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Where She Went (If I Stay, #2)
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Where She Went

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Isis Molina (isismolina) | 77 comments Mod
I'm madly in love with all the original songs in this book.

Music lyrics tend to say more than just plain words and I love the way Forman used that to her advantage, she writes beautifully.

But anyway, I enjoyed this book, though not as much as the first one. The five star rating is all due to the music by the way. I'm glad I finally learned Where Mia Went and I know what Adam went through.

I still love their relationship, and I was always cheering for them, even when I felt like they were going to just go their separate ways, which I wouldn't have blamed them for.

My two favorite parts have got to be the part where they both decide the Statue of Liberty is going commando. I thought it was a sweet light moment in their angst-y roller-coaster night.

And my second favorite part was when Adam asks for that jogger's iPod. I really can't say why but that felt significant for me and it made me happy. I wish they mentioned whether Adam remembered to return that iPod, though I'm hoping he did. I think it's just the obvious kindness of that man that got to me. Like through music he was able to somehow comfort Adam and he didn't even know it. And then he was also listening to "Wild Horses" which is a very special song for me.

So in the end, I'm really glad I went on this journey with Mia and Adam.

Nicole | 69 comments Mod
It was really nice getting to know who Adam was. In the first book he didn't really have much character. He was just this beautiful, flawless boy, but now I feel like I know him well.

When I first started the book, I just needed them to get back together, but when Adam cried and let go so did I. Then, when they got together it was still good, but I would not have been mad as I had previously thought.

I really liked the lyrics and how the book was formatted. I think my favorite part was the last little section with the article about Adam's new album.

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