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What's your favorite Dutch Leonard book?
Tony Kordyban Tony Aug 21, 2013 07:04PM
On the occasion of the Old Master's demise, I'd like to nominate "Fifty-two Pickup" as the best crime novel of all time. It was my first Dutch Leonard book, and it phrases from it have stuck in my head for 35 years. What is your favorite?

Get Shorty, Maximum Bob, Killshot... Freaky Deaky has one of the best opening chapters ever

I've always loved "Touch" because it's a departure from the usual Dutch story...not that there's anything wrong with the usual. It was adventurous to tackle the stigmata subject and to show a certain well-known religious denomination in an unflattering light. But overall as far as Dutchs novels - there ain't a dud in the bunch....

Don't know why no one has thrown in their 2 cents on this thread. I'll ante up for "Get Shorty". Loaded with great characters (flawed to the bone, of course), a Leonard trademark' and absolutely spot on dialogue. My favorite by far.

my favorites are Get shorty, maximum bob, and 52 pickup. These are amazing reads.

Chris (last edited Nov 16, 2014 01:42PM ) Dec 20, 2013 01:28PM   0 votes
Maximum Bob...but I've found all of his books enjoyable, mostly because of his characterisations and writing style. #unique

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