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A damp place thats muddy and icky, but a good place to admit secrets....

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Dee looked into the murky water and thought Maybe ill die suddenly. That'll be fun. she glanced at Patrick.
"Don't drink the water until I do. If its fatal, I'll die. Okay?"

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"Okay." Patrick said looking at her with keen interest.

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Dee moved towards the bog, and dipped the glass into the filthy water. She grimaced, then took a sip. She could feel it. The water was fatal. She started to choke, and felt herself go light headed. She feel to the ground, and started to thrash.

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Patrick watched this series of events take place he knelt down next to her but didn't interfere.

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She saw Patrick kneel down beside her and was touched, but then again, everyone who had been near her when she did this had always been concerned. She felt her heart slow down. She blinked a few times, and then, nothing.

like always, she was in limbo for what felt like hours, but was only a mere second in the living world. Limbo never let her down. It gave her time to think.
Dad would be around 40 by now. Her mother would be 36. And the Fisherman would be.... 75? He never told her his age... But he was family. She froze. He had never told her his name. The Fisherman, was always what she thought of him, and she called him Pa. A silver tear fell. It would only fall in limbo. She hoped Patrick was alright...

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Patrick looked down at the lifeless body beside him and kept looking at her never moving just waiting, watching.

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Slowly she felt her body begin to wake. Her heart started, then her eyes fluttered, she heaved in lungful after lungful of air, and finally, opened her eyes.

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"Glad to see you car back." Patrick said a small smile playing in his lips.

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Dee blinked, waiting for her eyes sight to return.
"Hi," It came out a mumble. The water must have taken a toll on her body. She coughed, then felt herself start to vomit, she turned her back to Patrick, and heaved nothing out of her stomach. She spat the phlegm out of her mouth, then coughed some more.
"Sorry..." She still didnt look at Patrick.

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"No reason to be." Patrick replied standing up and looking at her.

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She blushed. The frowned.
"What do you mean?"

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"Why are you sorry there's no reason to be." Patrick replied still looking at her.

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She sat up and looked at him.
"I died, then came back, and then threw up. Those are two perfectly good reasons to be sorry."

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"Well not in my book you're but your still forgiving all the same." Patrick replied.

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Dee shook her head getting rid of the dizziness.
"Don't drink the water..." She tried to stand up but she swayed and almost fell.

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"I figured." He said taking her arm and putting it across his shoulders for support.

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She put her head on his shoulder.
"Can you take me to the cliff? I like to sit there. Plus its beautiful at the end of the day."

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"Sure I've been there once or twice." Patrick said walking with her.

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She leaned on him some more.
"Thanks... Did you figure out what my ability is?" She swayed some more.

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"You'll come back to life no matter what?" He guessed.

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She nodded.
"Yeah... I once jumped off the cliff here... I came back with gray eyes... They weren't always gray..."

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"What did they use to be?" Patrick asked her.

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She lowered her gaze and looked at their synchronized feet.
"I dont really know... My father never had mirrors, or reflected surfaces in our home. And i dont think i would have remembered, i was seven when i left... And the Fisherman was not one to make me sit around. I helped him in his boat, and water never told me what colour they were..." She thought of happier times. When she would come home and be able to just, sleep.

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((i gtg. finish tomorrow??))

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Patrick brought a hand to her chin and tilted her face up to look at his. "Well I love them either way, and it sounds like you had a good childhood." Patrick said looking at her.

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Dee shook her head. She didnt want his pity, but she also didnt want him to think she had it easy.
"No. My mother died when i was seven, not long after my father was murdered... I ran away, and died for the first time, and then the Fisherman found me and took care of me until i was ten. Then the villagers got scared of me and tried to kill me, so the Fisherman sent me away with food, water and a coat. I went back to see him a few years ago and found out the towns people killed him when they couldnt find me." She took a deep breath.
" So no, i did not have a good life."

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"Well Im sorry to here that." Patrick said without an ounce of apology in his tone.

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She looked dead ahead. She heard the ice in his voice.
"I bet you are..." She mumbled. They kept on walking.
Almost at the cliff now... she thought with joy.

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Patrick stayed silent thinking back to his childhod with and invoulentary shudder he kept walking and kept drinking

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((meet u at cliff?? u post first??))

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 142 comments Katie ran in with Kenneth and the fish.

((Lol, that sounds funny..))

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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod
((That does))

Kenneth followed behind Katie closely.

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((Kenneth and the fish... That sounds like a movie, or book, or a passage in the bible...))

Rin walked up behind them.

"Good job. Are you both okay? I dont think they will find us."

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 142 comments ((lol, it does! XD))

Katie nodded. "Sorry..."

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Rin looked at Kat.
"Do not be sorry. It was my fault. I should have reminded you before we went, that way you didnt change in front of them...What amtters is that we are all okay. Right Kenneth??"

((i still want to know what kind of cake it is..))

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 142 comments ((You get nothing! Ha ha! :P))

Katie nodded. "I guess... I just don't get why everyone gets so scared and looks at me like a freak show. When I learned I could turn into a cat, I was excited and thought people would be proud..."

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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod

Kenneth gave a small nod, before looking at the murky water. He wondered about all the ways that water could kill him.

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((thank you Anastacia))

Rin nodded.
"I understand. Most people dont know what i can no, because it is blind to the naked eye."She took the fish from Kenneth, and put it in her satchel.

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 142 comments Katie looked up at her. "What can you do?"

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Rin sighed.
"I have complete understanding of every single fighting style in the world. But i prefer to use my katana sword."

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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod
((It has chocolate icing with rainbow sprinkles *Gives everyone roleplay a cake* they are all chocolate))

Kenneth took a step towards the water, wanting to feel what its temperature was.

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((i want the only one... WAIT!!!!!!! mods only cake. that should be a thing. everyone has to send virtual cakes to the mods on a certain day, and the mods send u messages that say give them all a score on one-ten, and the winner gets like, a mention in the group breifing thing on the home page. and we re do it like, once a month, and the next winner gets their name on that thing too.))

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Rin watched Kenneth.
"Kenneth, come here. Stay away from the water. I dont want you to get hurt."

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notyourfriend (amemori) | 142 comments ((Aww, not fair!))

Katie shrugged. She didn't know what a banana sword was anways...

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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod
((I like that idea))

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((i know right??? random cake!!))

Banana sword???
do you mean Katana sword???

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