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Favorite Character?
Dessylyly Dessylyly Aug 21, 2013 03:23PM
just wanted to know

Enjolras! He had that leader behavior, but there was that little bit of hope and compassion. I, personally, think passion is one of the best qualities in a person and I felt that he was full of it. Overall, he was someone I can look up to.

My favourites are Enjolras and Eponine as I find their stories the most beautiful and their deaths the most moving.

Jean Valjean sure and Javert and the Fantine.

Jean impact my emotions a lot each time he screaming to his GOD, and when he forgive Javert, i did not except that at all.

and Javert was loyalty and lover to his country, he is an example for the honest police officer.

Fantine sacrifice for her daughter until she died, nobel example for a real mother .

Enjolras, I read the book because of him.
Eponine, she loves deeply.
Gavroche, our little hero.Before I read the book, I watched the musical. But Gavroche was the character who surprised me most. When he took care of the two waives without knowing they are his younger brother, when he volunteered to collect the bullets in the barricade. He is kind and brave.

the Bishop...an upright man for sure...He forgave

Jean for the theft of silver and set the tone for

forgiveness for the rest of the book ..

Definitely Javert. The integrity of the man is astounding. He was relentless and ruthless in doing what he felt was right, and he was honest enough to admit it when he was in the wrong. He did not lie to himself when he found himself in an unresolvable conflict between what was right and the law.

Abigail Kerecz Right! It drives me crazy when a synopsis refers to Javert as "the villain" or something to that effect. First, because no human is a villain in Les M ...more
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Jean Valjean and Enjolras probably :)

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Enjolras and Jean Prouvaire, although Cosette and Éponine are intriguing, too. And Valjean is one of the most genuinely heroic heroes in any fiction.

Jean Valjean is by far one of the purest characters in the story. I love him :)

AAgh, how to pick!? If I had to say right now, I'm thinking Gavroche--but Jean Valjean has such a beautiful redemptive arc and well-rounded development, and Eponine is awesome, and Cosette is great (yes, you CAN like both!), and then there are LES AMIS DE L'ABC!! I can't even pick one *coughJehancough* because they're all so wonderful and different! So...yeah. That's my answer. XP

Enjolras, Jehan, and Grantaire. But Enjolras is my most favorite. I found all of the revolutionaries to be incredible, though!

They were really just kids, just schoolboys as the musical says, and they had their breath and life and love just ripped cruelly away from them.

But they knew why they were fighting. They were fighting for what they thought was true, was RIGHT. That is why I love these characters, because they fought for life, for love, for freedom. They died for these things.

I liked Jean Valjean and Eponine.

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Jean Valjean and Fantine


The good ol' Gillenormand papa. 👌
He was amazing. 😂

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Cosette! She was so hopeful and I felt sorry for her and it was nice to read about her as a almost-dying child and to see she was happy in the end. She was interesting, I think.

Jean Valjean of course! :)

If you asked who was my favorite character in all of literature , it still might say Jean Valjean.

I love Jean Valjean and love love Gavroche

Eponine. She's a role that has developed enough. From a pure little girl, became a spoiled bullies, and then a miserable child prostitute. She was redeemed through her love for Marius. She rebelled against her father who she afraided (such a woman character is rare in Hugo's works), and this scene is my favorite.
She did what most women in those days were afraid to do.

Too many to mention but a couple of my favourites:

The Bishop shows tremendous compassion and forgiveness towards a guy who didn't even help himself. This sets the tone for the novel.

Valjean is one of the greatest characters ever created. He endures every emotion possible throughout his life.

Javert, for his loyalty and honesty, even when he believes Valjean has beaten him.

I really love Marius, he's amazing, but I think that the most important character is Bishop Myriel because he's the one who made Valjean a good man, and I think that Jean Valjean is one of the best protagonists to ever live.

Abigail Kerecz 100% agree with you Cassidy. I really loved his development. Though I love the musical, is character was gypped. He stands firm on his beliefs, yet wh ...more
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Jean Valjean and Gavroche!

I really liked Cosette, Fantine, and Montparnasse the best. I just really seem to like the more feminine ones, I guess. I also think Victor Hugo handled them very well, and I really wished the musical did better by those three as far as characterization goes. The newer musical fans are really missing out on a lot of Cosette's characterization, in particular, because they cut out Cosette's only solo after the OLC. I Saw Him Once was one of my all-time favourites, though. Sorry for talking about the musical as well... :S

It's a symbol of a truly great book when you can reread it over and over and your favorite character changes every time. My mind will almost certainly change the next time I think about this book, but right now it's Enjolras. He was so charismatic and passionate that he inspired dozens of regular people to follow him into battle - only for his dream to be shattered before his eyes. And yet he still went to his grave believing in it, defiant to the end. Of all the heartbreaking scenes in the book, his death scene is one that gets me without fail, every time.

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Hmm, there are many interesting characters, but if I had to choose one it would probably be Jean Valjean. Can you blame a man for stealing bread to feed starving children? Isn't society morally responsible for that crime? And then to send a man to prison for 19 years for that, only to reject him once again, leaving him no option but to steal again or starve. Can you expect him to be anything other than a hardened criminal? And then for that man to rise above his background, to dedicate his life to helping others, never expecting anything in return, never judging, (view spoiler) I do tend to get too emotionally involved in fictional characters but that was a strong reaction, even for me. It is an age old story that never goes out of date. The selfless man who rises above adversity and gives of himself freely.

First - Jean Valjean.
Second - Gavroche
Third - Javert

Javert, because of his tragic moral complexity.

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Eponine- It sounds like a cliché but it's true. But you have to love Thenardier....:)Just because she is so complex and can be interpreted so many different ways by different people. A fine example of human faults and what they do...

Eponine, or Jean Valjean

GAVROCHE!!!!!!!!!! My HERO!

I think Jean Valjean has to be my favourite. Yes he was a criminal and did wrong, hurt people and was selfish in his early days, but he examined his life and he tried to put right everything he had done wrong. He loved Cosette and tried to make her life as easy as posible. He didn't always go about things in the right way, but he had such a strength of character, you just have to admire him.

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