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Andrew stood behind a tree, breathing heavily. He had just finished his latest... job and was now catching his breath. His hat had come off along the way and he frowned, closing his eyes and tilting his head back against the tree. They snapped open when he heard footsteps. He saw a girl in front of him and tried to swiftly and stealthily move around the tree.

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Andrew wanted to risk a glanced over at the girl, but didn't. instead he called out a low "Hey there."

He clenched his eyes shut. And why did he have to do that? Call out like and idiot that wanted to be found.

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Andrew took a few steps toward her, frowning. He knew everyone... Everything in this forest and places like it. He did not know her, though. "Who are you?" He asked, rather bluntly.

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"Andrew Hatter" he told her, not bothering to be formal about it. He shrugged, admiring her responding... Bluntness, really.

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((!!!! Yay!))

Andrew jumped at her outburst. He looked her up and down skeptically. "Ummm. Excuse me?" He asked, intrigued.

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He nodded slowly, and perhaps a touch sadly, before saying "Ah, I feel... sorry for you" He said simply. He wasn't sure how his brother was these days. He hadn't seen him from... Early childhood.

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Andrew snorted. "Friends? My brother?" He didn't remember him the way. He leaned against the tree, his weight fully supported by the damp trunk.

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"Riiigghtt." He said , dragging it out. "He's... Mad you know?" He told her, not mentioning it was a family trait.

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Andrew smiled lightly. "I do not wear dresses, so I do not have an opinion but... May I make a hat for it?" He asked, genuinely interested in a challenge.

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"Top Hats? What do you think I live for. I also made a waist coat to match it once. For a very rude rabbit. He dropped the hat, kept the coat and never looked back." he said. "What type of top hat?" he asked.

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"Washed out? So somebody stole your colour?" he asked, frowning. He didn't like colour thieves.

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Andrew raises an eyebrow. "You? Look 'gross'? Ha, sure thing" He said, sounding like he really didn't believe her. "So, what was he like?" Andrew asked.

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"Him? A daughter? You mean he actually cares for someone other than himself?" Andrew said disbelievingly. He ran a hand through his bit of hair that was sticking out from under his hat, pulling it even more upright.

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"Ah, so you watch how I move?" He said, giving her a smirk. He wasn't really trying to flirt with her but... It was a habit, he supposed.

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Andrew watched after her. "Are you trying to reach the cave over the Hobgoblins?" He asked, tilting his head to wonder why she was trying to commit suicide.

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"Then why are you going that way?" He asked, watching her critically now.

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"That way?" He said, making a little joke. What he actually sounded like was a parrot of some kind.

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"Nope" He said in amusement. Without another word he started walking, going right past Alice and going to what would have been her left.

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((Haha, that's kinda what I though without the rude part. She hasn't been to rude as yet))

Andrew debated whether or not to just let her fall but decided against it, hand catching her shoulder and stopping her in her tracks. "Don't fall. And if you do, have a nice trip."

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"I don't, but I don't what the head of yous bloody when I hat it" he whispered, before letting her go smoothly and ghosting back. "Now, where are you trying to go?"

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"Me? I'm going to tell my employer I killed who she wanted me to kill." He said, pulling out a small poisoned sewing needle, now covered with blood. "And here's my proof" he tucked it away again. "So, i guess I'm going that way" he said, pointing in a seemingly random direction.

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"What?" he asked, confused as to why she didn't say anything to him. "Ok, that's the way to a palace you do not want to be at. So... There's two ways you can go. where are you going?"

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"You should go where you shouldn't go it's the best option, in course of the right thing being suspicious follow the path which seems wrong enticing adventure and excitement" He said automatically. Andrew then shook his head. "Do what you feel is wrong"

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"... Thanks for the uplifting comment" He muttered before stalking off. "Fall then. What ever" he said.

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"An-Andy?" He exclaimed. "My name is Andrew. Nobody has ever called me 'Andy' before!" But he wasn't really outraged.

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((Well then... That's cool... You just be and advanced roleplayer... That's fine...))

