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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod

A big, blue pool with an extremely deep end, sort of murky and dark...SINISTER!!!

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Rin had just finished her 20th lap in the pool. She got out and started to dry off before going back in.

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meow | 505 comments Hero was sitting in a chair a bit away moving the water a bit with her mind for fun.

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Rin glanced at the girl.
"would you care to go for a dip with me?" She asked nicely. Just like Miss P said to ask.

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meow | 505 comments Hero looked up. "Sure..."she said standing up.

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Rin smiled, and did a swan dive into the pool. She loved the feeling of the cool water hitting her dry skin.

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meow | 505 comments ((Got to have dinner))

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((lol i alreayd had it. may it be yummy.))

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meow | 505 comments Hero jumped into the water confused because she couldn't feel it. That's why she Dosent like going in the water that much.

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Rin smiled at her.
"Do you enjoy swimming?" She asked. Ever since Miss P had taught her how to speak English, Rin had an easier time talking to other people.

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meow | 505 comments "Not that much." She admitted.

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Rin shrugged and started tot tread water.
"Most people do not. But they prefer to keep it to themselves as to not change the opinion of the other person. I think that," She hesitated. Searching for the right word.
"Your honesty is a very good quality."

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meow | 505 comments "Thanks." She said debating on weather to tell her why she didn't like the water.

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Rin nodded. Then chided herself for being so rude. She dove under the water and came up in the deep end.
"I do not think that i know your name. I am truly sorry."

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meow | 505 comments "That's okay." She said and hesitated. What if its someone in disguise? She asked herself in her head. "Um...my names H-hero."

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Rin nodded.
"A warriors name. Beautiful." Rin loved names like that. They reminded her of Japan.

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meow | 505 comments "Thanks, may I ask, what's you name?" She asked her and almost smiled. Almost.

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meow | 505 comments ((Your*))

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Rin smiled too.
"Rin Mizusima. It means 'ice water-island' in Japanese." Rin Made sure her bangs still covered her eyes.

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meow | 505 comments "Could I see your eyes?" She asked her brown eye still covered by hair and her green eye showing.

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Rin shook her head.
"I am sorry, but no. I do not like showing them. They are my curse. My brother did it to them. I do not wish to startle you." Rins long bangs swung over her head.

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meow | 505 comments "What-what do you mean?" She asked. Confused was one of them like her green eye with the scar?

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Run shook her head.
" Haruto, my brother made me cry. And after I cried, he was hanged for the murder of two beautiful people. My eyes froze when he died. I did not think he should have killed them. But then again, I was the one to turn him in." Rin thought of the two murdered, and sighed.

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meow | 505 comments "What do you mean they froze?" She asked confused.

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Rin sighed.
"My eyes were a magnificent shade of blue. But then, they froze over." Rin pulled back her bangs, and showed the girl her horrible eyes. They had tiny icicles for eyelashes, and the eyes themselves were a translucent blue. Her pupils looked as though they had been frozen in a moment of absolute pain and agony. The ice seemed to start at her eyes, and move around them. Shadowing them. Rin let her bangs fall back down.
"He froze my eyes." She said matter-of-factually

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meow | 505 comments "I'm sorry for asking I just ask because my eyes...well they are different colours." She mumbled.

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Ron smiled. A true smile.
"Curiosity is nothing to be ashamed off. My curiosity is strong, but I do not have as much courage as you to word my curiosity. Bravery is something you have. Never let it go." Rin smiled again, and pulled her self out of the pool. She grabbed her towel and started to part herself dry.

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meow | 505 comments Hero pulled her self out of the pool tired of feeling nothing, even though she never feels anything. "Did you ever hear the saying curiosity killed the cat?" She asked her quietly.

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Rin laughed. ((If it comes out as Ron instead of Rin, it's cos of auotcheck))
"Of course! But do you know the continuation of that phrase?" The girl shook her head. "'Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back.' Do you feel satisfied Miss Hero?" Rin asked with a slight smile.

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meow | 505 comments "I don't know." She said. "I guess I feel bad for you about the answer."

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Rin shrugged.
"I am used to the question. But I do not normally show people what the answer is. I showed you because of your name. I like it very much."

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meow | 505 comments "Thanks." She blinked a couple times at say down on the chair. She had to be careful sitting down in case she fell.

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

Rin nodded.
"It was not an issue. I enjoy answering questions. But only while I am on break." She pulled on her skirt, and blouse. Then took off her bathing suit. She then pulled her katana out from under the chair, and strapped it to her waist.

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meow | 505 comments "When you are on break?" She asked.

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Rin smiled.
"I just was. I take samurai training very seriously. I practice most of the day. I have an hour of classes each day with Miss Peregrine. To help with my speaking. Then I have an hour of free time right after dinner. So e days I have two hours of free time throughout the day. Today I hade two hours. So, swimming for one, the perhaps I will go to town for some fish to make sushi. You can come if you wish??"

((I'm so sorry, but I have to go and make my lunch. To tomorrow??))

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meow | 505 comments "Sure." She said.

((Okay bye))

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Rin nodded.
"Alright. Shall we go after dinner??" Rin wanted this girl to like her. Maybe she already did.

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meow | 505 comments "Sure I guess where to you want to meet?" She asked her.

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Rin thought.
"Peh-haps we can meet up in tee sitting room. Then we can head out to tee Fishmongers to get my fish." Rin heard her accent come back. Japan had been where she was born, and without it she wouldnt be who she was today.

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meow | 505 comments "Sure." She said and almost smiled. Almost she noticed her accent but didn't say anything.

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Rin smiled.
"Excellent! So i will see you in the sitting room after diner?"

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meow | 505 comments "Yep." She said

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((okay, so we can go there now, or we can wait a while and then go thee?? up to you))

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meow | 505 comments ((Hmmm how about now? And who's posting first?))

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((okay. doesnt matter whoever gets there first???))

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meow | 505 comments ((Okay))

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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod
Hanna walked towards the pool with Henry. "Have you been meditating?" Hanna asked as she sat, her feet dangling in the water.

Henry shook his head "Not for awhile" He answered honestly.

"So what made you lose control before?"

"Rin hit Melinda, Susie freaked out and said Melinda wouldn't talk cause she was to hurt" Henry explained, not looking his sister in the eye.

Hanna nodded "And because of mother and father, you felt the need to 'teach' them" Hanna finished for her brother.

"Yes, and I feel ashamed that I scared Susie and lost control"

"One day I know you will have control one day" Hanna leaned over and hugged Henry.

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 †Emily† Jonah walked up to the pool and looked around. No one seemed to be in sight, good. He hadn't shifted today and he was worried he might shift sometime soon. 'I'll have to shift after.' He thought. He took off his shirt and did a canon ball into the deep end.

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meow | 505 comments ((Could I join?))

message 50: by †Emily† (new)

 †Emily† ((Sure :) Liv is coming too))

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