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Serena - Anyone reading this?
Beth Beth Aug 21, 2013 05:38PM
Anyone reading Serena?
I just started it.

I recently finished it. Loved it. While Serena herself is not a laudable character, she is drawn in mythic proportions, a bit Medea, a bit Lady Macbeth, quite a bit an evil goddess.

Jeanyne Read it about 2 months ago. Gripping story. I highly recommend it. My book group is doing it next year.
Aug 20, 2014 03:23AM
Annie I loved it too, I read it after hearing about the movie. I wanted to know more about how Serena became so twisted.
Oct 07, 2014 03:21PM

I read it, was really good. Also read The Cove.

I could see Gwyneth Paltrow playing Serena in the film adaptation. I think Jennifer Lawrence would make a better Rachel.

It was a wild read--so violent and dark. Someone said? The last thing you want to be is a character in a Ron Rash novel... it's dangerous!

Yes I am finding it an unusual and captivating story. I'm having trouble putting it down! Have you read any other of his books. I had not heard of Ron Rash until this book was recommended but he appears to be a prolific writer.

I adored Serena so much that I did my senior seminar paper on it in college, along with another of Ron Rash's works. I highly recommend reading his other novels. They are fantastic. I've been fortunate enough to meet him as well and he's a wonderful speaker and so nice. He read a selection from his latest collection of short stories.

I loved it — and I didn't know a movie was coming.

So what happened to the film version that as supposed to be released 6 month's ago. Anyone hear anything?

I know a lot of people LOVED this book, and I initially heard about it due to the fact that it was going to be made into a film starring Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper (both of whom I really enjoy as actors). However, I could barely get through the first 100 pages. It just did not hook me. After reading other reviews, and learning that there is quite a bit of animal cruelty (which I can not deal with- even in fictional writing), I do not think I will be finishing the book. Just not my cup of tea. Though I will say the author's descriptions of the camp and the wilderness were very vivid and interesting.

Gripping story with an ending I really didn't expect.

Yes, I recently finished it. I can't wait to see how this plays out in the movie adaptation.

I read it and really liked it! The characters are flawed, complex, and just plain not nice! I recommend.

I read this book based on a list of books that were must reads before becoming a movie. I liked the book but I am waiting to see if the movie can follow this story. Good book and glad I got to read.

I thought this books was a huge disappointment. I read a book of Ron Rash's short stories (which I usually avoid) and was very very impressed. So i bought this one. Waste of money. Almost cartoonish characters. Not something I'd bother with if there is a movie.

I read this book years ago and loved it. I have mixed feelings about the movie coming out. I don't know how it can compare to the book and I definitely did not envision Serena as Jennifer Lawrence. I see her as much more mature. Darker. Definitely not the hunger games ingenue vibe Lawrence has.

Read this a few months ago. Very interesting book. Can't wait for the movie! Jennifer Lawrence will be great in this role.

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