Andrew puts a hand down to help her up but retracts it as he hears something. It was only the smallest of movements but he frowned and crouched next to Alice. "Shhh" He told her, putting two fingers to her lips.

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((Waiting for Macki to rp...))

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((Seriously? My version of 'A while' is a few days. That was what, a few hours? Your fine!))

Andrew saw something flicker in the corner of his eye and he slowly turned. And there it was. A bear. Only one thought went through Andrew'a mind and that was 'Why is this bear so... normal?'. That was, of course, before he reached down and plucked Alice up with ease. He watched Damon, the bear, in silence and stillness, wondering whether it was safer to run.

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Andrews eyes flickered down once and then once again, this time staying locked on hers. He admired how they caught the dull light and reflected his eyes. It was like a paradox. Paradox... Andrews hands went to his head, only to find his hat had come off ages ago. He growled slightly. His brother hadn't been the only one with a bit of... magic.

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"Why" Said Andrew quietly "Are you smiling. This is a bear. With claws. In wonderland." he held her even tighter as if afraid she might start walking towards it.

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"Why" Said Andrew quietly "Are you smiling. This is a bear. With claws. In wonderland." he held her even tighter as if afraid she might start walking towards it.

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"Why" Said Andrew quietly "Are you smiling. This is a bear. With claws. In wonderland." he held her even tighter as if afraid she might start walking towards it.

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"Caution?" Andrew repeats, not at all stunned at this change. In fact, after looking Damon up and down, he released Alice. Well, not completely as he subconsciously kept an arm around her waist. "I am innocent and harmless" he said, his voice full of false sincerity. "A mere Hatter with no fighting skills at all." His slight madness was sending his acting skills a bit to far...

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Andrew shrugs slightly. "Well, I'm not from this kingdom." He lied. "I am separate from any governing ruler. And I also plan to stay that way. And plus what would you want with me and... my... wife!" he said, not really sounding that convincing. "Yes, this is Alice, my wife. Of course."

Andrew leaned against a tree, now curious. "Actually, Why does she want these two people?"

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Andrew frowns. "Fine. It's not us your talking about, but fine." he says, extending his hand, showing he had no ring or anything. "And I lied, believe it or not. We aren't married." We could be though

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( Um Nightlock... message :P)

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((I'm getting round to them.))

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Andrew rolled his eyes at the stranger. "Yeah, yeah. I'm sure. Just one thing" He smirked "Does plotting to go on a bear hunting spree count as an evil though? Because, you know, it's just putting food on the table" He said, eyes wide and dark as he followed.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( Message... sorry if Im reminding u too uch you just dont seem to reply to them... Should I introduce Jafar here?)

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((No, no, I'm getting there... And it depends... I dunno but if you want he could rp with Chess??))

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( Sure that sounds cool )

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((Sweet, where too?))

Andrew shrugs innocently, ducking his head at he scathing glare. "Sorry, love, I was just making conversation. of sorts" he grins wickedly right at her, a smile worthy of the infamous Cheshires.

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GatbsyLover20 (dclover) ( Anywhere, i dont really know the group well)

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((Eep! What'd I miss?? Give me a second to read it, yeah?))

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Andrew stopped and turned, walking in the other direction from the two. He was ignorant if not arrogant and didn't understand their feelings of... love. He frowned as he walked, pulling out the blood stained pin from his jacket pocket. He looked up at the sky and kept walking, determined to make it to his employer. He didn't once glance back at Damon or Alice.

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((Haha, I apologize for being on/off so much >.<))

Andrew paused, eyes not leaving the stained sewing pin. "I don't want to use this. It has my targets blood. Just what I'm being paid to get" He said. He started to walk around Damon, intending to get past.

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Andrew turned his head slowly, eyes dark like an unbroken storm, waiting at the edge of a horizon. "Alice?" The rest of his body stayed where it was, only pausing.

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.:ναуℓє:. wrote: "((Oi! Why do I have to message him?! :P Arghhhhh get back on Solus!!!))"

((Oh hey, You know my real name?))

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Andrew watched her intently, the war between choices obvious in the way his body swayed. "But... I have to be paid... This job was compulsory" he said, voice now hesitant.

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