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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod

A good place to run around and stroll. Croquet is usually played here.

message 2: by Lyric (new)

Lyric Mermaidan (ambrosiadaughterofzeus) | 57 comments Daphne was on her knees as she worked on a small garden in the corner of the lawn. Most thought it odd for the icy female to be so good with plants, something winter killed. But she found the activity calming, though it wasn't her favorite hobby.

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Dee waited for Patrick to come. He seemed nice. She didn't want to scare him.

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Patrick stumbled out after. "Sorry I became distracted with something but I'm better now thank you for waiting."

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She rolled her eyes. But made sure he couldn't see her.
"No problem. It's the least I can do for a Bog Buddy. Most kids here don't even talk to me. Well, at least not after they see what I can do. Please don't ask..."

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"It is none of my business anyways." Patrick said shrugging. "And personal I can't see why they wouldn't talk to you you seem very nice."

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She let out a bitter laugh.
"Niceness has nothing to do with it." She stared to walk towards the bog area.

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"If you say so." Patrick replied shrugging while following her.

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She glanced at him. She kept on walking, but desperately wanted to run back to the cliff and jump, like she had been planning to do earlier today. No one had ever stayed near here for this long. Let alone talk to her too.

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"Are you feeling alright madam you look a little worried." Patrick said calmly.

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She smirked.
"If by fine you mean I want to gouge my eyes out, then yes Sir, I am fine." They were almost out of the lawn.

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"I do consider that fine I have the same feelings and such." Patrick replied.

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Deirdre smiled.
"Did I ever tell you my name?"

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"No I don't believe you did." Patrick said.

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"My name is Deirdre Moncha Montrose. Deirdre is pronounced 'Die-dre' and Moncha is pronounced 'Mon-ca'."

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"You do realize that Deirdre is part of Irish mythology?" Patrick asked her.

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She nodded.
"Yes. It means sad. And Moncha means alone." They had almost reached the bog.

((Meet you there??))

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

Patrick nodded and followed.


Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 14 comments Keara sat under a tree, her face said nothing, but her hands furiously pierced a piece of detailed embroidery that she had been working on. It was a bird, nesting in a background of colorful flowers, but however bright it was, Keara only brought it out when she was in a worse then usual mood. As she worked on the bird, she never looked up, but she felt that she rustling in the leaves around her was not the result of the wind, but of her mind powers.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod
Emma walked towards the girls "Go inside, we are going to be on a lockdown" She instructed.

Beautiful Cheese (Celine) (zeelazybum) | 14 comments Keara didn't seem to notice Emma, for nothing about her showed even the slightest change from what it had been. She had heard what Emma had said, but she didn't feel like moving just yet. Not until everyone else had left, as least.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod
Emma walked over to Keara "Go inside now" She said again, her voice much more stern. She knew everyone would have to be inside and safe or Kenneth would never calm down.

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Patrick and Dee walked out onto the lawn. "You better sleep." He muttered

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Dee smiled, swinging their hands back and forth.
"I will. But not outside. It's too cold, and there are bugs. And we didn't brings a blanket."

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"Well obviously I didn't mean here." Patrick said rolling his eyes

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Dee smiled.
"I know... Now." She said spinning, then fell on the ground.

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"Now what?" Patrick said looking at her.

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Dee looked up at him.
"I don't know. We talk? Unless that's too girly for you " She giggled

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"Kay but to warn you I'm awful at it." Patrick said laughing.

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Dee looked at him with a strait face. She wanted him to just talk to her. It didn't matter about what.
"Just tell me what you would do before we met, I guess."

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"I'd drink the night away." Patrick said sighing.

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Dee nodded.
"Why are you still standing up?" She asked from the ground.
"I used to find new ways to die. I once swallowed a knife."

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Patrick sat down and looked at her. "You swallowed a knife how'd that feel?"

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"It hurt. A lot." She said moving closer to him on the ground. She was getting a bit cold.

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"I thought so." Patrick said putting a arm around her.

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She rested her head on his shoulder.
"One time I was so mad a used a letter opener to cut my hand off. I died of pain." She said.

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"That must've really just hurt, I remember when I tried to kill myself my dad took away anything sharp from but I had a bottle of whiskey so I broke that it took me over a hour to slit my wrist I was surprise I had glass so I thought it would be quick." Patrick said.

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Dee shook her head.
"No. Glass takes a lot longer to cut yourself. Unless its on the right angle. I once chopped of all my hair, and then drank a bottle of poison. I woke up and my hair was back to normal.... I was so sad." She said turning her head to look at him.

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"Really so you like your hair short?" Patrick asked titling his head slightly.

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Dee shook her head. Then shrugged.
"I don't know. I never really had it long for that long." She said looking in his eyes

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"I see." Patrick muttered and propped himself up looking back in her eyes.

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Dee still looked up at him.
"Any weird thoughts go through your head?" She asked.

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"I don't consider them weird but yes." Patrick replied

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Dee blinked.
"So what are they?" She asked.

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"Normal." Patrick Sid shrugging.

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Dee laughed.
"I meant what are the thoughts! Not if they were normal!" She said giggling.

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Patrick shook his head and laughed. "I should have know, mostly there of my father though."

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Dee put her hand on his arm.
"You need to stop thinking about him. He hurt you. Think about someone good. Someone who helped you and loved you." She said kindly.

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"My mother really was one of the people I remember and you of course." Patrick said looking at her.

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Dee blushed and smiled.
"Thank you. I honestly don't know how to respond to that." She said shyly.

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