a lot of energy as Jake ran back to the Institute with her in his hands.

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Emily | 532 comments Whilst he was gone Anna started attempting to get up, biting her lip in order to hide the pain.

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"All right " Ariadne said a walked over to jake ,she placed her hand on the wound and started chanting quickly her hand quickly lighted up and she continued until it was healed she then applied some ointment and walked to Averyln "you are lucky to escape ,it was a greater demon by the name of Amaircain ,he was strong but you still escaped ,you are very lucky ,now I will heal you it is rather strange ,warlock healing but not painful." She then placed her hand gently onto Averlyn's side and chanted again applying ointment after the healing had finished ,then she walked away and stood near the wall waiting for any more unwanted instructions.

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"I need to go now but if you need me I will be in the warlock warehouse ." Ariadne looked at the friends almost longing to be that close to someone herself but then left without another word only nodding her head .

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Reiko  (reikohitomi) | 1849 comments Mod
Averlyn was feeling much better and she grinned as Ariadne left, "Thank you! I'm feeling a whole lot awesomer!" Then she swung her legs over the bed as she felt seriously better, before making her way to the bed where Jake was at. "Hey," she smiled softly at him.

Zach came back with Anna's change of clothing and placed it on her bed, asking, "So do you need my help or you can handle it? Though I think Averlyn can help if you want." He watched as Averlyn walked to Jake, significantly recovering from her wounds.

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"Hey yourself," Jake replied, feeling a lot better than he had just a few moments ago. That warlock, he'd missed her name, had done an amazing job healing him. His injuries seemed to be almost completely gone.

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