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Dark and depressing....mwhahaha

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Dee nodded. She thought of the future.
"My biggest fear is that i wont be able to die at all. So while everyone i know and care about die of old age, or sickness, i will be fit as a fiddle." She said using her Fishermans favorite saying.

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"I can see that it would be rather gloomy hell, in my eyes the worlds already that way." Patrick said muttering the last part.

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Dee shivered.
"I still dont want it to happen..." She muttered. She stepped over a tree root, and turned to face Patrick.
"Life sucks. I understand this fact, but i dont want it to. I wish i could die. I wish i was more human, so i could feel sickness. But i cant. I was never sick as a girl." Dee hated how she didnt know him, but she wanted him to know everything about her. She looked away from him.

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"Honestly." Patrick said taking her hands in his. "I wish I was more like you." Patrick said softly while looking at her.

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Dee glanced at him.
"Why? Whats there to want?" She asked, truly confused.

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"I have a lot of debts to settle and plus I want to see what it's like in the future new technology, new laws, and new drinks." He said sincerely while still looking at her.

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Dee shook her head.
"I will still age... So i will be like, 90 by the time those things come out... I will be old.."
And the people I love will be much father away then they are now... she thought sadly.

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"Still it would be interesting." Patrick said and started walking again. "But there are more downs than ups I suppose."

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Dee stayed where she was.
"I ll be all alone..." She mumbled.

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Patrick looked back and walked up to her. "That's a down." He said taking her hand. "But there will be others."

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Dee didnt want to move. But she was cold so she moved slowly.

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"Listen." Patrick said running his fingers through his hair. "Don't looked to the past nor the future, try to enjoy the now make your life wroth something I always told myself this but I ended up failing my own words but you have time something I'll never get."

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Dee looked at him in awe.
"Okay. I will. But on one condition," She glared at him.
"You have to stop drinking. Deal?" Seh asked hopefully.

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"Fine deal, but I'll need some help with that." Patrick said looking at her.

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Dee smiled.
"Okay. I help Fisherman quite. And i was only seven." She led the way back to the house.
((meet u in the 'school somewhere?? u pick. i will follow.))

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"Good and fair warning I'll be rather snappish and intolerant." Patrick said taking out his flask and throwing it out into the brush before walking back towards her.

((Sure sitting room?))

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Dee smiled.
"Alright." even though she wanted him to quite, she didnt want him to hate her. Or die before his time. She remembered the spot where he threw his flask.

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"Out of sight of mind." Patrick said smiling at her as he walked back into the school.

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((u post first.))

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((Of course))

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 †Emily† Hope walked silently through the forest. She breathed in and out and willed herself to invisible.

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Rin ran in the forest, jumping over roots, logs, and rabbit holes. She needed to get this anger and energy out of her system before she went to see Kenneth. She did at want to yell at him. He was just a boy.

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 †Emily† Hope froze. Someone had run past her and she went to follow them. They were running fast and she followed.

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Rin's speed was almost as fast as a Bengal tiger, or a crane diving to get a fish. She missed Japan so much. She did a flip over a fallen tree, and stopped running. She was now in a nice clearing that had a dead tree in the middle. She took her katana out of its sheath, and started to slice it to pieces.

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 †Emily† Hope stood beside the girl, still completely invisible. The girl was mad as she was killing the already dead tree. "Why are you mad?" Whispered Hope.

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((No prob.))
Rin looked at the voice.
"I need not explain my story to you child." She hated being questioned. She was older than most of the children here, and was not in the mood.

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 †Emily† "Do not call me a child. My name is Hope." She said, fading into sight but only half so, she appeared as a ghost. "What's your name?"

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Rim saw the girl. She had seen her before.
"Rin Mizusami." She said coldly. "Would you had preferred I called you girl instead of child?"

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 †Emily† "I prefer you call me Hope. That is my name after all." She said, still half visible.

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Ron smirked. This child sounded a lot like Millard. She couldn't stand Millard, but this girl didn't know Rin.
"Fine. Hope, I am Rin. I am one of the oldest."

(Srry. I'm gonna have to leave for the bus. C u at school!!!)))

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 †Emily† Hope nodded, slowly turning invisible again. This girl seemed harsh and she spoke as if she disliked Hope. "I am one of the youngest.."

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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod
Angel flew above Rin and Hope, flying quickly as it made her feel free to fly.

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 †Emily† Hope giggled as she saw Angel fly over them.

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Ron saw Angel flying and smiled. That is one way to burn of steam.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod
Angel stopped and fly down closer to Hope "Hello" She smiled, as she hovered a couple feet of the ground her dress blowing in the wind. Angel wore a white dress with wide flats, and a pair of black elbow length gloves.

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Rin blinked. She felt jealous. If only she could fly. Bug then again, if she could she would have no need for her katana sword, and she lived it dearly.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod
Angel turned to look at Rin, her smile still just as bright. She lowered herself to the ground and bowed respectively, as she would to any of her elders.

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 †Emily† Hope whispered, "Hi.." But became invisible as she would with any stranger.

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Rin bowed in return.
"Nice to know people still respect me." She said smiling.

((If it comes up Ron, it's spell check being a derp. Plus I'm srry, but I have to work on homework for like half and hour [[maybe shorter]] then ill be back on.))

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Angel straightened out "I was taught to respect my elders, and that I shall" She replied, before turning to try and find Hope "I know that you are around somewhere and I mean you no harm" She said, still looking for Hope.

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 †Emily† Hope, still shy ran behind a tree and peek her out from behind it. She willed herself to be visible but only half so, she looked like a ghost.

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Anastacia (ana3) | 581 comments Mod
Angel gave Hope a reassuring smile "I wish to be your friend young one" She said.

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 †Emily† Hope hesitantly took a step forward. "I'm Hope." She said, nearly audible.

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meow | 505 comments Whisper walked into the forest and heard whispers and actual talking "hello?" She asked

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 †Emily† Hope was frightened by the sudden voice. She ran to Angel and hid behind her.

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meow | 505 comments Whisper heard a whisper 'who's that?' "I'm whisper." She said accidentally answering the whisper.

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 †Emily† Hope smiled but was still uncertain. She faded away from view and said, "Hi, I'm Hope."

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meow | 505 comments "I like your name." She heard some more whispers but ignored them.

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 †Emily† Hope's face lit up and she became clearly visible. She walked over to Whisper. "Thank you! I like your name too. Do you like to whisper?" She asked.

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