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message 1: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette sits down also and holds robs hand. "So are your parents okay with me here?"

message 2: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy ((And who's tony?)) Lisette smiles at the girl.

message 3: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy ((Oh it's okay!!!!))
Lisette looks down not knowing what to say. She fiddles with her earrings

message 4: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "Ummm your sister?" Lisette guesses.

message 5: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "Oh." Lisette says. "So you have a step dad or step mom?"

message 6: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "Ohh." Lisette says. "Is she also a werewolf orr?"

message 7: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "Ohh. That must be kinda awk." Lisette says nodding. "Can I have a tour?"

message 8: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "It's okay." Lisette says. She walks up with him.

message 9: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette looks around in awe. "It's pretty." She murmurs.

message 10: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette steps in and looks. "Awesome." She says.

message 11: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "Oh!" Lisette says startled. She laughs as she lets the dog.

message 12: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "Um thanks?" Lisette giggles. She smiled and pets the dog behind the ear. "So...can I like scratch you behind your ear or what?"

message 13: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy ((Rob))
Lisette grins. She scratches him behind the ear. Then she does the same to rob

message 14: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy ((Its cool.))
Lisette shrugged. "Just a hunch." She says. She keeps doing it for a moment. Then she kisses his cheek and grabs his hands.

message 15: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette, surprised, wraps her arms around his neck and continues the kiss with her leg propped up.

message 16: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette smiled as their lips connected. She pulled away first, blushing bright red. She took his hand and stared at them intertwined.

message 17: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "No no no!" She insisted snapping her head up. She smiles at him and goes on her tip toes to kiss his forehead.

message 18: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette smiles and lets brushes against Rob as they walk. She looks around at the large house

message 19: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "Wow." Lisette murmurs. It really was pretty

message 20: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette sits on the edge. "It is really pretty. I like it too." She agrees. Then she leans back and wraps her arms around him, resting her head on his shoulder.

message 21: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette put her chin up and stared into his eyes and blushed

message 22: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette closed her eyes and kissed him back. She put a hand on his cheek.

message 23: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette stares up at him and smiles. "First time kissing a vampire?" She asks

message 24: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette smiled. "You know how to charm a vampire I'll give you that." She says.

message 25: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "Yup." Lisette grins. "A cute werewolf." She adds

message 26: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette closes her eyes. "You're very welcome." She murmurs.

message 27: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "I mean she seems really nice. But we're not friends. Yet." Lisette said. She wraps her arms around him again.

message 28: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette shook her head. "Shh. Everyone has good in them." She insisted

message 29: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette looks at the dog. "What does he want?"

message 30: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "What?" Lisette urged him, hoping her big-red-eyes thing would work.

message 31: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette laughed. "Well I don't. I have a cat." She says.

message 32: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette grinned. "Sorry." She says holding her hands up. Then she laughs

message 33: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette smiles. She finds herself staring at rob.

message 34: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy She grins. "Nothing. Just lookin." She says, continuing to stare at how utterly perfect he was

message 35: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette smiled back. She kissed his lips softly.

message 36: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette pulled away and leaned against him, enjoying his warmth. She closed her eyes.

message 37: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette never felt more happier. "Hey maybe you and me could go hunting sometime. I'll only hunt animals." She bargained.

message 38: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "That's awesome. I can never catch one. Whenever I don't snack on mortals, I like deer." Lisette said, licking her lips.

message 39: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette smiles. "When do you wanna go?" She asks, excited to plan another date.

message 40: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "Sure." Lisette agrees eagerly. It was a chance to impress him. She snuggled in closer to rob.

message 41: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy "So. Watcha wanna do?" Lisette asks sitting up and lacing her hands through Robs

message 42: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette rolls her eyes and blushes. She smiles. "Hmm. Wanna make fun of twilight and how inaccurate it is?" She asks

message 43: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette shrugs. "I dunno." She says. "Want to or?"

message 44: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette laughs. "Lets do it." She says. "Do you have it here?"

message 45: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette smiles and pets the dog as she waits for rob to return

message 46: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette cuddles close to rob and watches the movie. She stares at Kristen

message 47: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy ((Brb))

message 48: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy When the part where Edward stops the car Lisette shrugs. "At least that's accurate." She says

message 49: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette smiles. "When will you see that I'm not that amazing?" She asks.

message 50: by Lizzy (new)

Lizzy Lisette shook her head smiling. She looked back into the television screen.

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